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'Effects' Stright up.

Side effects experienced if any?

  • None what so ever

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  • oil in stool (orange)

    Votes: 1 33.3%
  • oily discharge

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  • uspet stomach

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  • Oily Flatulence

    Votes: 1 33.3%
  • loose stool

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  • Lots of gas/headaches/cramp

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  • Some of the above but not serious!

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Straight up.....I have used xenical and alli, phentermine, meridia and others. I have used slimfast, cambridge diet, liportim.

The side effects of xenical were unreal. Passing oily gas requiring a trip to the loo. Having loose oily stools. Having to actually clean the toilet bowl after using it with washing up liquid. Alli was similar but actually made more sense as its a lesser dose with less effects but still very undesirable.

Anyway I found what I was looking for last October. A friend pulled me aside and said john do you realise that your fat? I was a size 40 jeans(known as the heart attack size). I took it on board and found this website. Its the atkins diet. There is a guy called jim on the atkins side and he helped me to the point where I understood it. I know he will help you also, this guy was huge. I bought the book also but you don't have to. It would be possible to use alli with atkins. Since last October Im down about 46lbs. I was able to join a gym, I look very well, my asthma is so improved Im on approx 40% less medication and I feel better. Im writing this because I have been there for years. I know your pain. Hiding your belly, constantly pulling your top down....as if people don't notice how big you are. Feeling like loser? Basically I got fed up of being clark kent and let the superman come out!
I lost approximately one stone in one month. There is no portion control just restrict carbs its simple. Hope this helps somebody, if so id like to hear from you on the atkins board.
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You only got side effects from Xenical because you weren't using it properly. I'll stick with mine, you stick with yours, each to his own! Good luck to both of us.

KB x
Yes, you have to really stick to the low fat, no more than 15g of fat per meal to not have the side effects, if you eat too much fat then yep, you'll probably **** yourself, hopefully not at work though :eek:

Its a great incentive to not over eat though.
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i have tried both diets and have i personally think if u use xencial right u have brilliant results, i have had no side effects, and most of all it teaches u a new way of eating, a balanced diet,, everything in moderation, i dont think i would like to cut of carbs for ever! but u seem to have fantastic result well done :) but xencial all the way for me! :) xx


Bring on the weight loss!
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If you use Alli and Xenical as described and have no more fat than you are allowed then you shouldnt get the 'effects'. I can only assume that you were eating over the amount of fat you should? :)

Its working fine for me at the moment - but good luck, whatever works for you! Hehe
Just trying to help. I do agree that they work but I dont think anyone here has not had the side effects?? Maybe it didn't agree with me. The one thing I do like is that it can be used with any low fat diet.
Well I guess the fatty end of it might not be a good idea, but I don't eat cream and cheese usually. Is alli/xenical kind of pointless then? Its almost like the tablet alcoholics take that makes them sick if they drink? I have it leaned out now and am at a stage where I can introduce carbs again moderately. Dropping the carbs has literally stopped hunger pangs. The thing about alli/xenical is you can choose when to take it also.
Id be very very surprised if Xenical/alli were in any way compatible with Atkins. Atkins food is pretty high in fat, all that cheese, meat, cream etc. That would be a disaster with Xenical etc :eek:
Atkins doesn't necessarily have to be laced with fat. I'm eating fish,foul,eggs,lean meat,salad veg and fruits/berries/seeds and mushrooms & more. To be honest just because cream and cheese are a possible food to eat, doesn't mean I want to eat them.
You know the best way is probably something like weight watchers more regular and balanced like what your doing. I tried to do weight watchers but was told it was for women only the first place I rang. Fair play for losing all the weight. I will need to get back to a more balanced diet. I'm considering looking into weight watchers to maintain it. Thanks for your input. Talk again


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Is alli/xenical kind of pointless then? Its almost like the tablet alcoholics take that makes them sick if they drink?
Not in the slightest....
Xenical stops a third of the fat in your meals being absorbed by your body. This obviously helps you to lose weight because your body can't use or store that fat. Obviously, it does also stop you from being tempted to eat fatty foods, but the fat-blocking properties of Xenical are its MAIN purpose.
When you use Xenical properly, you don't see side effects because the amount of fat passing out in your stools is relatively small. I've used this example before but it might help to clarify...
Say if you ate a meal containing 9g of fat (well within the 15g per meal rule) 3g of that fat would come out in your stools, and 6g would be used by your body in the normal way. However, because 3g is a small amount to pass amongst your other bodily waste, you would not see any side effects.
So say if you ate a meal containing 60g of fat and took your Xenical, 20g would pass through your body and out in your stools, which is obviously quite a lot, and you would be more likely to have the 'Tango' experience.

I wouldn't advise using Xenical with the Atkins diet to be honest, and Xenical isn't supposed to be something you take as-and-when anyway.

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