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Embarassing To Others & TOTM Still !!!!!!


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Have been having a totm now for 14 days!!! :cry: ok it's not heavy and i dont mind it cuz i know its my body coping but its driving me insane!!! I have such a high 'drive' ;) and i cant do anything!!

This is my week 7 and so far i have had a totm for 4 weeks of my LT journey - its soooooooooooooooooo frustrating!!

And, to top it off last night i asked me chap why i hadnt been invited to one of our friends's birthday meal. He said cuz i told her not to cuz you are on LT. So i responded by saying so what - i can still come and socialize, not eat and have a good time!!! To which he then said he was doing it for my own good! Ooooh i couldve flipped - as if im not determined enough!!

Then i asked why does my diet bother you so much and he said "cuz i will look like a MUPPETT sat there not eating and will be embarassing"

Omg i could of whacked him right there and then if i wasnt so tired!

I simply said - my diet doesnt bother me, it shouldnt bother you or bother others!! IT doesnt bother me people eating infront of me so why should it bother you and other people!! :mad:

That really got to me to know i was 'embarassing' and i almost! cried. But, i wasnt about to let him know he upset me!

Meh. Rant Over - Sorry guys!
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Slowly but surely!
**Hugs** Ive been on for all but 2 days of my LT Journey so far and as I am used to not having them (coil) its driving me loopy, I also had such a low week with PMT. Men really dont get this diet, or why we want to do it. Hope you feel better soon :)


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Thanks mummyem! Hugs apreciated! lol
I never had periods either before LT - infact i hadnt had one for 3 years untill i started LT - frustrating but worth putting up with to be slim again i guess! lol


Slowly but surely!
Defo! I was so close to giving in last week due to PMT then went shopping and got into an 18 which was a big goal for me, little things like that will keep us spured on. Your doing so well and around to kick us lot up the bum when we need it :)
Oh poor you! I guess if you hadn't had a period for 3 years then your body has a certain amount of resetting to do, hopefully it will settle down soon.

Your boyfriend and your friend clearly just don't get this diet. It seems most people who aren't on it can't understand, even when they try to be supportive - you've only got to look at the amount of threads on here complaining about the same thing to know that you're not alone. :hug99: I hope you can make him understand that being a social outcast isn't what you want and that you're strong enough to socialise and not crack. Well done on your seven weeks.:happy096:


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Thanks island!

Thing is, our friend has just finished doing LT so i thought she wouldve understood but nevermind!! I have agreed to work that day now - earn some more money! lol

Thanks girls :D
Hi Summergurl,
looks like we have a similar amount to lose. This is only day 4 for me and to come on here and see that you have lost over 2 stone in such a short time is sooooo inspiring.
Don't let your fella or your friend get you down. Maybe they can see that you are succeeding and are feeling a bit insecure. Fellas especially can be like that and they are insensitive at the best of times. My fella can only think about the things we are not going to be able to do cos I'm not eating. OMG weare capable of socialising without having to stuff food in our mouths (alcohol - now that might be a little harder - lol).
Anyway we have got to stick together on this. So sorry you are have a bad time with totm, that can't be making things easy either. Keep focused on why you are doing this for you and nobody else.
loads of hugs:grouphugg:


Here we go again!
Hope your TOTM comes to an end very soon, must be bit of a downer to say the least. I started mine yesterday and only finished one less than 3 weeks ago. Oh well, there have to be some down sides to this great diet and as you say, it's all worth it to lose so much weight so quickly. Chin up, it should pass soon.


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Yep defo all worth it! I have 13 weeks to go on LT and counting!! lol

Thanks for yer kind words girly :D You will do great on this diet - anytime you fancy a yap just send me a message we can inspire each other :D


Here we go again!
Just noticed Summergurl, you have 13 weeks left and hopefully I only have about 15 to go. Can't believe we've been doing it for so long and still have quite a way to go. At least we're still really focused and determined to do this.

Just think in 13 weeks you could be chucking yourself out of a plane (you made fool). How goes the size 14 England shirt for April challenge? Still on target I hope! Have total faith in you!


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Aw mini - it does seem like ages away but then these 7 weeks have gone by so fast i dont know where the time has gone!!

I hope i am on goal for my football shirt - only 2 weeks and im a size 16 top (but from evans) and they are big on me now so i am keeping my fingers crossed! lol The match is on the 1st of april so i am going into town on the 30th - after weigh in to get me top! lol

You got any goals mini?
I cant wait to chuck meself out of a plane! haha


Here we go again!
My goal (now but not before I started) is my holiday in July. I really want to get into a size 14 bikini. I haven't worn a bikini since I was 10! Just wasn't confident enough to wear one after that.

My main goal is just to be a healthy size and weight and to keep it off once its gone. I have to set my 16 year old a good example and up to now I feel I haven't. She's really pleased for me though and took me into New Look yesterday as she says she is my fashion advisor now and is determined to get me dressing trendy! Me trendy, that's a laugh cos I don't give a damn about that anyway. At least we are having fun buying new things and planning for them.
Good luck for the tshirt !

I stayed away from a friends last night until after they had finished food. Mind you, I had to as I was doing a jewellery party - lol !
Thank goodness I've read your messages, I've been on LT for 11 days now and had my first period for 23 months !!! (I'm 54 and going through the menopause) I dont know if its a concern enough to go to my G.P. I'll ask the Pharmacie when I go for my weigh-in on Wednesday. Mabe thats why I'm finding it sooooo hard at the moment. I want food so much I could cry!!!


My husband = My hero
How u gettin on love??

i would gladly take it off your hands as mine is Missing in action haha

Hang in their hun, like u sed its a small price to pay...

This is all very weird about reading about TOTM!!! Since around the time of starting LT I've been on a 3 week cycle - which is doing my head in. Am going to the docs to try to get it sorted out!


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
i would gladly take it off your hands as mine is Missing in action haha
Sold!!!! haha

I am getting on ok, totm is at an end - thank god!!!!!!! hopefully a free week! I pray for a week of freedom! haha

I think totm is really just your body's way of coping with such an extreme diet and as much as it annoyes the hell out of me it really is worth it in the end! :D
or bless you big xxxxx well this will make you feel better ive had TOTM on and off now for my full 6 weeks on LT well peaed off now with but its well worth it and about the going out thing why dont you meet them after x

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