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Emmielou's diary

well done, size 10 - wow
hey 3lb is great its pretty normal, I was always 3lb loss or just under so dont worry you will get there. The re-feed plan is on the lipotrim website but your pharmacist will give you a plan, its not set meals but tells u what foods to have and not have, ie basically high protein with shakes and gradually introduce carbs. its just nice to eat to be honest lol. feel semi normal again. I've got weigh in tomorrow so will let you know how much i lost in re-feed week, will make me 9.6 if i get 2lb off.
Yeah let me know how you get on at weigh in as i really want to know if you can still lose that week!

Im thinking sensible now and if the most i manage to lose is 2lbs a week (inc refeed wk) thats still another 6lbs before hols which will take me to 9st 6lbs and anything extra will then be a bonus. 2 is absoulte minimum im hoping to lose per week so it would be absoultely fantastic to lose 3 again but will just plan for the 2 then i shouldnt be dissapointed.

Going to book for a lymphatic drainage massage this week too which ive been told can help as it gets rid of any fluid retention and bloating....every little helps!!

My pharmacist mentioned on friday that for refeed week i would still be on 2 shakes a day and then pure protein for dinner with leafy greens. But i thought you were meant to do this at the start of the week then go to one shake and introduce cards towards the end of the week? I'm a little bit worried as my refeed would then finish on friday and i go away on the sat so wanted to be ready to eat normal foods that week (obviously being healthy but wanted to be ready for carbs)!
u only have 2 shakes the first day then 1 shake for each day. first two days protein only then introduce carbs on third day, small potatoe or something, day 4 fruit and bread etc.. u can pick up the program on the lipotrim website x i get weighed tomorrow so will let you no if i lost owt in re-feed week (altho did cheat with some alcohol!!) so no great expectations lol.
u only have 2 shakes the first day then 1 shake for each day. first two days protein only then introduce carbs on third day, small potatoe or something, day 4 fruit and bread etc.. u can pick up the program on the lipotrim website x i get weighed tomorrow so will let you no if i lost owt in re-feed week (altho did cheat with some alcohol!!) so no great expectations lol.
I cant find the plan on the website! Im sure im going on a different one to everyone else cos there is hardly anything on the website apart from a bit of info about lipotrim and where to get it. Cant see any info on refeed. Could you post a link so I can check im on the right one?
the chemist gave me a copy just, there was a fully planned out refeed diary on here somewhere, i'll post the link wen i have a wee look about
Refeed Diary!!
Day 1
Breakfast - LT shake or maintenance formula.
Lunch - LT shake or maintenance.
Dinner - 4oz chicken, diced and fried in a little water. 1 tablespoon of cabbage.

Day 2
Breakfast - LT shake/maintenance
Lunch - Small bowl of salad with tin of Tuna.
Dinner - Steamed cod fillet with 1 tabespoon of green veg.

Day 3
Breakfast- LT shake/maintenance.
Lunch - 4oz chicken breast with small bowl of salad.
Dinner - Steamed white fish with 1 tablespoon of green veg and small jacket potato(moisten with bit of skimmed milk).

Day 4
Breakfast - LT shake/maintenance
Lunch - 2 slices of WW danish bread, thin spread of low fat mayo and 1 slice of low fat meat( tesco light/WW). 1 small piece of fruit.
Dinner - Steamed fillet of fish, 4oz boiled rice, heaped tablespoon of sweetcorn. 1 fat free WW yogurt.

Day 5
Breakfast - LT shake/maintenance
Lunch - 2 slices WW bread, low fat mayo and 1 slice of low fat meat. 1 small piece of fruit.
Dinner - 4oz chicken breast, fried in a little water, half a jar of WW sweet and sour sauce, 4oz boiled rice. 1 fat free WW yogurt.

Day 6
Breakfast - LT shake/maintenance.
Lunch - Small jacket potato with Tin of Tuna, no butter. Small piece of fruit.
Dinner - 4oz diced chicken breast in a wholemeal pitta with 1-2 tablespoons of cabbage. WW fat free yogurt.

Day 7
Breakfast - LT shake/maintenance.
Lunch - 2 slices WW bread, low fat mayo and 1 slice of low fat meat. 1 small piece of fruit.
Dinner - 4oz diced chicken, 4oz pasta, half a jar of WW pasta sauce. WW Fat free yogurt.
That was a sticky on the refeed thread, looks good and easy to follow.
Thanks Missy3. Yeah looks easy to follow not too sure on the tablespoon of veg though, surely that will be about 1 lump of broccoli, not much there. I will print and take to my pharmacist and see what she says!

Cant wait to eat chicken ive really missed that!! 1 and half weeks to go!!!
Well its almost that time of the week again and the nerves are kicking in yet again!

Still feel like ive lost and also i had my lymphatic drainage massage on Tuesday which is meant to help flush out all your toxins and reduce any water retention so heres hoping thats helped.

