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Emma's post pregnancy re-start!


Going for Goal!
Re-start began 1.05.11
Day one

Had my first shake today. I was very intrigued to try the maple and pecan porridge as I remember loving the original and apple and cinnamon last time. I loved it! It still had the same 'chemically cd' taste that I became accustomed to!

Doing ok with the water, had 1/2 litre plus 1 black coffee. I'm not sure why I stopped having my coffees black when I was back to conventional eating as I think I much prefer fresh coffee without the milk - can't have it without my sweetner though ;)

Well today I plan to keep myself busy with ploughing through my washing basket and cleaning around the house, while hubby takes charge of Elliot for a few hours. I'll stop in between for cuddles and feeds to give hubby a rest (no doubt this will involve the playstation and him cooking his food!) Back to a messy kitchen with DH using every pan/pot in his sight :sigh: lol - i'll look forward to being in ketosis again and 'head strong' to be able to cook his meals myself - without the mess. I found last time I used the slow cooker a LOT for his meals - I just threw onions, veg, tinned tomatoes with spices and meat in and it was done when he got home and he helped himself! I may wipe the dust of it and start using that again.

The May challenge starts today so I'm hoping that I'll loose the 14lbs this month.

Roll on October, when I should have lost the 6 stone I'm aiming for before moving up the steps :D Here's hoping these next 6 months fly by and when they do I can start looking for a sexy number for Christmas!
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Yay, well done Emma for getting started! :happy096: You already know what to expect, so just hang in there and you'll be in ketosis before you know it! :)


Going for Goal!
Well yesterday wasn't so bad...I tried to keep myself occupied with house work, then at 3pm I was a little wobbly so sat down with my 2nd shake.

I was up in the night (1.30am) to see to my little man and after settling him and crawling back to bed it took me a good 2 hours to get back off again with the hunger pangs kicking in. I got back off to sleep in the end though, so day 1 is a success for me! YAY! :D

Day Two

Woke up around 10.30 today and suprisingly don't feel too bad. No grotty head ache or hunger pangs, which is odd as they were strong in the middle of the night.

I usually find that day 3 and 4 are the difficult days, but i'm trying not to think about it and occupy myself with other things. I have a new novel to read (when Elliot is napping during the day) So that will keep me still (I find running around doing chores makes the "getting into ketosis" much worse, so aside from looking after Elliot in the day I'll be trying to rest with a good read.

Little man is in bed at the moment, but not for long so I whizzed downstairs to make my maple and pecan porridge (love it!) and a black coffee. I'll then check on the little guy and hope that today he will keep me occupied along with mine and DH washing after ploughing through all of Elliot's yesterday - just hope the weather holds out so I get get through it all.

Here's to another successful day - the ketosis fairy will be with me soon! :D


Going for Goal!
A good day for me yesterday. I did struggle to get down the water, but got there eventually and had many loo trips! Had a slight headache in the evning, but was fixed by 2 paracetamol and an early night! Successful day 2! Yay! :D

Day Three

I'm up bright and early this morning with Elliot who has decided that 5.30 is a good wake up time! I had hoped he'd go back to sleep so I could join him and delay my shake, yet here I am 8am with a happy baby and apple and cin porridge!

My hubby is back at work this week, so it'll be a bit of a trial for me re: cd! I always had my shakes as late as possible, but with Elliot that is going to change. So I may have to do early nights this week until ketosis is fully established.

Must go to post office today to post some thank you cards to family and friends for Elliot's Easter presents. Other than that i'll be distracted from food by the last of my laundry and little man!

Here's to another 100% day! :D


Doing this for last time
Goodness me cd with a little one! You must have willpower of steel! Good luck you sound to be doing really well! Love the name Elliot too, thats the name of my best friends baby boy and my soon to be godchild :)
Mmmm might have to try some of this porridge you rave about.... xxx
Oooh Emma - I remember you from 2009!! Congrats on the birth of Elliott!! How old is he now? Erm...just seen that you fell pregnant in April....so....that's a January birthday ??? (my head hurts now ;))

Well done on getting back on CD - you sound very focussed and I'm sure you'll do brilliantly!


Going for Goal!
Oooh Emma - I remember you from 2009!! Congrats on the birth of Elliott!! How old is he now? Erm...just seen that you fell pregnant in April....so....that's a January birthday ??? (my head hurts now ;))

Well done on getting back on CD - you sound very focussed and I'm sure you'll do brilliantly!
Elliot was 3 months old on Monday :) He was 2 weeks late (ended up being induced, then had c-section...) born on 7th Feb :D

Another good evening. Ploughed through the water and was kept busy by the little dude who didn't want to go to sleep after his bath and bottle! Once he was settled at around 9.15pm I was soon slipping in bed after him with a book!

