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Effect of exercising?

Just wondering who on here regularly exercises and what kind of regimes people do? I'm trying to get to the gym three times a week (minimum) alongside the lipotrim and just wondered what kind of impact this might have on my loss? Also- and I know this is kind of off on a tangent, has anyone found any exercise that is particularly helpful in aiding weight loss (particularly around the old tum tum area!!!)

To be honest- going to the gym is helping take my mind off food at the moment- especially when you see the painfully meagre amount of calories you burn off on the machines!!

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lol me again!!

exercise varies from person to person on here - some like me, get very dizzy and cant do much, others do go to the gym 3-4 times a week and are fine!

LT recommend toning but try the cardio and if it works brilliant!!

but you're only taking in 450 calories a day so burning too much will send you into starvation mode, so be careful. also remember that muscle weighs more than fat so your weight loss may be slower but your size/shape will change faster.

i do yoga, wii fit, sit ups and toning exercises myself. xxx
I exercise by running around after people and making sure they're all ok and got everything they need!

I personally am going to stick to toning exercises - Light weights, resistance bands, squats, sit ups etc. I am not going to do any cardio as I do enough getting through my day! I don't think I have the calorie intake to do anything too strenuous. My Chemist told me brisk walking was fine, and not to be training for a marathon!

I'm hoping to buy a vibroplate this week to help with the toning as I've heard they are excellent for both toning and inch loss.

I do think going to the gym is excellent as it sets you up for when you are maintaining, and it is also something to keep you busy and away from food!
I do my stepper every other day as I found the treadmill sent my body into a starvation mode, its great for your thighs and bum!

I also do 320 sit ups every night so my stomach doesnt end up with flabby skin after shedding my baby weight.

I dont go to the gym anymore but I am trying to get my OH to come swimming with our LO.
at the moment i'm sticking to walking the baby in her pram around the village and also sit ups twice a day. i'm also doing arm weights every other day. as said above too much cardio can put us into starvation mode!!! i will worry about hitting the gym when i'm closer to goal i'm only 4 weeks in so a while yet!!

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