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ellbee's Weight Loss Progress

Hi everyone, I just joined as have been lurking for a couple of months and find the diaries to be an inspiration. I had been doing well and lost 11 lbs over about 8 weeks but then stagnated and have noticed a pound or 2 starting to creep back on.

I'm going to follow Slimming World for foods and syns but also feel I need to add an element of calorie counting to keep me on track (I blame all those starvation diets I did in my teens and 20's!

I'd like to lose about 50lbs but would realistically be happy with 40. Look forward to chatting with you all and benefiting from your great advice.

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Well today is my first proper day of sticking to the SW plan. I've been doing it loosely for the past 6 weeks, which I think has helped me not put on too much, but it's only 5 weeks until I go on holiday and would really like to drop 7-10lbs for that.

Started my morning with a quick 15 minutes Callanetics maintenance session. Did my hour class last night and it went really well. Instructor was pleased with all my positions. No class next week but will keep my maintenance up and do a full routine next Monday.

Having a nice coffee and planning my meal plan for today:

Breakfast - banana (might syn 2 weetabix too)
Lunch - 2 small slices seeded bread (HexB) with ham and laughing cow light (2 from HexA), apple.
Dinner - chicken risotto with fine beans (Parmesan in risotto will be the rest of my HexA).
Snacks: nectarine, dark chocolate ginger biscuit (83 cals, so I'm guessing around 4 syns?)
To prove my determination to lose the weight this time, I'm going to publicly shame myself by posting a full-length photo of myself (normally these are destroyed instantly). My friend took this in our lunch break, so this is me today in all my lumpy bumpy fatty glory!

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A bit peckish at the moment (hence this post to keep me on track for the next half hour until I start making dinner!!), but managed to keep to plan so far. Didn't have the weetabix this morning and only had one laughing cow, as that's all that was left in the box. Means I can put a wee bit extra parmesan in my risotto.

Hope everyone else is having a good day - I definitely find it easier when the sun is out, apart from the fact that I am dreaming about having a cone later.
Stuck to my plan yesterday, with the exception of having 2 chocolate gingers instead of 1 (but no weetabix),so I reckon 8 or 9 syns in total. Today's food plan is:

Breakfast - banana & 2 weetabix (hex b & bit of hex a)

Lunch - leftover risotto & apple

Dinner - pasta with pesto & Parmesan (3 syns and rest of hex a), fine beans

Snack - chocolate ginger (4 syns), cherries

I also have 75 mins of yoga (the class is usually an hour and a half but have deducted chat time before we start!)
Yesterday not as good as Tuesday. Stuck to plan with meals but had 10 almonds and 3 squares of Turkish delight. Have no idea how many syns that was but will keep today's low to counter it. Today's planned food:

Breakfast - banana
Lunch - probably weetabix & apple, carrot sticks & home-made pakora sauce (no syns apart from 2 teaspoons of ketchup - will need to find out how many that is)
Dinner - SW KFC & chips and fine beans (need to check if the chicken has syns)
Snack - 1x chocolate ginger (4 syns)

On the good side I did my 75 mins of yoga. Was quite a tough class too, as there were only 3 of us there and no beginners. Just about to do my 15 mins Callanetics maintenance. I'd love to be a bit more toned for holidays in 5 weeks!!

Well, yesterday was a disaster! Went into a meeting at 10 which was due to finish at 12. Thought I'd wait until I came out of it to have breakfast. Unfortunately it ran on until quarter to 2. Ended up having porridge and carrot sticks for lunch - exciting stuff!!

Had to nip to Morrisons on way home to get chicken thighs for KFC and ended up getting 2 slices of cheesecake and a tub of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, so had a slice of cheesecake and small ball of ice cream after dinner.

To make matters worse hubby had opened a bottle of before I had a chance to tell him not to bother cos I didn't want any, so drank 1/4 of the bottle.

I have no idea how many syns I had, but I reckon about 30 or 35!!!

Not going to be disheartened though. Today I'm going to have:

Brunch: wholemeal wrap (HEXB) with left over Chicken, salad & homemade pakora sauce. Apple.

Dinner: no idea. Going to a comedian at 7:30, so probably won't have time for anything before we go, maybe Have something light when we get home depending on the time (might try to force myself to have a cheese omelette before I go to use up my HEXA)
Weigh in this morning and I've list 3lbs. Really pleased, especially considering I was out for lunch and (quite a few more than I intended) drinks on Saturday.

Today is a bit hectic for me, as j get home around 17:30, have to leave at 17:45 for beading group and won't get back home until after 22:00, so I'll have my main meal at lunchtime and maybe grab a tin/cup of soup before I leave work if I have time.

Breakfast - apple and plums yoghurt (Hex-A)
Lunch - SW doner kebab, pitta (Hex-B) salad & home made pakora sauce (1 or 2 syns) apple.
Dinner -Tbc

I'm also going to set a mini target of getting under 12st 7lbs for going on holiday on 02/09.

Hope everyone has a good day today :)

Hello Ellbee..well done on the 3 lbs. are you doing EE ? I re joined 12 days ago and lost 2 and half the first week which I was disappointed with as I usually lose a lot more first week.. I am following EE as I lost a stone on it without any problems earlier in the year ... put it all back though !!!!!!!!!!! .Stay away from the ice cream fridge in Morrisons !!
Thanks Wigglyworm (love that name!!) and dmboanas. I really hope to lose a chunk this time.

Luckily I don't normally have a sweet tooth, so ice cream fridges aren't usually an issue for me.
Back after a big hiatus and a holiday - for some reason I couldn't get motivated before I went away and was eating junk. Determined this time though and have also signed up to get a fruit and veg box from a farm. Hope everyone is well - will catch up throughout today, as was too ashamed even to lurk!
gl on your weight loss and remember there alot of people in the same position all wanting to lose the weight xxx gl x
So far this week have been not too bad but not great - holiday hangover I reckon. Kettleworx stuff came today, so hubs and I will do our first session tonight. I already do Callanetics and yoga, so hoping my core strength will be enough to get me through it.

Foodwise today so far

B: 2x mini flapjacks 2"x1" really really bad and didn't even enjoy them

L: homemade tomato soup with some natural yoghurt (0.5 HEXA) 1 small slice homemade wholemeal bread (HEXB)

D: TBC but will probably contain chickpeas

Snacks: 1 nectarine (elevenses), 1 apple (will eat around 16:00)

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