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Hi all,

Just a quicky really, am coming off CD and onto Atkins and am wondering how many eggs you all eat per week? I had a lovely omlette today made with 3 eggs prawns tuna and cheese and am wondering if it would be bad for me to have 1 of these each day? Had this for lunch, dinner was tuna and cucumber and breakfast was a protein shake.....is this ok?
I read somewhere that you shouldnt consume more than 6 eggs a week, is this correct?
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Hi Plum

I go through about a dozen eggs a week and I'm fine :) Eggs are your friends on Atkins, go for it!

I know pregnant women are advised to have a maximum of one portion per week - don't know that that has been expanded to cover everybody though.


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I'm big enough for four pregnant women - so, more for me :)
Well Ive been having 2 eggs (scrambled with cheese and prawns) and 1 tin of tuna in brine with mayo per day......perhaps I need to switch one meal for veggies and fish or cheese........hummmmmmmmmmmm decisions!
According to the food standards agency, there is no limit to the number of eggs you can safely eat. They are a perfect protein and although they contain cholesterol, this is not going to have a unwelcome effect on blood cholesterol. It just doesn't work that way - hence why on Atkins you can eat the fat on meat etc. I eat two eggs most days and I feel quite happy with that. :)
Yeah, I'd say I have at least two eggs per day - one fried, one in a MiM. :)


Clean green leafy machine
If you're losing weight, in a healthy way and in a way that can be sustained for the rest of your life, then surely the benefits of that outweigh all of the other things...

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