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Emotional eating...

I've been on the Cambridge diet for 15 weeks now, and I have never cheated - until now! I found SS quite easy, as there were no decisions to make about food. I tried SS+ with a meal for a week and couldn't cope, so I switched to 4 packs a day.

This week I've moved up to the 810 plan, and I'm really struggling! Portion control has never been something I've done, so I keep overeating! I'm sticking to the foods I'm allowed, just having too much of them!

I know I'm an emotional eater, and life is v difficult at the moment (work is very stressful and not going well), so I know I'm using food to stop feeling so rubbish. I need to find a better way!

How have other emotional eaters gotten over their emotional eating? Any tips would be very much appreciated xx
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maybe you could portion the stuff out into tuppaware first thing in the morning and then it's there ready, rather than peraphs make after a long hard day at work?
I'm working from home at the moment which makes things even more difficult! I have my meal at lunch time - can't wait until the evening :(


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Oh hun - big hugs. I dont have any answers but just wanted to say i know how you feel. I'm an emotional eater and have no idea how to tackle it.
Becky's idea is a good one though - portion it out in the morning and stick to that.
Thanks for the advice Becky and Mrs N - I'll try portioning out my meal straight after breakfast - hopefully having a full tummy will stop me being 'generous' xx

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