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Encouragement needed

How things can change in the space of a few hours. This morning I was on a high after losing 10lbs at first weigh in and now I feel terrible.

To cut a long story short, I ended up being punched in the face (jaw) today and it's hurting like mad. Because it's obviously quite an emotional thing, I just want to eat to make self feel better (the fact I can't chew is probably only thing stopping me to be honest). I need some support if anyone is out there at the min

Thanks x
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omg nicola, that is absolutely awful.
i hope this isnt still the bigots u were having problems with regarding the crash diet programme.
ya know what, u can give in to this and eat and then later on tonight feel the full force of regretting that u allowed them to drive u to giving in.... or u can take a bath, do some pampering and look back on the day at the end of the night with well deserved pride that u fought and succeeded and that u r stronger than their will to destroy u.
((((((hugs)))))) hope u feel better soon.
Thanks cheryl - no nothing to do with the program thankfully - personal life gone wrong :(

All I can think about is having some chocolate (letting it melt so obviously can't chew) but you are right, if I give in I am letting him win and I can't have that - just so difficult right now :cry: x


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u have to ask urself.... will i feel better 15 minutes after i eat? if not, then its not worth it.
i usually say to myself 'ok, i will go and have a shower, get in my pj's and paint my nails. then if i still feel like i REALLY need to eat after an hour, i will allow myself to.
so far i have always managed to distract myself long enough for the urge to lessen in severity.
we r here if u need to offload. dont forget that. :)
thanks so much - think i'm going to go for a shower and go to a friends - hope that will distract me enough. Only prob is I can't tell them what has happened and with not really being able to open mouth - it might cause questions - ah well will deal with that one if it happens.

Thanks for the encouragement cheryl - just what I needed!!
hun why can't you tell them what happened they are your friends they r there to support you. they are gonna ask and no aren't telling them the truth.
i know things are probably complicated but you can't let him get away with it. no man should ever hit a woman. if it was one of your friends what would you advice they do?
Thanks Michelle much needed.

Home from night out and had water and just having my last shake now - luckily is liquid as jaw just as sore and got nice bruise now to match. New day tomorrow just need to make sure in emotional state I'm in I don't turn to food when shops are open!!!

Nic x


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congratulations on getting through tonight nic. :clap:
u can do it girl.
obviously i dont know the situation of what happened earlier but i can say ur a strong beautiful woman.... make sure u r treated respectedly.
good luck tomorrow. hey u got through the worst of today. if u can do that, tomorrow will be a breeze :)


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Hi hun

{{{hugs}}} What a horrible thing to happen. :(

Hope you're not feeling too sore today. Well done for being so strong last night x x x
Hey guys thanks so much for messages!! Am aching like I've worked out for 10 hours today lol!! Got quite a few bruises but jaw is a lot better (as in I can open and close - still can't chew which is good thing - humours my way of coping with things if u haven't noticed!!). Still haven't cried about it and I know I should have as I normally cry at seeing an advert on tv nevermind anything meaningful :) I've stuck to diet today though - but am strangely really really hungry (stomach rumbling kind) and have had my products. Am off to a BBQ now but know I'll be fine there

Thanks again everyone for messages they really got me through last night x