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Hi all

I wondered whether anyone has had the same emotional outbursts as me since finishing LL .............

I did my 14 weeks didn't cheat felt fantastic love the compliments and the pictures of myself now. I didn't really struggle with the counselling side either however since I have come back to food I have been an emotional wreck ! I have managed to continue to lose or maintain my weight and have not turned to food to comfort me however the realisation that this is how I coped with any type of emotion - envy / happy / sad / etc etc I fed myself to push them back down and it is all such a big shock and I disgusted with myself - I cannot believe how affected I am about it all.

I have days in which I spend most of it close to tears and close to wanting to cope with these feelings by eating - I have managed not to so far but I think I am going to have to get some further counselling to help me. Has anyone else found this ?
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:hug99: Sorry you're having a rough time, I haven't an answer for you I'm afraid, as I still have far to go. But just wanted to say a well done for sticking to the 100 days, and a bigger well done for maintaining/losing ever since and not resorting to the same patterns of behaviour for your emotions. Thats no small achievement in itself. Its one of the things I worry about, starting to eat again and falling into the same patterns. At least you're recognsing them now. Are you still seeing your LLC at all for maintenance? They might help or maybe your GP? Hope you get some good answers here, I'm sure someone will have experienced the same thing, I suppose we all hope that once the weights gone all our problems will be solved but unfortunately it doesn't seem to work like that :sigh: Try treating yourself to something (non food) to cheer yourself up.
I'm sorry you're finding it hard Supermum - it is odd not SSing now; quite a change. We didn't have to think while on food packs! Is your LLC helpful? My management group is shrinking at the moment - waiting for the rest of the foundation group to join in the next few weeks. However my LLC is great and it will probably be quite useful for me to have some more personal help as I've had my first few cognitive hiccups during the last couple of days. We're bound to have some "downs" after the exhilaration of the fantastic weight loss and becoming a "normal" size again. Someone said something to me (quite innocently) which brought up a mass of feelings from the past and I'm going to have to find out how to leave them behind. Doing LL has brought back a lot of buried memories which need dealing with! I think it would be good if you could find someone you could talk through your feelings with. Your LLC should have experienced people with similar feelings to you so could be a good first try. Well done for not turning to food for comfort - that shows you've started to face your emotions, not hide them in a pile of food. I like the structure of management and think it will help us all learn to eat sensibly - it's a great opportunity. Hope it gets easier soon:).


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I'm not a 'huggy' sort of person Supermum, but wanted to give you a hug because I know how you're feeling right now.

I finished the 14 week of management a few weeks ago and am now trying to maintain what I've lost.

I have a lot of emotions about my past eating behaviours but don't ever want to revisit those days again. Futile and dismal days.

"....I think I am going to have to get some further counselling to help me. Has anyone else found this...."

Are you still attending the management meetings? You can, you know. I am still going every week at the moment, just for support and counselling and for my weight to be monitored. At the least, have a chat with your LLC. She will be familiar with your feelings and may be able to talk through some coping strategies.

I think you (and I) have to accept that this period of readjustment may take a considerable time. I am hoping things will be more settled after a year, and that I will find it easier to deal with urges to eat for emotional reasons.
Hi Amanda

Thanks for your post - yes I am still going to management however I couldn't go last week so I couldn't discuss in the group or with my LLC.

I think you are right there will be a big period of readjustment ! I just didn't realise that I would feel like this - I thought - I will be thin and then I will be happy. I didn't think I would have to deal with all of the reasons for why I was big in the first place.

Anyway - onwards and upwards !:)

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