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Eeek, what have I let myself in for?!

Hi Everyone,

Well I start CD SS tomorrow, and I'm bricking it!
No doubt you will be seeing alot more of me over the coming weeks, moaning about how hungry I am or that I'm tempted to pig out or get trollied!
I'm 25 and starting CD for the first time, I'm optimistic about it all and very focused in losing my weight for christmas... but (there's always a but!) I am very worried.
Main reasons being:
1. I have quite a stressful job which drives me to comfort eat.
2. Being youngish, I like to go out with my friends and drink a few shandies.
3. It's BBQ season and I already have at least 3 in my diary!
4. My mum has just lost almost 5 stone since christmas (on Lighter life) and is looking absolutley amazing, but has left me with a sense of dread and pressure that I just cannot fail!
What have I let myself in for?!

I'm promising myself a holiday at the end of spetember providing I have lost 4 stone, so that is great motivation! (Hopefully my parents will help me out with that one, HCW!)

Is there anyone else starting tomorrow as I would love a buddy to share stories and experiences with.

Wish me luck! :rolleyes:
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I'm not starting tomorrow but have been on the diet for 5 weeks. Have just got back from weigh in and have lost 1 stone 3 lbs in just under 5 weeks. Have always had slow losses in the past and have hypothyroidism which has made losing weight soooo slow. This diet is fab and the results so quick. By chrimbo you'll be a different person.
Good luck and let us know how you get on.
If you have any problems or questions post on this site, it is brilliant.
Hey "bye bye"

Can I just ask how old you are (you don't have to answer this) I too have the same problem as all my friends do is go out drinking etc. My way of solving this? Don't go out. Its quite depressing at times, but I make sure I go to the cinema every single Saturday and have a bottle of water, I know its boring but if it gets the weight off I feel I can enjoy going out again when I'm slim and will go to the gym to help work the alcohol calories off. It helps - LOTS!

Just got back from weigh in week number 5 and have lost 2 stone exactly. You could have lost 2 stone or MORE in 5 weeks time too. Go for it, its quite hard at first but it gets easier and eases you into easy ;)

BBQ season - stick to chicken! There are threads going at the moment about chicken, it seems the way to go. I'm not advising you stop sole source but you know :p

Its dead worth it, I promise.

All the best!!! x x


Wants to be a loser!
Hi BBBW - love the name and share the sentiment!!!

From reading your post we seem to have a fair bit in common........

I am a comfort eater through and through and also have a job that can be stressful - Before CD I don't even think I was able to recognise when I was stressed as my subconscious drive to eat and avoid always masked it. I have found that CD has taught me to recognise when I am stressed and what generally triggers stress - ultimately this has meant that I have been able identify ways to try and avoid getting stressed and when this is impossible find different ways to de-stress that don't involve food.

I do like to go out with my mates a fair bit and still do its just that I stick to sparkling mineral water and get to laugh at all the really drunk people ;).I have had several BBQ's so far this year and each time turn up armed with a 2 litre bottle of sparkling and offer to do the cooking - while doing the cooking I find I do not have time to think about eating the food - however I think that being the cook may be some peoples worst nightmare!

"What have I let myself in for?!" - a bucket load of compliments from others as the weight falls of you!!

Good luck xx
Aww thankyou everyone who has replied, it's great to know there are people out there who are genuinely rooting for you to suceed! Thanks for your tips and encouragement, it means alot to me.

So I've had my first shake this morning, and it was delicious! Cappucino, think I have already found a firm favourite there... I mixed a tiny bit with my coffee as well to fool myself into thinking I wasn't drinking it black, again I think thats a trick I shall be using from now on!

I feel great at the moment, no doubt I shall be back on Minimins once I'm sat at my desk and all I can think about is food!

Thanks to you all x x x :):):)

Good luck - I'm on week 3 and have lost 12lb in 2 weeks so all good.

Hey BBBW!!! You can do this - it's real easy once the first few days are over and you have stopped the chatterboxes telling you to eat food!! DON'T LISTEN TO THEM!!!

Best of luck chick and anytime you need anything just log on!! :D
Well, it's lunchtime and I can honestly say I'm not even hungry yet! Fab!
I've drank almost 2.5 litres of water already and been to the loo twice as many times, but all in all I'm feeling pretty darn great!

Only one gripe: Black coffee is awful! :sign0137:

Thanks everyone! x x x
i was the same with caffeine but i couldnt stomach black coffee so never bothered at all, the caffeine withdrawal lasted about 2 days which wasnt bad considering i would probably drink at least 15 cups of it a day. 2 weeks ago i started on the 790 plan so was allowed milk, my first cup i had mad caffeine rush lol but since then ive only drunk 2 or 3 cups a day and some days doesnt bother me at all
Hi BBBW I am glad to hear you are feeling ok today, drinking the water really helps. I am on day 5 of cd and i am also hoping by xmas will look very different. The first few days are the hardest but it will be worth it.:)

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