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Emotional Eating being Tested this Week

I am very much an emotional eater and it's really being tested this week. My OH has had a bad chesty cough for the last 3 weeks, went to the doctor twice who insisted he didn't have a chest infection. Last night he was having trouble breathing so we went to the Energency Clinic and there he was immediately put on oxygen because his oxygen levels were dangerously low (90 when they should be over 95) and he has a massive chest/lung infection which his doctor missed so he's on 8 steroids a day plus 3 antibiotics for the next 7 days and he has to go and get his levels measured again on Thursday; if there's no improvement they'll hospitalise him.

Very scared and worried about him at the moment; we didn't get in from the clinic til gone 9pm last night, he bought KFC as that was all he fancied understandably so I cooked some chicken pasta for me but had a few pieces of popcorn chicken too. I'd only had 2 juices through the day and an apple so hopefully it didn't do too much damage.

A very worrying time at the moment :(
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Oh hun, how worrying for you :( Hope your hubby is soon on the mend, but please don't stress about what you're eating just now, you'll only heap more stress on yourself, and you really don't need that pet
Thanks, it really has been an awful week and hasn't helped that work has been difficult. I love the way managers are so understanding when it comes to other peoples families being ill but when it's mine it's a whole other story and I'm made to feel guilty for needing time off to take OH to a follow up appointment tomorrow afternoon.

I really can't wait for this week to be over and am laying in bed now needing a good cry I think, it's all been a bit too much.
Thanks Kittycat - we went away for the weekend to Bristol to a four star hotel which I don't think we should have gone, but Rob insisted as we would have lost the money. He wasn't well at all and couldn't walk anywhere much or go out as he got breathless so we had to spend a fair amount of time in the hotel room so I felt really bad for him. His head and ears are blocked now so he's going back to the docs this week to see what they say.

My family are having issues with my brother now as well as of last night -he's stolen ££ from my mums bank account before when my parents were on holiday and last night he was out drunk again, didn't have money to get home so he phoned me and asked me to log into my mums account and transfer money to his! I of course refused and told him to phone mum and speak to her, then I called my mum and told her what he asked me to do incase he gave her login details to anyone else. This is on top of him being in major debt which my mum has helped him try to get out of, he owes my nan money, he's taking out loans using companies like wonga.com to the tune of £300 yet he works full time, still lives at home and isn't running a car because he was arrested and charged for drink driving 3 months ago so where's his money going??

Grrrrrr, stress stress stress but still lost 1lb last week, no hope this week as had Chinese last night, ate out the weekend and an just too stressed to worry about it at the moment. Got a swollen eye due to stress as it is anyway - I could just stay at home for the next few weeks I think and not talk to or see anyone (apart from OH of course), a hole to crawl into would be wonderful right now.

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