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Emmaaa is back, but not quite on the straight and narrow...

Hi everyone, not sure if anybody remembers me as I haven't posted since mid August, but I'm back. I'd only been taking Xenical for a month or so before I disappeared, but I'd lost half a stone, so I was happy. But I moved back to Wales for my second year of university, and I totally fell off the wagon. It's been two months now, and I've gained back the half a stone I'd lost, plus a few pounds on top of that. It doesn't sound like a large gain, but I feel like I look absolutely massive, bigger than I've ever been.

I need to get back on track. I found it so easy to stay motivated when I was posting here every day, so I want to get back into the old routine. I plan to start taking the pills again, but I'm going to wait a few days and just eat healthily for a bit first, a bit like a detox to get all the junk and take aways out of my system, then I'll start again, and work my ass off.

I'd love to know how everybody is getting on, so please say hi and update me on what I've missed out on :) Also, it's great to see so many new faces, I'm looking forward to getting to know you all :D

Love Emma :) x
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Hi Emma,
im only fairly new (about to finish my second week!)
im getting there, and ive found this site extreemly helpful yet very addictive!!!
we are about the same weights, and about the same goal too.. so we could always egg each other on to do better or what not....
good luck in your weight loss!!!!!
Hi Kes, I'm currently the same as your start weight, 232lbs. I need to update my signature to say I'm not in the 15 stone bracket anymore, but I can't bear to do it yet! Lol. I'd love for us to egg each other on, as I'm rubbish when it comes to motivation. I do really well for a few weeks, then my motivation just seems to disappear, but this site is actually amazing, and it really really helped me when I first started taking Xenical. I'm planning on being online here as much as possible from now on, so no doubt you'll soon be sick of me constantly posting all the time! Haha.

Thanks for the luck, good luck to you too! How are you finding the pills? And are you exercising much too? x


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pills are fine, and ive not had any nasty stories happen to me... but i am sticking to quite a strick one. although i do let a few things lapse!
exercise, i dont do nearly as much as i should.
i work 8am-7pm, tuesday, wednesday, thursday being a nanny, so im contstantly on my feet apart from about 45mins 1 hour when the children are sleeping. but apart from that its always on the go for me... (which makes me exshausted!!) and then Fridays i clean thier house for at least 3 hours... (which is a great work out for me)
over the weekend, we are usually quite busy doing various things and some times its a case of not sitting down at all and contantly on the go... but if we dont go out i still dont think about doing exercise which i need to get into the habbit of doing....
mondays i try and clean my own home, but lately ive been so busy with other commitments that my own house is a pigsty( going to change this weekend) and ive not had any time to do my usual wii fit workout i try and do on a monday......
what about you? what exercise are you doing or plan to do?
Well when I first started, I was using the Wii Fit every day, which I found really helpful. I was cycling too, but I couldn't afford to go to the gym. I really do think exercise works wonders with these pills. The pills just won't work properly without enough exercise. I still can't afford to go to the gym, after spending all of my student loan on clothes and make up, lol. When I get my next loan installment in January, I'm going to get myself a gym membership, and really get myself stuck into exercising regularly.

For now though, I'm just trying to keep an eye on what I'm eating, and I'll probably start taking the pills again some time next week, after I've detoxed myself a bit, lol.


gunna be a fatty for ever
hey emmma!!!!

fab to see you hun! cant wait to get gossiping again!!
speak soon love katie
Hi Skye and Kae, thanks for the warm welcome back!

I'm still not taking the pills just yet, I'm a little nervous to start because my diet is so up and down lately. I'm hoping to sort it out over the weekend and start the pills again on Monday. I'll keep you posted! :) x

I remember seeing your posts indeed :)

Good on you for coming back and now your back its just on to the next step which I know you can do :)

I have had major issues but everyone on here really does help, Im not even using Xenical right now but I love it in this section no-one can get rid of me ha

Well goodluck, im sure you'll be on the straight and narrow before you know it



Go on smile! =)
Hey emma, what happened to me and you getting to know each other lol? Then you leave me.....this is the 2nd time now (beki). Anyways welcome back! woot!
Hi Emma, Welcome back!! Good Luck for next week. x
Hi Emma
Good to see you back.
Good luck
hows things going Emma??? we have not heard from you in a while.


gunna be a fatty for ever
ooooooh eeemmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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