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Slow but sure....
I was just thinking (made my headache I can tell you) I know that chickens get egg bound - but, is it an old wives tale that humans get egg bound too.

Since a lot of us have been having problems with constipation I was wondering if it could be EGGS!!!

I know I have eaten lots of eggs since I started the diet, and my old grandma always used to say that if you eat to many eggs you'll get egg bound...

So maybe it could be a combination of eggs and more fibre taken into the system than usual.....

What do you think? Or am I totally losing the plot!!! LOL.. :eek:
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I cut out eggs for a week & it didnt really help to be honest x
Donnie, good thinking there....
made me think thats what my toileting problems could be,cos I eat on average 3 eggs a day....
I couldnt survive without eggs.


Slow but sure....
Me also Debby I always have 3 eggs for breakfast, either as an omlette or scrambled, I enjoy them and look forward to them now, X


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
eggs are loaded with colesterol and they do mess with your digestion i don't care what any expert says knowone knows your own body like you and if i ate three a day for a week i would know bout it CXXXXx
I actually don't eat that many eggs on the diet BUT yesterday I had 9 eggs that had to be used by today so I went egg overload! :O LOL

My daughter was sick of eggs by the end of the day......scrambled egg, meatloaf with boiled eggs inside, egg salad and egg mayonnaise (for the wee one, not me!). No more eggs for a while for me! :D

K xx
I replied to a thread a few weeks ago and there was a lively debate on how many eggs members on the plan eat in a week. It was said by a couple of members that it didn't matter how many , and that there was no health concerns.... well I think eggs do cause severe constipation in some people.

Phil x

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