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There used to be a thought that your cholesterol could be raised if you ate too many eggs, but relatively recent studies have more or less rejected that theory now.

As long as you're eating a well balanced diet, don't worry about how many you eat - but remember, with SW, everything in moderation!
No limit on eggs! There used to be a recommended maximum intake, but that has recently been reassessed.

So eat your eggs...they are about 80 calories each, and soooo versatile. I love them! Just don't go bonkers with them, you know, just common sense as with any free foods! Moderation and all that!


its a long road
lol well there free so that must mean you caqn have as many as you like lol

i dont think i was much help but its how i feel about things lol
The theory was that foods which contain cholesterol, such as eggs, would cause high cholesterol in people. There is a certain logic in that I suppose, but it has turned out not to be correct.

As is so often the case it is more complicated than that*. Cholesterol is essential and is manufactured by our bodies whether we eat any or not. Excessively high cholesterol levels are thought to be caused by saturated or trans fats. But not everyone believes that either!! Why some people have high cholesterol and some don't is not always due to their fat intake. It's a bit of a mystery!

All this has been known for quite some time, but the egg yolk myth has been very difficult to eradicate. I remember the look on my friend's face when he was describing the egg white omelette he was given in California a few years ago!!

(*I can't remember the name, but there is a science writer who was using the phrase "actually it's a bit more complicated than that" so often that he had it printed on a tshirt!)
there was a woman who went to my class and got to goal , she ate 15 eggs every day ( she lost 7 stone or there abouts )
Omg 15 a day, i'd be physically sick :eek:

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