Day Four

Woke up at 6.30 today with a wide awke baby, but no hunger pangs, only a slightly hazy headache but hardly anything. So I had a paracetamol just incase it turns into anything awful! I showered and got me and Elliot ready (have a friend visiting today). At 8.30 Elliot fell asleep on my pillow while I was blow drying my hair and is still sound asleep now (10.49!) It's been fab tidying round, washing dishes, sterilising bottles and having a porridge and black coffee in PEACE :happy036:

So today I have my friend Louise coming over with her baby Millie who is just 3 weeks older than Elliot. Chattering away will keep me away from any food thoughts. Although I will probably at some point make her a sandwich for lunch, which will be ok. She knows i'm on this diet and I don't think she has any negative feelings towards it as she knows i'm unhappy with my constant weight battles. I know she does wonder how I manage without eating though. I tell her it's all in the willpower!

I actually cooked hubby's tea last night and not 1 crumb touched my lips! He also (annoyingly, but a nice annoying!) complimented my dish!!! lol - the funny thing is it was the quickest tea I've ever made! Chopped an onion a red pepper a clove of garlic, put into a casserole dish with chicken drumsticks, poured over a black bean sauce (from a jar) and left it in the over for an hour and a half and shut the kitchen door! When he arrived home he helped himself!

Here's to another successful day! Can't believe it's Wednesday already - roll on saturday for my weigh in :p



Going for Goal!
Another 100% day yesterday. My friend popped over with her little baby girl and we chatted for England! Meaning that when she left at 5.00pm I realised I'd not had my 2nd shake from my porridge in the morning! :D

Day Five

Day five already and i'm feeling just dandy :D I can not believe that i've not had any bad headaches. Last time I did the diet I had a few days off work, i felt dreadful. Still I'm not complaining!

Elliot had his immunisations this morning, he cried bless his heart but soon settled on the walk home. He is now asleep so i've made my porridge (original) and added a little ground cinnamon, have filled my water bottle to the top and will start going through that!

No real plans today, I made sure I had nothing on so that I can keep an eye on Elliot after his vacs. So while he is napping i'll browse through this forum and find jobs around the house - there is always plenty of washing/ironing to get through :sigh:

Really looking forward to Saturday, hoping for a good loss! if I loose 11lb (not building hopes up here) i'll be in the next stones! This is always a great feeling for me, seeing those stones going down - can't wait for the thrill of that again :D


Going for Goal!
Another successful day yesterday - feeling quite proud about how I have managed to get back to it so easily. Ok yes, I miss food - but i'm not hungry. This is my problem, I eat even if I am full. It's like a taste obsession!

I was house bound yesterday, completely my choice as I wanted to keep a close watch on Elliot after his immunisations. He did cry (to be expected really) but on the walk home he was cooing away and smiling at me :) A bit more sleepy during the day though, but I managed to get some tidying done and kept the kitchen door firmly shut! I find keeping myself pre-occupied helps a lot!

Day Six

Managed to have more of a lie in this morning - Elliot woke at 7.30, so by the time we were both up, washed and dressed it was 8.30. A later start helps with the spacing out of shakes and less hunger of an evening.

I made the most vile apple and cinnamon porridge this morning! I'm not really sure what happened, perhaps I'd measured slightly less water as it was quite thick and looked kindof yellowish brown rather than creamy in colour :jelous: I tried adding more water, which made it lumpy and rather yucky! Still I ploughed through it and it wasn't too bad in taste, but i'm not sure i'd enjoy the lumpy texture again!

Today I have jobs in the house: putting moses basket in the loft as Elliot has out grown it and is now in his cot! I'm also going to look through his wardrobe and bag up his clothes he has outgrown!

Here's to another 100% day :D

Can't wait for 12pm tomorrow - weigh in! :D


Going for Goal!
Succesful day yesterday, still not feeling hungry as such but just fancying things. Still, I have managed not to let it spoil my hard work this week! ;)

Day Seven

Woohoo! Weigh in day today! Will be having my moment of truth at 12pm :) I can't help worrying i'm doing something wrong though! I've not been hungry, no headaches - it's been relatively easy this time round...perhaps I just didn't really know what it would be like the first time round and this time I'm more prepared?! Who knows! I just hope the scales go down so that I can rest assured I'm doing things right!

