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Hi, i used to eat 2 with my toast in the morning, but not had them in a while.
i think its recomended that you eat no more than 10 a week?


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I do eat quite a lot of eggs, mainly in cooking.
I don't think there is a restriction to eggs, unless you have high cholesterol, which I do anyway, but they are not so strict about eggs nowadays. My doc has not advised me to cut back.


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I think the recommendation was no more than 10 a week.

They can constipate you if you eat too many (plus the cholesterol thing obviously).


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The latest dietetic research states that we do not need to reduce our consumption of eggs. It was also featured in SW magazine a couple of months ago. however if you get bunged up then it might be wise to restrict them for a while
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The old guidelines used to be not to eat too many eggs, but that changed a while ago now.

I eat loads of eggs. Use them in cooking, boiled, poached, fried, any way I can get them :)

Some people find they sometimes get 'egg bound' (as my mother puts it! It's a nice way of saying constipated lol) but plenty of water and fibre in your diet should prevent that becoming a problem.
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I have noticed that i can go through quite alot of eggs on this plan, more so than usual. I also read somewhere that there are guidelines but not sure if they are still in effect


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the whole egg/cholesterol thing is rubbish. Just don't cook 'em in lard, you'll be fine ;)

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Hubby has had a problem with high cholesterol since he was in his 20's (he's in his 50's now) - he's been given loads of "advice" over the years regarding egg consumption - the main bits we have agreed on overall is that it is now quite safe to eat them! LOL!

Egg yolks DO contain some fat, whereas the whites don't, but we go through at least 2 dozen eggs a week (generally) between the two of us, and don't have any ill effects with that - eggs really are very versatile and "free" foods after all's said and done! We've got rid of 10st between us with SW so we're not at all worried.

Doc's know about our egg addiction - he's fine with that too! Hubby's cholesterol levels are great at the mo - weight's great too!
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i really dont see eggs being a problem, we have a bowl of ready hard boiled eggs in the fridge for snacking!! :D
It used to be assumed that eating foods containing cholesterol would lead to raised cholesterol levels in the blood. I suppose it was a reasonable assumption to make.

That view has now been discredited. Until the next lot of research gets published!!


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Sorry to hijack the post, but how long to boiled eggs stay fresh in the fridge? I found 20 eggs that are on date on Wednesday in the cupboard yesterday, by the end of today I will have cleared 10 of them with breakfast and lemon meringue pie (oh is eating them too!) but need to use the others up (although I have been known to use eggs that are up to a week or more out of date using the water floating method to see if they are safe!) Any ideas?

Thanks girls

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I'm no "food hygeine expert" but I reckon that boiled eggs should keep in the fridge for a while - I've kept some as snacks in a bowl for a few days or so with no problems. ;)

Years ago the eggs we bought in the shops weren't date stamped and were sometimes in our house for weeks on end - I was one of 5 children and mum bought a tray of eggs every week, whether she needed more or not so we often had a few trays of eggs and never ever gave a thought of them "going out of date"! Never seemed to do any of us any harm? - well I don't think so anyway!


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I have never eaten so many eggs in my life. I must get through nearly 2 dozen a week at the moment. Not all by myself I should add, I use them in cooking such as Carbonara which is one of the OH favourite SW recipes, but also most mornings I'll have an egg of some kind. Last week it was mainly scrambled with smoked salmon. But occasionally I'll have omelettes and fried (in fry light) with bacon or poached which I love but I don't have any poaching rings so it's a very hazardous lunch whenever I decide to try poaching them....lol.

I think I eat too much bacon :(

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