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Emma's Slimming World mission!

I thought it was time to start a food diary to give me an extra kick up the bum :)

I have gained almost 3 stone since moving to uni last September (aaargh) so I am determined to lose that and then some, as even before uni I wanted to lose a few stone.

On my first week on SW I lost 8lb, but then I went on holiday and got back yesterday - I put on 2lb when I was expecting to put the whole 8lb back on so I'm pleased with that.

Yesterday we had to take a bus, a train, a tube, a 5 hour bus ride and then a tram to get back home so today I am SHATTERED! And last week we went to Wetherspoons and I had some dodgy prawns...you can imagine what that resulted in...so im feeling a bit errr, delicate, so I didn't feel like much today. And I slept for most of the day!

Green day today:

Breakfast: 28g shreddies (hex b), 100ml milk (hex a)

Lunch: wholemeal toast (b) and a curly wurly. My lunches aren't usually this bad but I was so tired that I couldn't face much else!

Dinner: grilled chicken breast (synned) and a massive bowl of veggies - leek, cabbage, spinach, green beans, broccoli, peppers. Delicious, and now I'm very full :D

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has a thin girl inside!
Good luck! 2 lbs from a holiday is not bad at all! x
Thank you! It's not too bad, like I said I was expecting about an 8lb gain and to undo all my hard work so it's all good :)

Plan for today:

Extra easy

B: 2 Weetabix (hex b) and 100ml milk (hex a), activia syn free yoghurt.
L: mugshot (not sure of the flavour, even though I've just finished eating it! It's syn free though), an orange
D: prawn and vegetable pilaf (from slimming eats here: http://www.slimmingeats.com/blog/prawn-and-vegetable-pilaf#more-3417) 1

Snacks: flying saucers (3 syns), a 'sherbit' (it was a tiny little sweet! Can't find anything about it so I'm gonna go with 2 syns) and maybe a double lolly (2.5 syns) - really need the sugar rush today!
Drinks: lots of low cal fruit salad squash and possibly some tea to use up the rest of my milk.

Walked about 2 miles today going into town to return some library books. Wasn't planning on getting any books out but found a SW recipe book! It looks like it was published in the 80s but apparently its from 2004. It's the Slimming World food with family & friends one, looks like it has some brilliant recipes so I'll be making some new things soon - I'm excited! :)

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Hope it's ok that I'm posting so much! I figured this was the place to ramble..

I have my period right now and they are always really painful - all I want to do is curl up on the sofa with a hot water bottle and a big bar of chocolate. It's silly but chocolate usually really does make me feel better, and this is the first month in a while that I'm not having any and I feel like I'm going crazy! I'm really craving sugar/naughty things, and before dinner earlier I was shaking so much because I was hungry...I don't understand why seeing as I had breakfast and lunch and some snacks - all on plan and I've never felt hungry while doing SW. I can only put it down to my period. Luckily I don't have any chocolate in at the moment - OH ate my last curly wurly! ...otherwise I would be eating every bar in sight.

It's so frustrating :( I might have to go out and buy some tomorrow, after all SW isnt a diet and all that. I'll just have to get OH to ration me! :(

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A happy downward spiral
I know just how you feel. When I have mine I just want to eat constantly. Doesn't
Matter what but it has to be comforting and fatty. And lots of it. Best thing you can do is spend your syns on it and try and make it last! And keep that hot water bottle topped up haha!

And your just right for posting lots. I must post on mine every few hours. It's like therapy! Haha
That's exactly how I felt last night - I knew I didn't have any chocolate in (which is usually my first port of call...) so I was literally rummaging through the cupboards like a crazy person looking for anything sugary :rolleyes:

Anyway, today (green):

B: 2 Weetabix (hex b) and 100ml milk (hex a)
L: A jacket potato with beans and hex a allowance of mozzarella
D: Spaghetti bolognese with Quorn mince, passata, peppers, leek, and perhaps some other veggies if I can think of what else will go with it.
Snacks: Orange, plums, strawberries, yoghurt
Drinks: Low cal fruit salad squash (I'm addicted to this! It tastes more like the fruit salad sweets than an actual fruit salad :p) and maybe a hot chocolate to satisfy my chocolate cravings. I have Skinny Cow hot chocolate here, apparently it's 2 syns and I can use up the rest of my milk as well)

Today we went to Aldi to take advantage of their super cheap fruit and veg - I'm usually a Tesco girl but I love Aldi. We ended up getting eggs, milk, garlic (3 massive bulbs for 39p!), plums, strawberries, jacket potatoes, and a few cans of their baked beans. I was dreading trying them but they're really nice, no need to get Heinz any more.

