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Emily's Diary - My fresh start


Onwards and downwards!
I started a diary on here a few months ago and since then I have lost and gained and lost and gained the same few pounds. Now I have decided to start completely afresh. I’m starting a new diary and have a newly found desire and motivation to lose this weight and reach target. I don’t want to keep looking back and thinking if only I’d stuck to the diet I could have lost this much by now, I want to leave the past in the past and just look forward.

So I weighed myself this morning and I’m 12 stone exactly. I have two stone (28lbs) to lose to reach my 10 stone target. Ideally I would like to reach target (or as close as possible) by my 5th wedding anniversary at the beginning on November, but I realise that this isn’t necessarily realistic so wont be too hard on myself. As long as I know I have put all my effort into it and done the best I can I will be happy with that. I would love to be at target at the beginning of 2011 though, new year, new start, new me and all that :p

So here goes…..hope I can maintain this new found motivation!! :D

(Also any comments and advice along the way would be greatly appreciated, shout at me if I go wrong or moan too much, hehe :D)
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Hi Emily :)

I'm reasonably new on here and just started my diary too, I have found it really helpful and I have been much more motivated to stick to it from reading other people's encouragement on here!

So good luck! What kind of diet are you doing? SW or are just eating healthy?

Any way best of luck and I shall be reading to see how you get on!!

Claire :)
Hi Emily

I also just started today! I've tried low carb diets before, lost 1.5 stone, but put them all back a few more pounds as doing low carb long term is just not sustainable...

I'm 5'7 too... weighing 11 st 12, target weight being 10 stone too. lets hope slimming would work for us!


Onwards and downwards!
Hi Claire and dream, thank you so much for your posts!

Claire - Im just doing SW. I mostly have Red days but try to have one or two Green days each week. Congrats on your weightloss so far, looks like you are doing really well. And I agree, I find this website really helps keep me motivated, I'm on here practically all day! lol.

Dream - It's really great to meet someone who is in the same place as me (weight/height etc) I really hope I can stick with it this time. We can try and help keep each other motivated if you like? :D

Didn't post my food diary yesterday so its two for one tonight, hehe.

Monday 12th July - Red
B: Allbran (HeB ) with Milk (HeA)
L: Tomato soup
Jelly (0.5 syns)
S: 2x Alpen light bars (HeB)
Big bowl of Strawberries and grapes with nautral yogurt
D: Chicken breast, grilled with bbq seasoning
Broccoli, babycorn and green beans
Jelly (0.5 syns)
S: 2x hard boiled eggs
1tbsp BBQ sauce (1 syn)
1x Reese's Nutrageous bar (13 syns)
Total syns = 15 syns

Went to Aldi and they have a whole load of American products at the moment, hence the Reese's bar. Oh dear, couldn't resist, but so long as I'm sensible with them and only eat one at a time I should be ok. They were waaay more syns than I was expecting though so that came as a bit of a shock when I calculated it, especially when they aren't even very big!! Will have to sacrifice all my daily syns if I want to have one now, so hopefully that thought alone will enable me to keep them tucked away at the back of the cupboard for a while. All in all though and ok first day on plan :D


Onwards and downwards!
Tuesday 13th July - Green

Decided to have a green day today as I need to go shopping for some more fresh veg to have with my meat options for my red day dinners.

B: Allbran (HeB ) with Milk (HeA)
S: 1x Alpen light bar (half of HeB)
L: Tomato soup
a small piece of chocolate cake (5.5 syns)
S: 1x Alpen light bars (remaining HeB)
Big bowl of Strawberries with nautral yogurt
1x Reese's pieces (9.5 syns)
D: Risotto with quorn pieces, peas and sweetcorn, sprinkled with Parmesan (HeA)
Total syns = 15 syns

Phew, managed to scrape in with 15 syns again today, naughty Reese's!! They have now been put to the back of the cupboard in the hope I will forget about them for a while, lol. I feel a bit bad about dinner though, I just had the risotto and I definitely ate too much as I was feeling very uncomfortable afterwards. Really hope that doesn't affect my weight loss this week because although it was all free food I know you should only eat until you are full and I think I ate too much. This is something I've always struggled with, knowing when I'm full and when to stop, so need to listen to the messages from my stomach more :)
looks like you're in love with Reese's Nutrageous bars!! are they really tasty?

looking at your goals - given we're the same size, think I've got very similar goals too! would love to be able to fit comfortably into size 12 clothes! (right now size 14 is abit tight...)


Onwards and downwards!
Never had them before and they are rather yummy, but will hopefully resist the temptation to buy any more as they are rather more syns than I had expected!

Snap with the clothes sizes. I'm getting quite frustrated as I'm stuck between 14 and 16. Why don't they make size 15 clothes?! lol. I find 14s too tight to be comfortable in them for any length of time so I just have to put up with the 16s at the moment which are seriosuly hanging off me! I just hide away in the house in my pj's all day so I don't have to worry about finding something to wear! :8855: Would love to be able to just walk into a shop and know that I can buy things I like the look of and know they will fit and look good without having to try them on and feel dissapointed.

We can do it!!!! That WILL be us one day! :D
hey Emily - how did you first week go? hope all is well.

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