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Embarrassing moments while being overweight!

I wanted to share some really embarrassing moment i've had while being really big! :D i was on holiday in teneriff last year and we were sitting round the pool on the sun loungers. When i got up i noticed that part of the sun lounger had snapped, so i thought, "Hmmm, was that me or didn't i notice that before i went on it?" so i layed on another one, got up a while after and it had snapped again! :eek: this time i knew it must have been me! I was so embarrassed! What made it worse was that a couple had noticed and kept looking over and laughing at me! because of the embarrassment i went and hid in my cousins apartment, i sat on a chair in her little garden bit and a chair leg bent and snapped under my weight! not more embarrassment i couldn't believe it! :eek: hehehe! and people saw me fall to the side! oh dear haha!

So that was one of the most embarrassing days of my life hehe! :eek: i can look back and laugh now! Anyone else have moments like these?
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Yep - I used to go to customers houses to complete paperwork with them. They had a table and chair set where the wooden chairs folded up. I sat down the chair collapsed.....I WAS MORTIFIED!!!
Just PMSL!!! will post mine when i return from the loo!!!!


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Not my embaressing moments but 2 of my favourites.....

1 - we went to chessington and there was a childs ride where you all sit in a line and the ride just goes straight up. There must be 1 adult on the ride so my friend squeezed her bum into the seat. The person operating the ride tried to start it, but there was too much weight...my overweight friend had to get off!! She was v embaressed...poor love!!

2 - my sis was running down the road chasing my 4 yr old and her trousers fell down in the middle of the high street. Although not really a fat story, she has been on LL and lost 2 stone, hence her trousers falling down.

melarnz you've cracked me up hehe! and aww no your poor friend! that must have been so embarrassing! thats why i never go on fair ground rides hehe! i fear ill break them lmao!!! and thats really great your sister has lost two stones! my sister had a very similar moment like that her trousers fell down while she was holding her baby outside her front door and there were people below that saw!!! :D
Ladies im still laughing!!!

Ok, this summer I was in Italy at my sis -in laws house similar thing happened to me I sat on her sun lounger and it snapped!!!:eek: Luckily for me there was only one person with me at the time and he cant speak (Bless him) managed to get the chair into dustcart that happened to be passing phew.......
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Not my embaressing moments but 2 of my favourites.....
2 - my sis was running down the road chasing my 4 yr old and her trousers fell down in the middle of the high street. Although not really a fat story, she has been on LL and lost 2 stone, hence her trousers falling down.


lol, Mels, I had the same thing happen to me. Only it was at one of the most popular tourist attractions in San Francisco, in the cross walk!

My hubby and I were crossing the street in Fishermans Wharf, and suddenly, my trousers fell off!!!!!!!!!!! I quickly grabbed them before total humiliation set in, started laughing my arse off - and we rushed to the loo where I stole my hubbys belt to get through the rest of the day!!

Still giggle about it today!! :D


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lol BL - I loved it cos she didnt tell me straight away either. She was obviously toying with the idea of being embarassed and proud!!

Another major embarassing moment of my life was when i decided roller skating would be a really great and fun way of excerising and getting around quickly without the car.

I came out of work and put my skates on for the 1st time and started home. It wasnt until i started moving that it dawned on me that my office was at the top of quite a steep hill (on a main road). At the bottom of the hill was a busy road. I was zooming down this hill and realised (being a novice) that i couldnt stop!! So i grabbed onto a fence rail near the bottom. Literally went horizontal into the air and landed flat on my back. I looked round to see if anybody noticed and saw that there were road works at the bottom of the bridge and all the traffic had stopped on both sides. There were there were 2 bus loads of people actually laughing their heads of at this fat bird on skates taking flight at 20mph holding on to a fence for dear life!!!

Needless to say i got up very quickly, skated home and never put the skates on again!!
Lol its good to have a giggle! Another embarrassing time was when my friends mum came to pick us up and i had to sit in the back, she only has a two seater car so that means squeezing past the front seat, well i got stuck LOL ... she my friends mum said to my friend "You pull and i'll push" ahahahahaha! so embarrassing but funny to look back on. ;)
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i know this is an old thread but this is hilarious!

i had went on a night out with friends while in abstinance, was wearing a dress i hadnt ever been able to fit in2 and felt fab. was dancing away ( i was drinking water so was very concious of my surroundings) when a song came on i didnt really like so went to walk off the dance floor and thought i had caught my heel on someones bag or something, i looked down and to my absolute horror it was my granny pants round my ankles on th dance floor!!! only my friend noticed but i didnt know what to do so just stepped out of them and left them on the dancefloor!
god knows what the cleaners mustve thought when they found a pair of size 18 granny pants on the dance floor next day..... pmsl


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teehee, Carrie!!!! I bet your pants are pinned to the wall in the cleaner's broomcupboard! You've made me laugh this morning :D x


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Thats brilliant Carrie!!! lol


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It's not my embarassing moment but it is quite possibly the funniest thing I have ever seen in my whole life!!

An ex boyfriend (was a heavy boy!!) had lovingly spent a couple of weekends making his parents a raised decking area in the garden. When he had finished his mother proudly placed her white plastic table and chairs on it and went inside to fetch the celebratory beers!

My ex promtly parked his backside in a chair and relaxed and enjoyed his parents praise. About thrity seconds into his beer he decided to tip the chair back. Well, he was to close to the edge of the decking and as the back legs started to fall of the decking they snapped! He did a stunt man roll over the back of the chair landed in a very small gap between the decking and the wall and split his jeans all round the crotch! In his deffence he did all this without spilling one single drop of beer!!!!


lmao @ lind, thats so funny can almost picture it! :)


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now thats quality not spilling his beer quality lol


...we're sinking deeper.
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Lol. This is such a tragic thread to be honest. Funny, but very sad!

Either way, I do have two stories to share.

1) When I was about 14, my parents and I were doing the Teacher-Parent conference rounds in my school. At the time, we just arrived at my English teacher's office who had a lovely glass table. My parents sat on the two chairs available and I was left without a seat. I was pretty happy to stand, until my teacher happily exclaimed 'Why don't you sit on the glass table, the (male) Principal ALWAYS sits on it - you'll be fine!' ... I refused at first, but she insisted. Well, if a man can sit on it, surely it'll be fine, right? I perched on it as much as I could, trying not to put my full weight anywhere near the middle... Nothing happened, the discussion resumed about academic nonsense... The next thing I know, I'm sprawled out in the middle of a metal frame, legs and arms outstretched, my bum on the floor. ...can you guess what happened!! I'm rather surprised that experience didn't scar me for life at that tender age!!

2) The second story is one of my OH, before we went on LL. The experience haunts him to this day and I think prevents him from gaining any weight beyond a BMI 26 or so! --- It happened on a day out to Thorpe Park and it entailed a lot of embarassment and 'holding of the rides' while trying ...unsuccessfully... to close any of the safety harnesses... on any of the rides... Except one, which was equipped with a 'special' bigger row of seats right at the front. ... He was red in the face the whole day and we haven't actually been back to the Theme Park properly to this day! ...(good thing too it's a bloody rip-off...) ... And to be perfectly fair, I wasn't that far off not being able to close them either. I somehow managed to squish myself in! I think... I had to stop breathing for it to happen...

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