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  1. KramRolyat

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    I've noticed a fairly regular stream of posts that have some one sucombing to the need for real food and having a full meal...then either regretting it or feeling better getting right back in to CD.

    But...doesn't having a meal, no matter how long you have been on the diet, take you out of ketosis and then the horror that follows of getting back in to it?

    I have no plans of falling off the wagon and if I were to stop CD it would be because it wasn't for me and I'd be on a different diet. I'm just wondering as it seems a common theme and yet no one mentions it's effects...other than possible weight gain.
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  3. SteveM

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    Not all meals would take you out of ketosis I believe. My CDC tells me that the meals that you can have during AAM are so low in carbohydrate that your body will use it up in no time, meaning that the glycogen in your body never gets a chance to replenish, meaning that you "may" go out of ketosis temporarily, but you are soon back in again .... hours rather than days.

  4. EllieG

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    It depends what you eat - if it's just protein and fat, it adds calories but doesn't take you out of ketosis, only carbs can do that.
  5. kammeg

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    hi mark

    i had three days off CD when i went to france, stayed pretty low carb and ate low fat - but then on the last night went to a michelin star restaurant and ate an 11 course taster meal! was so nice!! anyhow was out of ketosis and the next day when i started CD again was hell the worst headache ever and felt really ill.

    a whole 24 hours later was back in ketosis and fine.

    personally the break was good for us as boyf was getting very tired of CD but came back right back on track although wouldn't do it again cause of that 1st day

    sorry for the waffle!!
  6. KramRolyat

    KramRolyat Full Member

    waffle is good

    don't complain about the waffle is good to know fully what people have done and think.

    It was out of interest more than anything....only being 10 days in the memories of last weeks headaches are far too fresh to wish to repeat and I have no desire to "blow out".

    Was just curious.
  7. Heaven can wait

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    Hi Mark

    The only thing that kept me on the straight and narrow for 100 days on LL abstinance was knowing that just one biscuit or crust off some toast would knock me out of Ketosis , so I never did it. When I went on holiday I ate a little piece of chicken and some salad leaves every night and stayed in Ketosis all the time and lost 3lbs which was about a pound to 2 pounds less than a normal week.

    Since then I have lost a further 20 lbs out of Ketosis with a misture of eating and packs 790 or 1000 plan with average losses about 2lbs a week but I am obviously a lot lighter now. I prefer to have the opportunity to have a meal out and a couple of glasses of wine occasionally and have slower losses as I near my goal weight as I have been at this since March and I always intended to slow it down once I got my BMI down from Morbidly Obese through Obese and into just overweight.
    Ketosis isnt the be all and end all of weight loss , you still lose weight out of Ketosis , its just a bit slower. Thats my understanding anyhoo..
    Good Luck and keeep strong!
  8. sophia-jo

    sophia-jo Silver Member

    Hi Mark, you sound really determined, good on you.

    I'm in my 8th week now and I remember how rough I felt on day 2, I'm forever grateful to MRS ROCH (another minimins member) as although at the time we were complete strangers she was there for me on the forum throughout the day, she's such a sweetie.

    I am terrified to eat for 2 reasons, the first is that I'm pretty sure if I eat a small morsal it will lead to a huge binge, the second reason is that getting back into ketosis would be hell for me. I'm pretty sure that I came out of ketosis when on AAM week, although was told that my carb intake would have been too low to take me out, but my ketostix didnt go pink, I felt yucky that's why I did the k.test and it came up negative :( maybe I'm REALLY carb sensitive. I have just under 2 weeks til my 2nd AAM week and I'm REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO IT :D

    Mark, if you stay as positive throughout as you are today then you will get through this cd journey unscathed. Keep up with those positive vibes :vibes:

    best wishes, xx sj xx
  9. KramRolyat

    KramRolyat Full Member

    Thnaks for all the positive comments and the opinions etc...good to know.
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