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End of a decade & a half!

Probably not the best day to start when I'm going to be spending a lovely evening at my friends house with homemade food and wine! I have already limited myself to 1/2 a bottle (14 Syns) lucky i'm working tomorrow so that should be easy done. I have already used up 15.5 syns today. It will teach me to check before I eat how many syns are in my food. I can't believe it 4.5 syns per birdseye chicken burger!!! I had 2!!!!! Followed by a ww chicken hotpot which at 6.5 syns I think is really good. As for tonight I dread to guess, I'm hoping because it is been made from fresh it will be quite low in syns, it is some kind of chicken greek meal so as long as there is no cheese we will be ok. I'll just be cheeky and ask.Anyway why have i started a diary, I need help and lots of it. Having gained 2 stone earlier on in the year due to a thyroid problem, I am now struggling to lose it. I have managed to maintain my current weight +/- 2lb for the last 8 weeks so feel it is time to get rid of my gain plus more. Through reading lots of blogs sw seems good for thyroid problems and I love the fact you can eat so much food. So here i am, please feel free to comment and advise when ever you wish, I need all the help and motivation I can. I have just been looking at the inspirational photo page's and all I can say is wow what amazing results, I can't wait to be on there too
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Welcome :) Don't be too worried about going a little bit over your syn's today. There is an awful lot of information to take in so there are bound to be a few slip ups whilst you are getting settled into a good food optimising routine! That said, before you go shopping or make a meal, if you have a quick flick through the food optimising book and check the syn values of things before you buy them/make them then you'll have a lot more control of the plan!

Best of luck and i shall pop in now and again to say hi and see how you are getting on! :)
Just been thinking where I would love to be on Christmas Eve weight wise. It's 11 weeks today and would love for my scales to be in the 11 stones so my target for 24th December is 11st 11lb So a loss of 16.5lb in 11 weeks, 1.5lb per week. Very doable, gosh I would have the biggest smile going!! roll on christmas
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Thank you for your message, it sure does take some getting used to. I figure though even if the meal tonight is approx 20 syns which it could well be, that would be a total syn value today of 49.5 which split over the next 6 days my remaining syn allowance would be 9 syns a day which is great. I know they say don't save them up but I'm sure it will be fine this one time. 9 syns a day is still quite a lot. I feel so motivated just writing it everything down on here, it's great
Well what a beautiful evening it was last night, I have forgot how lovely and relaxing it is to sit down with friends and have a good chin wag. As for the food delicious but my oh my i dread to think how many syns???? Starter: Fried courgettes in oil, tomoato & red pepper in oil, Tzatziki, wholemeal pitta bread oh my! so in order listed I'm guessing, 6,6,6,3 Total 21syns and thats just for starters. Main was chicken breast cover in green pesto and marscopone cheese and vine tomatos and bread crumbs, served with new potatos and salad with a little french dressing so here goes. Syns: Pesto 7 marscopone 9 dressing 6 Breadcrumbs 2 Total: 24 Syns followed by fresh fruit a big fat Zero syns!!!!!!!!!!!!! Was so worth all those syns
Ok so if I have calculated correctley and please feel free to chip in if you think i am far off the mark. Yesterday I consumed a total of 74.5 Syns, ouch. I think as it is my first week I will use 25 syns as flexible syns which will still leave me with 9 syns a day for the rest of the week. I think until I get my head around all the syn values of food already in my house which need eating up I shall need all 9 a day. At least i only drank 2 glasses of wine and did not finish of the bottle. Control is the key to success, and i sure feel I have that right now
Yesterday went well, Green day

Breakfast: bannana and 2 satsumas

Lunch: ww chicken hotpot 6.5 syns

Tea: Gammon (2xhxb) sw chips & tin of plum tomatos

450ml of 1% milk (1 1/2 hxa
total syns 6.5
total weekly syns: 56
(flexi syns used 25 not included in total)
Ok so brand new day again am doing Green. Was late up and had to take little one to my mums. Got back at 10:00 and thought do i have breakfast or cook dinner.
Was starving so thought have an early lunch.

Brunch: Baked beans, 57g off wholemeal (1xhxb) frylight sliced fried potatoes 2 x tbsp ketchup (2 syns) 21g cathedral city lighter cheese (1/2 hxa):)

Tea: homemade beef stew, veg lean braising steak (1 x hxb) 2 tsp of granuels 2 syns

so far total syns today 4 syns

450ml 1% milk (1 1/2 xhxa)
Afternoon, Today is another rushed morning. Had to be up for a bloodtest which meant no time for breakfast. Really do love my sleep. So another brunch today of mccain rustic chips 200g ( 2 syns) 1 morrisons meat free quarter pounder burger (1/2 syn) ketchup 4 tbsp (4 syns) oh thats alot!!! and garden peas, 2 x wholemeal bread ( 1 x hxb ) Tea is Fruit and muller light an 2 x aplen bars ( 1 x hxb) at work with no cooking facilities today
, also 3rd of a ricekrispie chewy bar approx 2 syns, Total syns: 8.5
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oh nearly forgot after my late tea last night that was a disaster!! How much salt did i put in the stew??? so ended up having porridge with jam and raisins ( 1 x hxb and 4 syns)
Have not logged on for a few days, when I really think I should have. Went a little over syns at times but was still rewarded with a 3.5lb loss!!!!!! Amazing to say how i started the week let alone the end. It feels great to have all my syns back to zero again. Now I can concentrate on having up to 15 syns a day making it loads easier to stick too.
Been a few weeks scince I have updated. Only lost anther 1lb but it's still in the right direction. Total loss 4.5lbs. Still have 12lb to lose in 8 weeks for my target on Christmas day. I have been looking online at next and have found some lovely dresses that I would love to wear on Christmas Day but not sure if i'll have lost enough weight for them so may get one to wear on valentines day instead
Well christmas has been and gone and even though I did not make my target I was so close so had a lovely happy christmas. I have not lost much since Christmas so back on here to help kick start me again. My current loss is exactly 1 stone so i am extremly happy with that. Going to up the exercise this week. I just need the wind to die down then I can get back on my bike. If is doesn't i was thinking of trying the c25k. Has anyone done this? I am so poor at running, even when I was a fit child i just never seemed to be able to run so am quite dubious about trying it. All advice would be appreciated
Why oh why can't I stick to one plan and give it my all!!!!! I am so annoyed with myself as it is nearly April and I'm no further on that I was in January. The plus point is I have not put too much weight on a pound or 2 that is it. My problem is when I have a target such as a holiday I or a wedding I panic and try to lose too quickly which as always end in failure. I have just tried both the old and new weight watcher plans but I am starving all the time. So I have made a promise to myself that SW is the correct plan to be on and it will take as long as needs be to get to target. If I eat over my syns one day then so be it. Just carry straight back on with the plan. My other mission is to do little bit of exercise every day. Day 1 tomorrow x
Thought I would prepare my menu for tomorrow, organisation is the key,

Day 1

Charlie brooks DVD before breakfast

Breakfast: 28g branflakes (hxb)

Lunch: spaghetti bolognaise (1.5 syns morrisons spag bol sachet) with veg tinned tomatos and spaghetti

Dinner: Tesco meat free vegetable quarter pounder (4.5 syns) sw chip and baked beans

Snacks: 1/2 tin of peaches
Fibre plus (hxb)
Jumbo snack a jack chocolate chip (3)
300 ml 1% fat milk (hxa)

Total syns so far: 9 syns
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Feeling really good this morning. I have just completed my exercise dvd and had my branflakes. Not having any particular timescales to lose the weight has already changed the way i am thinking. Heres to 2012

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