Just made a black coffee mixed with a vanilla shake - latte! MMMmmm! Forgot how good these tasted!

Will be back after weigh in to reveal all :D:D:D


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OMYGOD I can't believe I decided to have a peek on the CD forum (haven't been on here for months) and the first message i see is from you!! Spooky... lol

Many congratulations on the birth of Elliot (cool name!). He sounds like a lovely baby!!

You've done sooooo well on your restart - 10lbs is awesome. Well done you! Keep up the good work.

I'm doing SW - badly. Gotta getta my head in gear. Can't be trusted around food. Give me a shake anyday!

I'm so chuffed i've bumped into you again! That's made my day! lol

Speak to you soon,


Going for Goal!
Thanks for all your lovely comments about my 10lb loss - i'm made up! :D

Lynne - :hug99: So lovely to hear from you hun! It has been a while! Good to hear you are doing SW and continuing to loose the weight! I did think about doing a food diet myself, but it just takes too long and there are too many temptations! What made you switch? xx


Going for Goal!
Day 7 done and dusted! My weigh in yesterday was a real "i can do this" spur on! Feeling very positive about continuing with CD until the end :) (I'll re-read this post when I have a bad day!)

Day Eight

My lovely hubby let me have a lie in this morning while he got up with Elliot! It was a lovely treat and a much needed treat too!

I had a maple and pecan porridge this morning along with a black coffee (can not do morning without my caffeine fix!).

Today we have a few odd jobs to do. My Mum is visiting on Tuesday and staying until Saturday when we will take her back home to Manchester and have a few visits to family while we are there :) So today we will be kept busy by going to the tip with boxes that have been piling in the conservatory since Elliots birth :eek: Also need to buy an air bed for my Mum. When I was pregnant we ditched the spare bed and made the spare room a nursery, somehow I don't thing my Mum will quite fit next to Elliot in his cot lol! I'll also be dusting, hoovering, cleaning the bathroom and toilet etc.

I'm hoping all these jobs will keep me pre-occupied. It has worked so far this last week. I am very much an 'eat when bored' person, so as long as I'm not bored then food wont touch my lips! ;)

Here's to another 100% day :p


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:happy096: Well done Emma - you're sounding really motivated and in the zone! :clap:

Hope you have a fabulous day x


Going for Goal!
100% again yesterday, although I REALLY struggled with the water. I had 1 litre of cold water and 4 mugs black coffee, plus a small black coffee in a costa cafe. I'm hoping the coffee's will have made up to a litre, but just incase not - today I plan to have some extra, as much as I can manage anyway. It's just a matter of me getting used to having the water again. For me, it is the down side of the diet - water is so boring! It's a shame I'm not so keen on the water flavourings - i never seem to be able to get the consistency right. Oh well! There are worse things to worry about!

Day Nine

Feeling great this morning - had my original porridge and 1/2 litre water so far! Today I am preparing for my Mum visiting tomorrow - she'll be staying with us until Saturday (she lives in Manchester). I have quite a few plans this week, I think today is the only day I'm at home all day!

Tomorrow I'm going swimming with Elliot and some friends I met at the ante natal classes with their babies. Not taken him before, but he absolutely loves bath time so i'm hoping he will really take to it so I can start taking him more regular. On wednesday I shall be going to the Dr's for blood tests and to see the physiotherapist. I have been having horrendous back ache since having Elliot and the Dr this my hips may not have gone back into place following his birth. After my appointment I'll be taking my Mum to a castle close by that has some lovely walks around and a large play area. I think Elliot is a little too young for anything yet, but we'll see! Thursday we plan to go swimming again (depending on how Elliot takes to Tuesdays swim).

I'm looking forward to wednesday evening most of all, my Mum is going to babysit while me and hubby go to the cinema to see Source Code! It will be the first time we have been out for pleasure on our own since little man arrived! I have my tetra at the ready! Luckily my hubby only ever gets the salted popcorn, which I detest (sweet popcorn all the way for me!) so at least I wont be tempted to grab a handful!

So today I shall be dusting and hoovering - it's not too bad actually as I've been keeping on top of things since Elliots naps have become more routine. But my Mum is the type to notice these things and not bite her tongue, so rather than a "oh Emma" talk, i'd rather just get it done so I don't feel myself boiling up into a rage by Friday! LOL

Here's to another successful lb dropping day! :p

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