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Hey guys,

To shift this last stone I've been changing my eating habits/meals a lot to give my body a bit of a jump start.

Instead of my 2 Weetabix in the morning I've switched to eggs, so I will either make an omlette or scrambled eggs.

1st week i started off having 3 eggs, yolk included. But i was shocked to find out how many calories were actually in an egg!
So now I've switched to one egg and 2 egg whites.

Surely this still isnt good for you? This many eggs!????
But i dont know what else i can have for breakfast on a red day.
I only have about 10 mins in the morning for breakfast.

Want to make the SW quiche too, but really concious of the amount of eggs im eating. Cholestrol central!??

Is it Ok eating this many eggs??!!

And any other ideas for quick, cheap breakfasts??

Im doing red days. So i can eat bacon, sausage etc, just dont have time when i have work.

also, what sausages can I have that are free on a red??? x
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Theres no longer a need to restrict egg intake, its been proven that they don't increse cholestrol. Also, on sw you don't need to worry about cals, so no need to remove yolks. I do that on ww though :-(
I used to eat loads of eggs when I first started SW - I had some brill losses too so definatly didn't affect my WI.

Only reason I don't eat quite so many now is TBH I ate to many & am all egged out!! lol
Iv tried quorn, I dont mind it actually, so i could give that a go! I struggle in the mornings. I dont want to have the same thing every day, but dont have the time to stand over a stove!

Are quorn sausages free on a red day on SW??

Glad to hear about the eggs! Iv gone through more eggs in the last 10 days than i have in the last 3 months!! (mainly because I was doing WW before and i didnt like to waste my points on them, haha! ) x
i think il be egged out by this time next month too!! thats why i need more variety ;-) x
i did post another reply here...but its not appeared.??
i did say...

I dont mind quorn at all actually so i could give that a go. Is it free on a red day though?? i know it is on a green x
Quorn is free on any plan :)

I do red days & have 28g porridge oats everyday - keeps me nice & full. The one week I altered it & had yog & fruit I maintained so went back to my porridge & lost again each week since, so def sticking to that for me!

What about WW Danish wholemeal bread - you can toast it & have banana on it - you get 3 slices for a HEb. Think Allie1904 is the banana on toast fan :D
i always buy WW bread. Ever since i started dieting! i actually prefer it to normal bread now.
I might give the bananas on toast a go!! i used to love banana sandwiches when i was younger!! Yummy!!! x
thanks guys! I'll definatley look forward to trying some of these!

On another note does anyone have the SW quiche recipie??? x


Excited about the new me!
Hi Sam. YEs..:

3 eggs
Chopped Tomatoes
Cottage Cheese
A dash of skimmed milk
L/Fat Laughing Cow triangles x 2
Chopped Ham, or Bacon
chopped onion or Spring Onion
Salt and pepper

Mic together in a bowl eggs, cottage cheese, milk and laughing cow triangles, season with salt and pepper. Spray light a frying pan and fry your onions and bacon, chopped tomatoes for a minute, til slightly soft. Season. Place this mixture into a flan dish, then pour on the egg mixture. Bake at 180 for 25 - 30 mins, til golden brown on top.

Hope that helps, there are a few varieties, but i always use that one and that way, you are only using your HEA on a Red or EE day (milk and cheese triangles).

Wee Doll

Silver Member
i added pasta to the bottom of my mix to give it more filling power :D

to my quiche i mean lol
lovely thanks!!

is cottage cheese free then?? xx
im feeling hungry too!! when i diet all i talk about is food!!!!! ;-) x

Wee Doll

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im starving and i forgot my lunch today :(
mmmm giving the quiche a whirl tonight!! Colleagues want me to bring it in if its yummy! Wish me luck ;-)

Thanks for your help folks!!!! xxx

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