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its a trial and error thing. some people can, some people cant. like salmon....
i personally have not had them while on the tablets... sooo i cant honestly tell you if they would do something to me... you can have the egg whites, no problem.
Thanks for quick reply :) Am really worried again now about taking them, feel like I am going to fail at the first hurdle all the time :/ Its just new to me I guess x


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have a read about... if its food ideas you want, ive got a recipie thread.. loads of ideas... and honestly ask if you have any questions... we are all such a friendly bunch, and would never mind answering any qyestions that you have...

dont give up! you can do it.. (heck if i can anyone can!!)
I have had an egg sometimes and it has been fine.
I ahve eggs sometimes too and I have been fine xx
I wouldn't be too scared about trying an egg if you really enjoy them. Make sure the rest of your meal is very low fat (i.e if you're having toast, don't have spead on it - that might be pushing your luck a bit) and see how it goes.
I know some people do get side effects with eggs, but I'm 99% condident that it wouldn't be the kind of side effects that would leave you unable to leave the house or in danger of having an 'accident'.



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i might be a good idea for you to try new things when you dont have to go out for the day,just in case :)

i eat beans fine,other people cant.im yet to try an egg yet


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