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Emma's 'New Me' Diary

I've been reading everyone's inspirational diaries and thought I ought to start one for myself.

I was always slim at school and looking back at pictures when I was 16 it makes me sad to see I had lovely legs!

I started slowly putting on the weight after I left school and it has been a struggle to lose it since.

My mum is very slim and always said to me whenever I ate something naughty 'that'll go straight to your bum!!!' I guess I never thought I would struggle with my weight. We all know that eating healthily and exercise keeps us fit, but I have a bad sweet tooth. I just love chocolate!!

I got married in 1999 and had my first child in the August. I definately ate for two! Looking back at pics I was huge. I lost a little of the baby weight, but then became pregnant again in 2000.

After having my second child in 2001 I was on a mission. I lost tons of weight and was between a 10-12. (Slimmer than I was at school!) I did this through SW and with the help of a personal trainer. I felt great and looked amazing. Unfortunately it all went back on again, my own fault. I stopped the exercise and started eating rubbish.

A couple of months after having my son I was diagnosed with post natal depression which did'nt help my weight.

In 2003 I had my third child. By this time I had tried SW on many occassions, but failed and also tried Rosemary Connelly.

In 2009 my husband and I separated. I felt a huge weight had been lifted as he was quite a controlling influence in my life. I moved into a flat with my three children and started living again.

I started to go out a lot which inevitably involved copious amounts of alcohol and late night takeaways!

Now I find myself approx 6st heavier than I would like to be. The idea of losing a pound or two a week really got me down. I heard of a mum at school losing a lot of weight so decided to ask for her advice. She told me she had used Lipotrim and lost 6st. She looks amazing.

I'm so fed up of buying bigger clothes and want to look in the mirror and like what I see.

Over the past year I have met quite a few men and realised that I have been looking for someone to make me happy. However I now know that I have to love myself before I can even think of letting anyone one else close.

So off I went to the local chemist and ordered in my first weeks supply. I started on 18th June.

I am now into my third week and my body feels great, really healthy. I suppose its like a bit of a detox with the amount of water i'm drinking!

So far i've lost 13lbs, just a pound away from a stone and my friends are all shocked and pleased for me.

I'm so glad I have found minimins as everybody's support is keeping me going. I am trying not to think too hard about how long it is going to take, but taking it a week at a time.

I have set myself a few mini goals and joined up for two challenges. I have also made myself a poster with a list of goals and put it on my bedroom wall. Everytime I hit a goal I have been marking it off.

I am going to a wedding in late July and have seen a beautiful dress, but i'm waiting to buy it in a smaller size.

I havn't found it too hard so far as I think its best I can't eat a thing and have to be strict otherwise I'm only cheating myself.

I hope I havn't bored you all!!!!

Emma x
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Love the diary honey! You have plenty to keep you busy with three little ones :D
Just think how well you are doing, your legs will be lovely once more before you know it. Mine never have been, so I'm hoping...
Lots of luck :D
Thanks Fiona! Yeh the kids do certainly keep me busy. As for the legs, well i'll just be happy to see a waist again! lol

Went out last night to see David Gray in Liverpool, he was fantastic. I do have to say i'm missing my southern comfort a little as I don't feel that sociable with a glass of water, but i'm sticking to the plan 100%

Got the food shop in today for the kids and I picked up biscuits and nice stuff for them and i've surprised myself that it's really not bothering me that much now.

I bought 6 bags of sugar which I have stacked up in my kitchen, One bag = 2lbs. So I can look at this sugar pile grow as I lose the weight and feel happy at what I have achieved :girlpower:
My new Littlewoods catalogue arrived today and i've been flicking through looking at the lovely clothes Colleen Rooney is modelling. Toying with the idea of buying a nice little outfit in a size 14 for a little more motivation.

Its end of day 18 today, just 2 more sleeps till I find out how much I have lost this week. I have actually been pulling up my jeans a little today, so hoping the scales are going to be kind to me!

