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Emily's Calorie Counting Diary

Hi all,

Im new to this and need a bit of support - so I thought a diary would be a great way to keep track of things!

My weight at the mo is 10 stone 10, I have lost a pound in the last week through calorie counting which im so happy about! My goal weight is 9 stone 11, once I reach that (ever the optimist) I might think about losing a little more.

At the moment Im pretty disciplined about what I eat, but the main barrier is excercise - I HATE IT! I try and do a mile in the pool at the weekend but other than that all I do is the odd jog around the block, walk the dog or a few mins on the excercise bike. Anyone else have the same problem as me?!

I use food focus to record what I eat, and my target calories everyday are 1250. Seem to be sticking to this but I dont have a brilliant idea of portion sizes!

Anyway I will be back later on to let you know about todays food :)

Great to see how much weight you all have lost! I wonder what it would be if we put it all together?!
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Hiya! :welcome:

We're the same height and a similar weight at the moment so it'll be interesting to see how our weight loss compares :D

I hate exercise as well, but I can force myself to do it (most of the time :rolleyes:). Tbh, you can lose weight without exercise - all you need is to have a 3,500 calorie deficit each week to lose 1lb. Have you worked out your BMR yet? It'll probably be around 1,500 (like mine) - so if you eat 1,000 calories a day then you should lose 1lb a week, no exercise required. With your calorie target, you only have to burn 250 calories a day to lose 1lb a week! :D

I look forward to reading your diary! Good luck!

Hi Sarah and Sammii!

Thanks for the replies. I've been looking around for someone on the site who is of a similar weight so it will be interesting to see how we both do! How tall are you? Im 5"3 so the weight doesnt get distributed too well and I feel pretty dumpy...!

Thats ace to know that I dont have too do TOO much excercise. Always a bonus. But the thing is, I've been stuck at this weight (+ 1 pound) for years...so Im trying to give it my all for now and see what happens. Plus Ive just started an office job and all I do is sit on my bum all day!

Im not sure I know what BMR is? Sounds confusing.


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BMR is your basal metabolic rate - basically the amount of calories you can eat whilst lying in bed all day without gaining weight.

You can find a bmr calculator here: BMR Calculator

I'm 5'3 and a half - and all my weight goes to my hips, bum and thighs making me look even dumpier :/ Haha.
Thanks for the link! My BMR is 1500 too, I think im managing to stay under that mostly apart from when I have an off day.

I think today has been ok but im not sure I trust food focus that much. Today I've had:
Breakfast - Quaker easy porrige with water, one sachet
Tea with semi skimmed milk
One plum

Lunch - Two crackebreads with lemon and coriander hummus
Two sundried tomatoes
Two olives
Tea with skimmed milk
A peach (juicey!)

Dinner - Green salad
Two sundried tomatoes
Grated carrot
One slice of goats cheese and caramelised onion flan
One and a half new potatoes
One piece of thorntons caramel shortbread

Snacks - Diet coke

Excercise - 40 lengths of the pool.

I always wonder whether what Im eating will be enough or too much! Its hard for me to regulate my diet at dinner as I still live at home. As much as I love my mums meals im not sure theyre helping to keep the weight down! Does anyone else have a similar problem?

I make my calories out to be about 800 after excercise, does this sound right?

Thanks guys! xx

Today wasnt such a great day....

- Quaker oats

Morning tea:
- Cup of Jasmine Tea
- Light hot choc with water

- 3 Tbsps lemon & coriander humus
- 2 sundried tomatoes
- 2 green olives
- 2 tbsps of grated carrots
- 2 ryvita crackerbreads
- 4 plums

Afternoon tea
- 1 Thorntons carmel shortbread (need to get these out of the house!)
- 2 cups of tea

- Handful of boiled carrots
- Half a cup of mashed potato
- One Bernard Matthews turkey escalope (350 cals!! i cannot believe that!)
- One slice on banana bread.
- Cup of tea.

I ended up with just over 1200 calories despite doing 15 mins on the excercise bike!


Today was an ok-ish day, considering my parents thought it was a good idea to get a chinese!

Breakfast: Porridge again

Lunch: Two crackerbreads
Two olives
Two sundried tomatoes
4tbsps Cottage Cheese
A peach

Dinner: 4 riceflour pancakes
Chopped cucumber & spring onion
Crispy Duck
One ball of sweet and sour chicken
8 Prawn crackers
Egg fried rice

Snacks: One Jasmine Tea
Two normal teas
Two low cal hot chocs

So...even though that seems like loads I was pretty careful with portions and managed to go for a 10 min jog, leaving me with just over 1000 cals!

Not brilliant but alright.

Im getting a bit worried about my calcium intake, I only get a bit of milk in my tea now. Is calcium crucial and how do you get it in a low cal diet?!
Hi, just read your post re calcium. i would say its really important and one of the easiest ways to get it other than in milk is by eating yoghurts eg: muller lights, activia fat free.

Today wasnt a very good day :( Working in an office with 4 other girls is hard!

Breakfast: Good ol porridge

Lunch: 50g Ainsley Harriot Lime couscous

Dinner:100g Homemade chicken curry
75g Basmati rice

Snacks: One jasmine tea
Two normal tea
One low fat hot chocolate
Two sainsburys large choc cookies :(

I MUST have more willpower and say no to free cookies!!

Still just over 1000 cals but not happy!
Hey girls, really glad to see people of the sameish height and weight as me! im 5ft3 and was 165 pounds on the 27th of july, so far i have lost 10 pounds so it has been pretty slow and at times i want to give up when i read that people have lost 5 pounds in a week and it takes me a month to loose that haha, i eat around 100-1200 calories well try too, a lot of the time i go under oops, and i was exercising every night for a hour but sadly i ripped my tendons whilst exercising a few nights ago and i cant exercise for a recommended 18 months (running anyway).

emilybc i also live at home, and my mum makes these lovely dinners everyday however i decided if i wanted to loose the weight, i had to make my own dinners, on sundays i still have the family roast, however i just have 1 potato, bit of meat after i make sure she takes the fat off for me before cooking, and LOADS of veg! so it is defiantly do able :) its also good to have a little bit of a treat here and there, i would have stopped by now if didn't have snack a jacks and so on!

im looking forward to seeing everyones weight loss! good luck :)

I find it so hard being this short! any extra weight makes you look huge!! Friday will be my first weigh in and im hoping i have lost, even if its just a piund then i will be happy! :)
defiantly, i hate feeling stumpy i always think my legs look huge :-( oh how exciting, i look forward to seeing what the results will be! a pound a week is a good steady loss, when i see i have lost a pound im like dancing around haha. i think i have gained a pound in the last two days, got a bit too drunk and ate some junk food, first time in like 2 months it tasted good but the guilt after was totally not worth it haha!!
its my friends birthday tomoz and were going out tomoz AND saturday night!! im guna have to get drunk on the lowest cal drinks possible and avoid the chips and burgers after!! ohh dear!! :( x
its my friends birthday tomoz and were going out tomoz AND saturday night!! im guna have to get drunk on the lowest cal drinks possible and avoid the chips and burgers after!! ohh dear!! :( x
oh good luck, it was my friends birthday two days ago and i drank WAY too much, had wine, vodka, shots, lemonade, coke, orange juice!! then i had carrot sticks but covered them in dip, i am trying to stop drinking its so hard to stop once you get started but being at uni makes it impossible, for me anyway hehe. i just didn't eat much for the two days after so hopefully it will average out at the end of the week haha, have a fun night!!

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