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Eggs and Bananas


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Does anyone limit their eggs and/or bananas. I know they're free/superfree respectively but as an old WW and limiting both, I didn't know if there was a SW equivalent rule for the same.

I could eat superfree bananas all day but think that'd be bad. Also with eggs, they're free and "fast food and good for you" but living off eggs wouldn't help would it?

If you do limit, what do you limit it to?
I try to only have 1 banana a day but eggs I can have up to three if I'm scrambling them. Should I be limiting to X amount a week or just eat as many as I want?
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I don't deliberately limit, but most days I tend to have no more than 2 bananas and no more than 4 eggs... but that's just cause I can't face any more of either, rather than some limiting going on on my part. IYKWIM! :)


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I thought you weren't supposed to have more than 1 banana a day anyway as they can sometimes constipate you.....which isn't the best for weight loss I find ;0)
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I don't consciously aim to limit them but I usually would not have more than two bananas a day just because I like variety in my diet. And I don't really use a lot of eggs other than in quiche, which I probably would not have more than once a week anyway.
I def don't limit eggs - they are really filling, and not high in calories so why would you? If i do a sw brekkie i will have less bacon & more egg - still high in protein & less salt - still as filling.

Don't really like nanas so can't comment on them, have 1 maybe twice a month

I think there are plenty of things to limit before you get to eggs & nanas though.


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I am enjoying omelettes at moment so I tend to use 3 eggs to get a really thick omelette. I have about 3 omelettes a week so about 9 eggs a week. I was wary of eating so many when I first ever joined because of cholestral levels but my levels have remained normal so I don't worry anymore. I even have 2 eggs when I have boiled eggs lol


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I tend to have no more than 1 banana a day and with eggs i have two boiled eggs every other day. I used to have 2 to 3 eggs a day before but i stopped because i wanted to see if it would make an impact on my weightloss and it did i lost more but everyone is different as some ladies in my group used to lose loads despite eating eggs everyday. Also even though i dont have it high cholesterol runs in the family so i try to be careful around high cholesterol things x


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I try to have a banana every other day rather than every day and I really need to make an effort to eat more eggs.

As others have said eggs have been cleared as being a culprit for high cholesterol and they are safe to eat.

Like everything it is all about moderation and variety.
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I have eggs everyday for 2 reasons; because I enjoy eating them and our pet chickens provide us with lots of them!! :D


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To be honest I eat quite a lot of eggs and bananas, but if I found I was not losing weight that quickly and had eaten a lot of them I would reduce the next week and see if that made a difference. Try and see x


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I got asked this question by my mum yesterday who did SW aaaaages ago and had to limit the amount of eggs that she ate.

I do limit my bananas and won't have more than one a day, but then banana's are a rare commodity in my house as it's the one fruit that everyone likes so I don't have to try hard to limit my intake!!

As for eggs. Nope I don't conciously limit my eggs. But i've never eaten more than 8 a week (i.e. there's always some left in the 12 pack I buy).

I believe the high cholesterol worries with eggs have been proved wrong. Something to do with it being the 'good' type of cholesterol i think.
It used to be thought that foods which contained cholesterol would contribute to high cholesterol in the blood (people with cholesterol problems were told not to eat prawns, for instance).

It has been known for some time that there isn't a link between the two. Excess cholesterol in the blood is, for the most part, caused by saturated fats in the diet.

Some people can eat as many eggs as they like, some find that they can't digest them. If you like them, and they like you, eat them.


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I Love eggs and could happily polish off a dozen in a week!! I try to avoid having more than 3 bits of fruit a day as it gives me terrible ibs type problems! This has nothing to do with weight loss tho, last week i had loads of fruit to try and boost my loss, but i really struggled with bloating etc.

In terms of how it effects weight loss, personally i believe there are other things to look at first, mainly processed packet free things like mug shots, pasta and sauce, ff super noodles etc.
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I don't limit eggs. Love 'em! But I never have more than one banana a day - never had more than that even before SW. Don't know why really...just got it into my head at some point years ago that bananas are good for you, but a bit calorific for fruit. No idea if that's true though.

Mind you, I do the same with yoghurts. Rarely have more than one a day, even the fat free ones.
I don't really eat many. I probably have 1 egg every other day. 2 or 3 on the rare occasion I have an omelette. I find them quite filling.

I am a bit reluctant to make the quiches and eggy cakes etc too often, as they have a huge number of eggs in them and I am conscious of the fact that one egg has approx 5 grams of fat.

Bananas I don't have more than one a day, as I do find they bloat me out and would prob give me stomach ache if I ate anymore


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I believe the high cholesterol worries with eggs have been proved wrong. Something to do with it being the 'good' type of cholesterol i think.
Yes, the research on eggs has shown no link - from British Heart Foundation website...

For most people there is currently no limit on the number of eggs that you can eat in a week. However, because the recommendation has changed over the years, it's often a common source of confusion.
In the past a restriction on eggs was recommended because we thought that foods high in cholesterol (including liver, kidneys and shellfish, as well as eggs) could have an impact on cholesterol levels in the body.
However, as research in this area has developed, so has our understanding of how foods that contain cholesterol affect people’s heart health.
For most people, the amount of saturated fat they eat has much more of an impact on their cholesterol than eating foods that contain cholesterol, like eggs and shellfish. So unless you have been advised otherwise by your doctor or dietician, if you like eggs, they can be included as part of a balanced and varied diet.

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