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Emma's diary- a new start


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Hi Everyone. Im not new to the site but i am new to the diary section. I have read a number of diaries and have been inspired to start my own.

I have been overweight for most of my life- more so over the last 10 years since having my son and being diagnosed with an underactive thyroid. I think the thyroid problem is finally under control and im at last on the right dosage of medication for now. So now its time to tackle the weight. I know the losses are going to be slow and im prepared for it as long as i do loose thats the main thing.

I have many reason for wanting to loose weight- the first being for health reasons as everything is a struggle at the moment. I would love to be able to do more with my son and to buy clothes from a "normal" clothes shop. There are many other reasons but the main reason is that my partner and myself would love to have another baby. We lost a baby at just under 12 weeks about 18 months ago which i have put down to weight. So having a baby is a major motivation for me.

I have tried all sorts of ways to loose weight and the only thing that seemed to work for me was weight watchers- but i always lost interest and gave up. So this time im going to try my hardest to keep motivated and to keep going even if i have a bad day or week. Im hoping having this diary to put down all my feelings etc will help along the way. I am also looking forward to getting to know you all. I have got a lot of weight to loose around 120lbs maybe more so im going to be here for a very long time.

Im really looking forward to starting weight watchers tomorrow and really know that i can do it this time. :D
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Hi Emma,

All the best tomorrow, with day one, it's an exciting time at the start and you clearly seem very motivated and determined. I felt the same way, and for many of the same reasons as you. Having a lot to lose can be really daunting but mini goals really help and taking it a day at a time. Before you know it you will be there. Really looking forward to seeing your progress and it will be nice to help each other along the way.

All the best x


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Welcome to the diary section! lol. As I'm sure you already know there's loads of great people on here ready to spur you on with a kind word so hopefully that should help your motivation.
Best wishes and I hope that your meet at WW goes well :)


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Thank you everyone for your kind comments. Its means a lot to me.

Healthy and Pink both your losses are amazing- hope i can do as well as you both.
Aaliyah good luck hun for your first week. Which plan will you be following? We can def do this!

Well day 1 nearly over and its gone really well. Havent really been hungry which iS good. Just got my last few points to have- so will use for a snack this evening. I even went for a walk this evening - only a short one but every little counts and its a start.

Hope everyone else has had a good day. xx
Well done Emma, great start ... you can definitely do it!

Especially throwing in a walk too, I started doing a 5 minute walk with the puppy and built up, once you start it great and actually enjoyable.


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Day 2 nearly done and dusted. I had another good day today. It was someones birthday at work and she brought in cakes and i didnt have any. I feel very proud of myself as they did look gorgeous lol. No exercise done today though as feel exhausted so i will try and do a bit extra tomorrow. xx
Great will power good for you !

You're doing great x
Well today there was another birthday in our office and she supplied a massive buffett. I was very strong and just had salad and a few strawberrys. So another good day. Also feeling good as i have been offered a new position at work in a different department and really looking forward to be learning something new. x
Congrats hun!

Another good day for you then, before you know it the week will be done!



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wow well done for resisting yummy badness two days in a row!
Don't push yourself with the exercise, just build it up slowly. Walks are awesome, do you have any woodsy areas or coutry parks, they're always great.
Best wishes.
Hi Pink yes we have woods and local parks nearby so we have plenty of walks to go on, even more so as we have a dog who loves her walks.

Day 5 nearly over with. I have had a good week. Im pleasantly surprised with my willpower and motivation this week- lets hope it lasts.

The last few days have been mad at work. Ive been training for my new position, doing my own work which is piling up, training someone on my job and also have taking on sorting the rostering on my own whiile the other person who mainly does it is having a break as she is exhausted!! lol im glad the weekend i here!!

Im going to weigh in tomorrow as im off out to lunch with my other half- Im going to be good but i may have a yummy pudding (all included in my points obviously) haha. x
Good luck tomorrow hun, hope you get the result you want!
well done on your first week.
First time I have looked at the diary section its nice to read that people are going through the same things and beating it!
Good luck with the weigh in :)
Well my first weigh in and i have lost 4lbs am very happy with that. woohoo!

Went out for lunch with my df and i had a jacket potato (no butter) with a small amount of cheese and bacon which was really nice. No pudding so even better.

Hope everyone is having a good day. x

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