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Emski's Blurb Getting On The Train With Claire.. Slimsville here I come woo woo

Hey there

Just thought I would update you all on my situation..

Well thought I would take the whole of December off plan.. and I am certainly doing that. Going to be back in January with a vengance and hopefully on the new Extraeasy plan. Have persuaded DA to join me.. he is not overweight put is developing a little middle age spread.

I am doing the Playtex Moonwalk in May so will be upping the exercise (easy to up it from doing none at all!!!)

Christmas will be a quiet one.. working a night duty on Christmas eve... H is in New Zealand so just me DA and the dogs.

I will still be here but no weight losses etc...:D
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just dropping by to say hello ha!! xxx
Hiya Emski, glad to see your diary here..... that is rubbish about having to work Xmas Eve night, but guess it is better than working Xmas day. xxx
I requested it... lesser of all the evils.. trust me!!! I am looking forward to laying on the sofa after a lovely lunch and falling asleep while DA plays his stooopid x box game (if I get it for him!)
which game? x
ah i think thats one we may already posses! X


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Back to plan today.. slightly later than planned but better late than never.. so far so good.. feeling very in the zone so I know its the right time...

Put on 6lb since my birthday so need to be 100% and get rid of that .. then get rid of the other stone and a half. so around 2 stone in total .

Today is also first day of not smoking ..again feeling really good about it. Friend came round earlier and that was a test as we usually stand outside (dont smoke indoors) and have one with a cuppa :smoke:.. she did .. I didnt!!! Hurrah and well done me. I dont even want to smoke :bunnydance:


Is so very nearly there!
Well Done for being Back on Plan

Congrats on the no smoking!

You can do it :)x
yay, well done you on the back on plan non smoking ness xxxx
Well what a bloody week I am having...

as you may have seen I hate my job.. however I went in on Monday, was moved wards (as usual) and ending up working in chaos .. its ridiculous!! Anyhoo.. returned to my own ward at lunch time thankfully. Went to the loo and my colleague mentioned Id only just been so I dipsticked it and tested it with our machine and I have an infection again!! Then to top that AF came to visit!! OH MY WORD !!

So I have been really crap on plan.. January and I am skint so no real SW food in the house.. down to one satsuma and a banana.. then a freezer full of southern fried chicken pizza etc!!!


I will just do what I can till payday.. I have already shopped online for a red month.. just need to pay for it next Friday..

I have my Claire from Steps workout dvd I can do.. watch a wee bit last night when I got in.. Look fun.. hard though.. but there are 3 quite nice looking men in the background doing it too.. they even take their tops off at one point.

Mentally feeling a bit bleeuuggh and physically too.. but think things will improve once I am back in control.. which Im not until my cupboards are stocked and I know which days I will be working .. oh did I not mention that our shifts have been done till sunday then nothing after that so cant plan anything..

Oh forgot to say I am also joining the gym .. £30 a month.. but I saved that by not smoking any more..

Yes day 7 and still not smoking woo hoo

Sorry if I have droned on but ....:D
Oh My Word !!!

Last post I said..
"I have my Claire from Steps workout dvd I can do.. watch a wee bit last night when I got in.. Look fun.. hard though.. but there are 3 quite nice looking men in the background doing it too.. they even take their tops off at one point."

I have done it ... twice !! well I say done it I done the warm up, the aerobic fat attack and the cool down.. there are 2 more sections but will work my way up to them.

And I have also joined the gym.. so today I have done 45 mins aqua-aerobics and then had my induction in the fitness suite. Was shown what to do by a lovely young man called Esme ;)..

He has set me up with this programme

7 mins flat on treadmill speed of 2.8

7 mins on bike level 3-4

7 mins on treadmill incline level 6

2 x sets of 12 arm thingies (haha no idea what its called but its weights)

3 sets of other arm thingies .. I want rid of my bingo wings..

So i do this for a while then we review .. he has added me some stuff for next time too but we didnt go through it as I had already done the aqua-aerobics.

Foods been good this week and done a fair bit of the old exercise.. WI on Wednesday .. My weight has been very scary this last 2 weeks.. at my b/day in Nov I was 12 st 8 .. then I slacked off and when I weighed in after christmas and new year I was back up to 13 st .. so I had gained half a stone (gulp) When I weighed in last week I had stayed the same.. this week ( i know I know I shouldnt do it ) my scales have shown right up to 13 st 7lbs (not a great feeling for me). This morning they showed 13st 1lb (BP) :sigh:


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Go you and your fitness kick! :D Well done.

I'm also having a mare with the scales this week. First wi this morning (at home) and I sts. But then before I left for work I weighed myself again (why did I do that?!) and it showed a 1lb loss. Then I weighed myself again when I got in from work and again it showed 1lb loss. I don't know if I'm coming or going!

Putting your wieght aside for a sec, how do you feel in yourself? Do you feel like you've lost? Do you feel slimmer/toned after all your exercise? x x


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Yeaaaaaaaaars ago I used to go to the gym and the weight fell off me. I need to find some exercise that I enjoy.

I bet you feel great but achy tomorrow :D x

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