I'm feeling much better today about the whole period craving things - I'm in agony and curled up on the sofa as I type but I'm doing ok with my fruit, and I have the hot chocolate to look forward to. Here's hoping I don't gain horrendously this week ;)
Morning! I woke up today dreaming about lasagne, so I think I'll have to look into making a SW friendly one soon!

Was going to make this a red day but I really fancied some chips at the end of the day so it's an EE day.

B: 2 Weetabix with ss milk (hex a and b)

L: tuna and mayo (2 tbsp, 1 syn) with a jacket potato and a big salad.

D: a chicken curry with grilled chicken, onion, garlic, carrots, leek, peppers, green beans, tomatoes, passata, v. low fat natural yogurt, curry powder & herbs and SW chips, which I am making for the first time. Wish me luck! ;)

Snacks: toffee mullerlight, orange, plum, strawberries and a 'fizzers' lollipop (2 syns) and maaaaybe a curly wurly later, as I just have to have some chocolate! That's 6.5 syns.

9.5 syns in total.

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I'm the same when on, I get mad hunger pains and just want chocolate. I find the new fibre plus chocolate cereal bars help as there more like a chocolate treat and taste naughty, you can use it as a heb too xx
Are they the ones you buy in class? I'm doing SW on my own until I can afford to go to a class :(

Muller lights are back on offer in Sainsburys, £1.80ish for a pack of 6. I stocked up and will definitely be going back to pick up more soon. Looooove mullers, no other syn free yogurt comes close for me!

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Happy Saturday!

B: sausage and egg sandwich. Well, I say sausage, they were Linda McCartney sausages (4 syns for 2). An egg, wholemeal bread from hex b and a tablespoon of ketchup (1 syn) = 5 syns

And a toffee mullerlight :)

This was quite late (mmm, weekend lie
ins) so I missed lunch.

Dinner will be fried egg (with fry light of course), salad and SW chips, which was a great success when we had curry and chips yesterday. They're delicious!

Now because the X Factor is back on TV later, I want to make some delicious snacks to eat in front of the TV (this is what we do in the months the X Factor is on!) but obviously these snacks have to be SW friendly. Hmm... Im going to have a little look around the forum to find something, but if not I'll just make some SW mullerlight rice pudding.

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So I ended up making syn free rice pudding last night and it was disgusting. I think it's because I didn't have enough vanilla and so it wasn't sweet enough. So I'll maybe make that again once I buy more vanilla essence!

Today's plan:

B: 2 Weetabix and 100ml ss milk (hex a and b), toffee mullerlight and a plum. Did want to try making French toast but couldn't be bothered in the end so I just stuck to the old faithful Weetabix!

L: cheese (hex a) on toast (hex b) with Henderson's relish (it's like Worcestershire sauce but made in Sheffield) but if it's synned I'll just have lovely free Worcestershire sauce instead.

D: egg and SW chips again because we forgot to take chicken/prawns/anything out out of the freezer to defrost. Might push the boat out and have some baked beans too :p

Strangely I don't feel in a snacky mood today but I have to have some syns so I may have a curly wurly later with a nice cup of tea using the rest of my milk allowance.

Edit: actually ended up having:
2 lollipops (1.5 syns each)
A minimilk (1.5)

So total for today is 4.5 syns. :)
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Ugh, I ended up having a bit of a blow out tonight on lollipops...I just really wanted something sweet, but I have no excuse. At least they're only 1.5-3 syns each so I haven't gone over my 15 syns by much but I still feel really yucky. I'll make up for it tomorrow. I have my WI on Tuesday and I so hope that I've lost! No more lollipops for me today :p

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So I've been good today to make up for last night - with my WI tomorrow I'm going to try and keep my syns down seeing as I had way more than 15 yesterday, and fill up on superfree.

Extra easy day today.

B: 2 Weetabix and ss milk (hex a and b), with a toffee mullerlight after. I don't know why but I just can't stand having any fruit with my breakfast, I tried adding some frozen banana which I usually love but I just couldn't eat it with my cereal!

L: What I like to call the 'throw everything you've got in the kitchen in' salad/bowl of veg (lettuce, cucumber, green beans, broccoli, spinach, carrots, leeks, peppers), pasta and a tin of tuna with 2 tablespoons of extra light mayo (1 syn).

D: Beans on wholemeal toast. Felt really ill this evening so this was all I could face. I suppose this is now a green day with 2 hex bs? Not bothered either way, I haven't had many syns if I do have to syn the bread.

