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Emmzi CD .. again!

Just back from seeing my CDC, and have a stack of tetras so I don't even need to go near the kitchen/ blender.

For me, I have a problem when I get to weight 'x' where i think.. 'that's quite good.. I could have a little extra treat now..' This means a) I get bigger as it spirals out of control and b) I never get to the good maintenance stuff.

There are 12 weeks to Chrsitmas. 12 weeks is not a long time, and my goal is to go those 12 weeks without 'cheating.'

I have
- asked not to know my weight - just a confirmation that it's going the right way
- got some 'extra' tetras so if I'm ravenous, I can have an extra, instead of snacking
- got nothing in the fridge!

Let's hope I can make this time THE time.
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I forgot how you have to time your water! Had to stop 90 mins before cinema.. and well before bedtime. feel totally bloated with the amount of liquid I'm having!

However, did try freezing a tetra yesterday and it does indeed make a yummy icecreamy type thing. Pity its the wrong time of year, think I need hot choc instead!

I will *not* obsessively get on the scales today... and until thursday, I'll be in a scales free place... so I just have to think about *doing* and not results.
Day Three. Will confess to single quorn fillet last night as too hungry to sleep! Hate being up early for work, makes not eating that much longer.

Am 'feeling' lighter, less bloated, although my belly is still, sadly, very much there.

Working at home this morning, then off on my travels. all my tetras packed. Wondering if I can heast one uo in hotel room if I immerse it in a wide neck flask for long enough. May experiment this morning.

No shake choice and all tetra is working out so far.
Despite midweek wagon falling at work ('surprise' anniversary meal for me - so kinda had to go!!) am still 2lbs down this week. A slow and bumpy start but still it's gone ther right way. Almost ss yesterday except for tiny bit of salady stuff, and aiming for the same today.

Loving hot and frozen tetras both - yum!
I only manage to see my CDC every 2 weeks, due to work, having social life, etc. I had 2 pretty bad weeks, but was 3lb down for the fortnight. Which is nothing in CD terms, but better than anything else I've tried (and I'm not yet prepared to go down the medication route. There must be a reason other than cost doctors resist it.)

we had a good discussion about my 5pm giving in craving, and although I'm clearly not in 'week 2 of ss', I've come away with some bars to try cutting into bits to see if they'll get me over that 'hump'. Opted for my least favourite ones so they don't feel like having a 'sweetie' and trigger a mass consumption of chocolate!

However, if I lose say half a stone a month, that's still pretty good for me. I'm not *so* huge the bus tips up when I get on it, so going slowly is ok. I have a long time left in my life to come to grips with healthy eating.

Am going to try for 3 tetras and one bar today, however.

Fingers crossed.
At least you're still going Emmzi, not giving in!

I always have a early evening hump (ooh sounds rude ;)) - bourne from habit of having a snack when I came home from school. I always make sure that I have a pack as soon as I get home from work now.

Good luck for the coming week, you can be strong! Come join the daily hour by hour thread to get you through the bad times!
Had a fab weekend with lots of partying! Scales say haven't lost, haven't put on.

We are going to try the 1,000 plan, which may be better suited to my life of excesssive travelling! (Vegetarian travellers don't seem to be compatible with 790!)


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Hi Emmzi

we are all different i know but i travel long haul for a living and i manage to do ss and have stuck to it for five weeks now

try packing a small travel kettle in your case and an adaptor if needs be - i pack tetras in my suitcase for flying due to the liquids policies and take a travel coffee mug and a lactose free shake pack for on the plane ( or two sometimes) as the lactose ones mix easier and dont go lumpy as much
- hot water is always available

i have just ordered my first bars and may well take one of those instead of a pack sometimes

in hotels i have had tetras hot ( well - warm) and cold - if i want a warm one i tend to mix it with hot water OR have immersed it in my kettle after it has boiled but this seems to take ages

i always ask them to empty my mini bar on arrival at hotels or to take the key away from me - best way to avoid midnight snacking and temptaion for me

really not meaning to sound holier than thou here - sorry if thats how i have come across - just wanted to say if you do want to SS you CAN find a way

anyway if 1000 plan is the way you feel its best to go - well all the very best and let us know how it works for you!
Thanks Slushy, but I do a lot of socialsing for work. The ability ot have an omlette and salad makes life so much easier. Maybe I'll feel differently when smaller but I don't want to draw attention to my weight right now.

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