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Hi Miniminners,

Well hubby and me have been discussing booking a summer hol for next year !

He has always wanted to go to Eygpt although neither of us know much about it , i remember seeing a thread about Egypt on here before and know many of you are great lovers of the place and know lots about it !

Please suggestions info just anything really tell me all about it trust your judgement over a travel agents !

Thanks squillions xxxxx
luv kandyxxxx
I've never been myself but been told if I ever go I should go for one of the cruises down the Nile. My friend went last month and said it was great but the taxis were scary at night because they don't turn their headlights on and theres no street lights!

My kids are going there with their dad in the summer too but just to stay in one of the resorts, not to go where the pyramids are or anything
Thanks Coley and Kati,

I am looking forward to having a holiday next year didn't have one last year i am feeling this is the inspiration i need to maybe ss after crimbo dont wanna be a chubster in my holibob photies !! lol

Anymore ideas , suggestions please let me have 'em !

Hi Kandy,:)

How could I not drop in and chat about my second home-Egypt...LOL (sure Loopy will be along soon as well:) )

What do I say? How can I be neutral about this place. I'll try.:)

If you have ever liked anything to do with Ancient Egypt at all, even when you were a child...THEN GO!!!!! The temples and monuments will be 300 % better than you expect or can get an idea of on ANY documentary about the place, I promise!!

I did a 10 day Nile Cruise in 2001. We took an all inclusive package for meals and drinks and entry to all temples so we wouldn't have to bother about it when we were there.

We did...*The Valley of The Kings at Sunrise..:D (went in Tutankhamun's tomb)
*Philae Island Temple..:D
*Karnak Temple...awesome!! You must see the sound and light show at night. (Voice overs by Richard Burton and Judy Dench)...I thought I was back there, 3 thousand years ago,,,lol
* Temple of Horus..:D
* The Aswan Dam..:D
* Kitchener Island:D (just across from where they shot "Death On The Nile".:eek:
* Sailed in a felluca...:D you have to try it:D

And the best for me personally......ABU SIMBEL:D :D :D

This is an extra trip that you pay for. Back then it was about £120 per person. I would have paid £1,200..!!!

Our cruise ship came back to Luxor for this trip. Went to bed early and took a 4am flight(on my own) from Luxor airport to Abu Simbel. Only takes about 30 minutes. I remember sitting in a window seat and seeing the temple from way up...looking like a dot, but lit up with spot lights.

A coach takes you to the temple(we're still in the dark here remember:) ), a short trip, you walk down from the car park and around what you think is a huge hill at the side of you.

WHEN you get round the other realise that you are stood in front of Abu Simbel itself:D :D :D OMG

I sat on a bench about 30 ft away from the temple and watched the sunrise. Every brick turned red as the sun hit it, nobody spoke, we just stood gobsmacked:eek: I will NEVER forget it.(got goosebumps here)

I must have sat for an hour like this...just stunned. I didn't want to rush inside the temple and see everything...just wanted to tempt myself with what lay inside.

This was, as they say, the most awesome of Ramses II temples that he built. There was an international effort some years back to save Abu Simbel from being flooded by water. Many countries came and the temple was moved, slab by slab, and placed 300m back from the lake.:eek:

Ramses idea in building this temple was to scare away The Hittite Army from invading Egypt. I think he managed it!!!

I know I have written a novel length post here but I can't help it when it comes to this subject(can you tell!!!:eek: )

I hope some of it is useful to you....I must go back soon and see The Pyramids at Giza....not done that yet. Mum and Dad went and did a hot air balloon trip down the Nile at blew them away!!!! (not the balloon:eek: )


Abu Simbel
You can also do a Nubian Cruise and sail to Abu Simbel, moor up alongside this temple(very close) and spend the night there Kandy.

They do a sound and light lazer show here as well and you can sit on the top deck of your cruise ship, have a romanic dinner and watch it all!!!!:D :D :D
On the link I posted there, they've written a funny blog type thingie and I think they watched the same light show Isis is talking about.....but from McDonalds :eek::eek:(the only place with air conditioning!).....
On the link I posted there, they've written a funny blog type thingie and I think they watched the same light show Isis is talking about.....but from McDonalds :eek::eek:(the only place with air conditioning!).....

Nicole, couldn't possibly watch this sound and light show from inside MacDonald's!! You just have to be there..the sounds, the voices, the lazers. You forget about how warm you might be.

If they'd offered me free Big Macs for life to sit in there instead of in the temple I would have told them to shove it....:D :D :D
Hi I went to Giza - where the pyramids are, years ago. It is an amazing place & to actually see the pyramids is out of this world, the size of them is incredible, and really makes you wonder how on earth they built them.

The only downside about the holiday for me was it was a real culture shock, I'd never been outside of Europe and never seen poverty like that so in your face. To see families living in little shacks on the side of main roads is quite upsetting. Also the Egyptians are so friendly and I found them a bit too friendly, they're very up close and hold your hand whilst they talk to you, which for us Brits can be a bit much, it was for me. We went to a market and I just felt very overpowered by it all, with everyone trying to get you to come and look at their wares, we didn't dare slow down for fear of being accosted, so I didn't actually get to look at anything - LOL. Now that could just be me, I was a lot younger then & less confident & I did find it a bit frightening at times, I'd probably deal with it a lot better now.

On the whole though it was an incredible experience and I don't regret going for a moment, I don't know if I'd want to go again, but I really am glad I did.