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Eggs and their side effects


I ate my willpower!

Are any of you egg lovers? I have had 4 scrambled this morning and 2 hard boiled with lunch. The problem that I am now having is I can't get off the loo!! :sick0019:

I am sure it must be the eggs. Has anyone else had any unwanted egg related side effects?

p.s Sorry for the TMI there!! :ashamed0005:
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I have loadsa eggs, prob 15 ish a week (had 4 last night) but I dont ever suffer, maybe Im just lucky though! x


Just follow the plan
Not had a problem before, I love eggs too. I thought they were more likely to bung you up lol


I ate my willpower!
Thinking about it, I usually eat lost of eggs anyway, so maybe it's something else. Perhaps the warm jacket spud and the mayo together didnt agree. But then I have tuna mayo and jacket spud all the time. Mind you, I got some bad news earlier so maybe that set me off!! Still, I have popped a couple of imodium and I am fine now!!
I actually have the opposite problem. More than 2 a day and I get really bunged up. Lx
i was always told never to eat more the 4-6 eggs a week because of side affects this was my mother telling me this though one of her many warnings she gave me when i moved out ha


I ate my willpower!
I don't think it was the eggs cos I still have a problem this morning! Mind you, I did follow the eggs with a spicy curry which may not have been the best of ideas!! I am going for a green day today and see if not so much meat might help. :eek:

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