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My postal vote was posted last week, so I've had my vote already.


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Oh yes!
If we don't vote we have no right to complain about what the government is not doing!


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Postal vote went off yesterday!


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Yep i'll be there on thursday for my vote.

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I am going to vote, most certainly.


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My mum always made sure i voted after what women fought for.


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Absolutely, and women in other parts of the world are still fighting for the freedom to vote that we take for granted now.
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I'm voting cause I totally agree with the above post and I found a party I think can make a difference.


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I vote cos my grandmother was a suffragette.


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I am definitely voting tomorrow.


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I vote for several reasons, all of which have been mentioned above.

So, yes, I shall make the effort to walk up to the polling station tomorrow night!
Well good for us!!! I get so cross with people who don't bother to vote then spend the next five years complaining about the government.

I have already voted - I have a postal vote as I will be sleeping all day tomorrow in preparation for working all night in the BBC elections studio!


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I am voting on my way to work tomorrow & also counting the votes tomorrow night - you get well paid for your efforts!


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I always vote - this time I have been unsure of who to vote for but last night finally made up my mind.

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