Really need it to be a good loss as if its not I may be tempted to start refeed on sat which i wanted to avoid!

Going out on Saturday for a friends 30th at Tiger Tiger! First time i'll have been out whilst on LT. Driving seen as i cant drink but we are going very early as drinks are bogof before 9 so praying that being sober all night doesnt make me bored. Sparkling water all night for me! Should be a good night if I can just dance the hours away! Bad thing is, is because it is a birthday and they have paid for a birthday package there will be cupcakes and all sorts of treats given out and I'll be able to have none!! :cry:Oh its going to be difficult!!!

I just have to keep thinking......bikini on the beach.....bikini on the beach.......bikini on the beach! lol
Well guys Ive lost 4lbs this week and I couldnt be happier!!!

Double my target of 2lbs!!! now weigh 9st 8lbs and I have one more week of TFR then refeed so im definately heading for low 9's.

Hope everyone else has had a good week!!

hey well done, youve done fantastic!! well my life after lipotrim has been ok!!! I finished re-feed week last week and have been on maintenance since then. I lost a pound on re-feed week and have kept it off thus far nearing the end of my maintenance week so feel confident i can keep it off but i am concious day to day what i am putting in my mouth now! I have had treats and alcohol so pretty much leading a normal life again now and dont feel like i'm losing out! keep up the good work. x


Fighting for My Health
Well done Emmielou :) xx
Congratulations Emmielou .. Well done you x x
Well the last day is finally here! 6 weeks ago I never thought i'd get to this day but im so happy that I made it 100% all the way. I never thought I had the will power to say no to absoultely everything so i've even shocked myself a little bit at how strong i've been.

Even when baking or cooking and you get a little bit of something on your finger .... so tempting to just lick it off but i've managed to resist.

Also went out with work on wednesday and someone bought me a water but it had a slice of lime in it!!! I though well i'm only a few days from the end should I just be polite and drink it but I couldnt do it! I had to be honest and say I wasnt allowed lime and asked someone else to drink it.

Weigh today after work so if i've lost the 2lbs which is my minimum target then i'll be 9st 6lbs going into refeed and then can hopefully lose another 2 so i'll be 9st 4lbs before holiday next saturday.

Im having very mixed feelings today of excitment and sadness. Im more excited about being able to socialise again but at the same time I feel like i'll be sad to say bye to lipotrim as its got me to this weight. Part of me wants to stay on it and keep losing weight but I know thats not possible so im just going to have to be very careful with food from now on as im petrified of undoing all this hard work.

Wish me luck for my final weigh in on TFR! I'll update later
Emmielou huge congratulations on reaching your goal
how fantastic to be off on holidays as a skinny ! Cannot wait
to be there too x
Well thats it.... im officailly done!! final weight on tfr is 9st 7lbs. was hoping for 9 but knew deep down that i would struggle to get there as my body isnt supposed to be that. Happy with how i am now and the big tone can begin after my hols. Determined to get some muscle definition in my tum and arms. Not loads but just enough to look nice.

Im now a size 8/10. 8 in most trousers and 10 in tops (because of my huge boobs!) Bought myself pretty much a full new wardrobe as determined to make the most of my new slim figure.

Had my first food last night and it was lovely. who knew chicken breast and salad could taste so nice. fresh fish and veg tonight and again lovely. Have to say though mainly so delicious due to the balsamic vinegar!! definately should invest in this when doing refeed as everything tastes wonderful with it.

Just got to stick to protein this week rather than potatoes and fruit as pharmacist said to leave this for as long as poss, even after my hols.

Also got a shock when she ran through food that i should avoid forever!! things like:

cheese - any other than cottage cheese
special K - one of the worst cereals to have, cornflakes are much better
red meat

and this is just a few things she told me not to eat ever if i wish to maintain my weight!

Oh this is going to be hard but i am determined not to slip ever again!!

Good luck to everyone still on TFR! You will all be at your goals in no time. keep the positive thoughts going as its well worth it at the end.

What an achievement, to get to a weight you are happy and comfortable with-all your hard work has paid off :)

I am worried now cos i dont think i will be able to avoid those foods forever, so looks like i may be a regular on here!! lol

Best of luck for your new life x x
Well done :) ! you've done brilliantly.
hey well done.. life after LT is actually ok.. I lost in re-feed week.. but then have put it back on in maintenance. I'm now the same as I was when I came off LT 5 weeks ago. so not gained a pound!! not been eating like a rabbit either.. had pretty much what i want but in small portions. I am cautious every time I eat but I think i know what fits and what doesnt now.. plus i'm walking 7 miles with weights most nights to get my arms and tum toned which no amount of weight loss will get rid of. its all about the exercise now for me : ))).. keep us posted how u are doing and visa versa.
take care

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