Syns: a sherbet lollipop (2.5 syns)
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Good morning! I have lost 4lb this week which I am very pleased about. This means I've lost 10lbs in total, so hopefully next week I'll be able to say I've lost a stone! :D

OH is a bit peed that he's only lost 1lb this week (he's doing SW too) but I told him that it'll all work out in the coming weeks. He eats the same as I do, so I was wondering if maybe he needs to do things differently, I shall look into it...

Green day today :D

B: 2 Weetabix and 100ml ss milk (hex a and b), a vanilla mullerlight and tea with sweetener and 50ml milk from hex a allowance.

L: leftovers from my kitchen sink salad yesterday with tuna and 2 tablespoons of extra light mayo sob, this had gone all dry in the fridge overnight so I had a tuna & salad sandwich (hex b bread) with some salad on the side as well.

D: couldn't manage much again (stupid illness) so I had 2 fried eggs (frylight of course) and toast (hex b) at almost 10pm just because I had to eat *something*. :(

Syns: 2.5 syn fruit lollipop
1 syn for the mayo in my tuna sandwich
And possibly another lollipop just to bump it over 5 for the day.

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I'm feeling a bit better today so I should be able to eat properly!

Green day today!

B: 2 Weetabix and 100ml ss milk (hex a and b)
L: Tuna mayo sandwich on wholemeal bread (hex b) with lettuce & cucumber
D: Quorn chilli with quorn mince, passata, chopped tomatoes, peppers, leeks, green beans, broccoli, chilli powder and lots of other herbs and spices.
Syns: Lollipop (1.5 syns), a bag of Quavers (5 syns), 1 syn for the mayo.

I've got a lot of meetings today and emails to catch up on (the blog I run is suddenly getting a lot of attention) so I'll be kept fairly busy all day, which is always good when it comes to not eating too much :)
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I woke up feeling very sick this morning, I don't think I am very well after all. Oops. But I feel focused and OH and I planned out our meals last night in bed!

I am going to attempt a red day today

B: 2 Weetabix and 100ml ss milk (hex a and b)

L: cheesy omelette with herbs (hex a) ...this tasted a bit like pizza, it was amazing!

D: jack Daniels chicken (0.5 syns per tablespoon for the Jack Daniels bbq marinade...will update once I know how many tablespoons I've used!) and loads of roasted broccoli, tomatoes and peppers.

Snacks: mullerlights (3 max!), hot chocolate (3 syns), fruity lollipop (1.5 syns)

I've only just realised that I've been having tuna on green days as if it's free! D'oh! It's only 1.5 syns but still, rookie mistake. >_<
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A happy downward spiral
Mmmmm! Jack Daniels Chicken!
Ive never tried that!

Is the sauce nice?
I really want it now.

I am having such a hungry day!!

Hope you feel better soon!
Its loooovely - have you ever been to TGI Fridays? They cover everything in it there! But this is a bottle you can buy from supermarkets, you marinade the chicken for a few hours, put some on the veg then roast it all in foil for about 30 mins. I used to have it with chips, but its delicious enough and filling enough with just veg! I'm getting hungry thinking about this now haha :D

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A happy downward spiral
I have had it actually!
I forgot, I LOVED it!
I thought it sounded familiar!
Ohhhhh!!! Half a syn per teaspoon isint too bad actually!
Im thinking... mix it with mayo for a dip for wedges.
Or on veg/chicken like you said!
Added to the shopping list! hehe
It has so many uses, though if I'm honest I just keep it for the chicken and veg, never thought of using it as a dip!

The omelette we had yesterday made myself and OH a bit ill - we've had nothing but trouble with these eggs, we bought them from Aldi and one was rotten and others have made us feel really ill. So I'm going to stay away from eggs for a while, and I'm definitely not going to buy them from Aldi again!

Today is a red day. I had a bit of a lie in today and missed breakfast though, oops, so:

Lunch: Sandwich - 2 slices wholemeal bread (hex b) with grilled chicken, lettuce and cucumber. I'm getting used to not having butter on sandwiches any more, and I actually quite like it, which is good!

Dinner: Left over dinner from yesterday - grilled chicken marinated in Jack Daniel's BBQ glaze with roasted broccoli and peppers and a big lovely salad.

I've had 2 cups of tea so far with hex a milk (around 100mls so far), so I'll have to have a glass of milk or maybe a bowl of cereal later if I feel peckish.

Snacks: Vanilla Mullerlight, and a Milka Daim - 12 syns and TOTALLY worth it. Mmmmm.
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