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Effect of TFR on children??


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I would be interested in your opinions/advice. I wonder about the effects on children seeing adults on TFR? I don't know if I should be hiding it or flaunting it?

My 2 girls are too young to voice questions. But my just 3yr old keeps asking "wha dat?" (my shake) and wanting some. Now I can't give her any as if she tries it once she will plague me for half it every time. So I have been saying "mamas dinner". She seems a bit puzzled. My 17mth old just cries because I won't give her any. I sound mean here but they very small to start with and I aint sharing!!!!:D

My nieces are ages 5 to 9yrs and I seem them everyday and regularly at meal times. They all love their grub. So they have been asking me "what is a diet and why would you do one?" The 9yr old in particular asked "do I need to go on one?" She is rake thin - they are all very slim.

So my questions. How do you you handle this? I don't want to make them food or weight conscious. So I was messing and pretending to cry while they were eating their choc cake. They all thought it funny and started waving their cakes at me.

Should I sit at the table while they eat and have my shake or drink it when they not looking. They are full of questions.

"why aren't you eating? Are you sad you are not eating? Are you still hungry after your milkshake? Will you ever be able to eat again?" etc, etc.

Any thoughts?
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Hey, I was the same with my boys. I just told them it was adult vitamins which they seem to believe. And I use to tell them that I already had dinner if they asked. I tried not to make an issue of it or draw attention to it.

Good luck,


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hi... my little girl is 10 and my little boy is 5.... he doesn't notice (or care!) but my little girl is well aware and asks me every week what i've lost etc..... to be honest she has seen me struggle with my weight for ever and it brings me back to my own mother who struggled all her life to give up cigarettes (she's off them years now)... but i reckon i spent so long watchin her struggle it turned me off cigarettes... i never did smoke coz i saw how much of a strain it was for her.... so hopefully my little girl will see that's it's just not worth abusing your body and piling on weight only to struggle with tryin to lose it..... ive explained to her that lipotrim is safe for me to do... but is not the right way forward to be doing things.... telling her the best way is to look after your body and watch what you eat... she eats very healthy anyway... its me that eats the crap when shes gone to bed at night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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hi, i have a 9yr old, 8yr old and a 3yr old. my eldest 2 have seen me do it before but didnt really question it last time as they were younger, but this time they ask alot of questions. can you ever eat again, when you coming off lipo, why cant you have this, bla bla bla. the best way if theyre old enough is to tell them the truth.

i just told them that mummy has had 3 babies and over that time put on alot of weight (7 1/2 stone in total). i explained that if you are overweight like mummy it can make you poorly (which it was doing), they understand and every week ask how much i have lost. i do have to share my shakes though. i hate the little bit at the bottom of the shake so have no problems giving it away:D, they all get a bit each a day. 3 kids, 3 shakes. easy.

good luck


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