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Emski Has Not Given Up .. She Has Stopped


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Day One

Feeling good.. and really ready to stop killing myself and making my clothes stink!

Thrown away the ashtray..hidden the lighters (cant throw them as they were B/day presents and will use them to light the firepit in the spring)

Not giving up.. I mean what will I be giving up?
Diseases? Bad Breath.. having to stand in the rain ? and all the rest .. so have STOPPED :D
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Hi Emski

Have you read that allen carr book?? Just a phrase he uses saying necer refer to it as giving up just simply that you have stopped. Read the book monday night in 1 sitting and not had a fag since!! And dont even miss it one bit

Good Luck hun xxxxxxxxx


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Used Allens book a few years agoand stopped by page 6.. Stayed that way for 8 months, no cravings nothing... then slowly crept back but on the old menthols that you pretend is not proper smoking.. Good luck to you too.. Day 3 and still going strong.


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I too quit with Allan Carr's book but also with the support of a forum. In that forum, I learned something I still chant to myself today (at almost 2 years quit): NOPE ("Not One Puff Ever").

Addicts just can't...
Good for you em, I'm still struggling but I haven't given in yet. I'm still waiting for that book as well.
Hey Jim

Why wait?? I am always putting things off.. but the longer you put it off the longer you will be damaging yourself..

Are you not worth it? I know I am and am certain you are too.

Do you spend money on deoderant, aftershave, washing powder etc? Then stop because all you will smell of is cigarettes.

Have you really thought about the benefits of smoking.. list them ...

Then list the benefits of not..

Watch other people smoke.. how good and attractive do they look??

Its not giving up.. its stopping...:D
I have stopped Em , on Monday, I'm using the nicotine gum at the moment, I just want to read the book and stop using that as well hopefully.
I'm doing OK on the food, but that's because it's atkins, I never had quantity problems. I am eating more but it's all meat and veggies so I don't think I'll put much on.

I keep going back to my before and after post, I had never seen them together like that before. :)

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