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Emotional Eating

Whilst doing SS i kept a food/mood diary and from that i realised that i am an emotional eater, especially when i feel sad, angry and sometimes happy (i think thats odd). I wasn't aware of this before because my weight gain was due to medication. I guess i must have developed bad eating habits over the past 18 months or so after i was diagnosed with my illness (and maybe when i was unwell too).

Anyway, i was just wondering if anyone could reccomend anything to help with emotional eating and how to tackle it. I have been trying hard to stay focused on CD stabilistaion steps for the past few weeks but this week i have had to fight that voice in my head thats wants me to eat junk food because i have been a little depressed.

I am thinking of looking into what PMK has to offer as well as other hypnotherapy that may help. I was just wondering if there are any workshops or something similar that are offered for this kinda thing?? I am a hands on kinda person and i like to be practical when tackling things because thats when i feel like i am doing something about it (hope that didnt sound wierd). I really want to tackle my emotional eating problems and enjoy my life.

I have been having a tough day today aswell, my cousin passed away this morning and it was a complete shock. He had been unwell for a while but he was recovering well. Everytime i think of him i cant stop crying (TOTM doesn't help either) because i grew up with him and he was such a good person. Life can be so unfair sometimes, their family have to deal with so much.

Anyway, i'l shut up now before i start crying again. I hope everyone is doing well.

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I can't really advise on the emotional eating thing as I do it too - but I hope someone will be along shortly to offer you some good advice on that front.

So sorry to hear about your cousin - it's always a shock when someone dies whether they were ill or not. Your tears are normal and healthy so let them flow. My thoughts are with you at this sad time xx
Thank you for your kind words of support. It still hasn't sunk in that my cousin is not with us anymore. My dad has just called to let us know that they have burried the body and for a second i thought they had burried him alive. Its a lot to take in right now but at least he is in a better place now and not suffering anymore.

I'm sure your nephew would have been very proud of you right now, you have done so well to lose your weight and become healthy. It must be a wonderful feeling to know that he is still able to make a difference in the world.

Sweet heart, I'm so sorry to hear about your cousin, he must have been very young. It must be heartbreaking for you.

Sending you deepest sympathy hun, to you and to your family.

Take care hun.

xx sj xx:hug99:
Im an emotional eater too, boredom is my reason grrrrr

Im chronically underworked at work, and literally sit there all day ding nothing so the newsagent inevitably calls my name....

ONe therapy that muight be worth looking into is cognitive bahavioural therapy. I recommend a book by melanie fennell - overcoming low self esteem.regardless of whether you have LSE or not, there are some amazing tips and tricks in there to really practically "take out" that vicious circle- which in your case might be

"im low"
"Ill eat"
i eat,
"then feel depressed cos a) ive let myself down b) im geting fatter
im getting fatter, that makes me low

and back to the beginning again!

I know this well, I battled with it a lot when i was younger, and now im the other way around, Im so happy in my life I DONT CARE! love my home, love my fella, like everything, except, Ive overeaten....
and now have zero self control which is why im here with the CD, need the structure to help me take control of myself!

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