Bye for now, Emma x
Put on my pair of black combat trousers today although they are a size 18 they have no button on as it popped off lol. Today I can fit quite easily into them and if I had a button it would be fastened!!
Looks like i'm losing inches!:)


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Hi Emma
Your doing really well.I bet it feels geat putting on your combats and them feeling loose.Great excuse to buy some nice new clothes.Good Luck with your weight in,could be anothe goal achieved.
Thanks Cathy I should hit the stone mark at least.

My friend came round today and i've not seen her in two weeks. She said wow you've lost loads! :) She said my face looked much slimmer and around my middle. So lovely to have someone else notice!

Looking forward to fridays weigh-in!
good luck on friday- sure you'll have done well, you seem to have lots of motivation!

i've pulled out all my old clothes and have started trying them on to see, I took my measurements at the start and there's definitely some change so it does keep you going!

I absolutely loved chucking out all my size 22/20/18 and 16's last time. No more! I never want to see those numbers in my wardrobe again!

best of luck!

Thanks Jemimarobin, I can't wait to chuck out the old clothes either!

Went to Next today and bought jeans and a top in a size 14. Gonna hang them up in my bedroom and look at them everyday!


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Good Luck for tomorrow Emma.
You will be wearing the size 14s soon.
Lots of luck for tomorrow! Size 14? I reckon they'll be too big before long if you keep this up, honey!
Am trying to not buy clothes till I absolutely have to, but things are a little embarrassing in the jeans front now, my belt is too big on the last hole, so now have a natty piece of rope doing the job! Hoping I will start a trend, but I doubt it!!
Weigh-in 3

Thanks for your support Cathy and Fiona :D

Well Just been for my weigh in and i've lost 4lbs, so i've officially lost my 1st stone! So i'm a 5th of the way to where I want to be.

Still taking it a day at a time and feel really good about doing something so positive for myself. I'm sure this good feeling I have is rubbing off on the children too.

I've got just under 3 weeks till my friends wedding and hoping I will be back in a size 16 dress by then.

Week 4 - Bring it on!!!!



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Well done Emma:clap::clap::clap::clap:. Keep up the good work.You are doing really well.
Single again!!!

Just felt like posting this morning. I dumped my boyfriend yesterday, its been a very on/off relationship anyway. I don't think he really liked me dieting. He is quite a big drinker and I guess it didn't make me very sociable! He also kept saying 'youre going to dump me when your skinny!' What is it with men!!!! You do something positive for yourself and they don't like it. I think he probably wanted to keep me overweight so I wasn't too desirable to the oppositte sex - arrrrgggghhhh!
I don't actually feel its about looks personally as i'm starting to feel good on the inside which i'm sure shows on my exterior! lol
Anyway, rant over!
Emma x


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Well done Emma for dumping the guy!!!! A great man will support you no matter what you decide to do with your life :) I seems like we have very similar goals weight wise :)))

All the best with your diet; I can't wait to have this (hopefully not as dreadful as I'm reading here) first week behind me so I can get some motivation going.

Take care x
New goal outifit

Just tried on my new size 14's! Was quite surprised I could get my legs in them (they must be stretchy!) lol
Anyway I have taken a pic so that I can see the difference as the weeks progress. The top is very tight and the jeans are about 4"-5" away from fastening.
Emma x



Loves to be happy
heya hun, and i hope im not saying this too much but i really admire you. your motivation and ability to keep going after such knock downs i think your a great girl. and congrats on the additional loss really happy for you. Im going to be looking forward to every post.
keep up the excellent work xxx
Nat xXx


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Looking Good Emma wont belong untill you are showing us those jeans and they will be too big.
Really pleased for you keep going your doing great.
Thanks Nat and Cathy, it just wouldn't be the same without you guys on here. Your comments are keeping me going.

Had a lovely afternoon with my auntie and cousin at the park with the children. Its so nice to see them play without technology!

Thought I would also add a pic of my bags of sugar = weight loss!!

Emma x



Loves to be happy
I like the sugar image that is a lot of weight.... its mad how much ye actually lose and yet i would never think of it like that :O
well im really excited for you and hope i can follow you in your amazing loss's xxx
Nat xXx

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