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Violet is shrinking
I was just wondering if there is a limit to the amount of eggs you should eat per day for your meal.

It's not AAM week yet, but just getting prepared. I don't eat meat (I could force myself to eat a little bit of chicken if I really, really had to :( ) but if I can get away with eggs and veg for the meal that would be great, but I'm wondering on how many eggs I could have in a omellette or scrambled?
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Violet is shrinking
Yes... but how many eggs are you allowed per meal?


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Hello :)

Exante recommends a low carbohydrate meal of about 600 calories during add a meal week, in addition to 3 packs.

As eggs are about 106 calories each, how many you can have would depend on what else you were planning to add to the meal.

The Exante website, and the leaflet included in your delivery box, provides more details.

Hope this helps :)


Violet is shrinking
do you not have to take into account the amount of fat...there is quite a bit of fat in eggs...or do you just forget that and stick with the keto foods and tot up the cals?

I ballsed up my aam week last 2 times, but not really doing it so would like to do it properly this time.


Violet is shrinking
I just wanted to know if there was a fixed rule about how many eggs was ideal...especially as they do contain fat and can raise the cholesterol...I've worked it out now :) I can't follow the conventional SS plan as I don't eat meat or fish or a lot of the alternatives..it's a pain ;)
I would think you could have as many as you wanted as long as your meal is 600 calories
But watch you don't get egg bound:8855:

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