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End of day one....arrrgh!!!

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hi everyone,
ive made it through day one but just can't see how im gunna do it. How much easier does it get? Im obsessing about food already. This is gunna be very very hard for me but i really want to do it. I see slim people on tv and fantasise about it, but on the other hand nearly all the adverts have food in them which makes me fantasise about food. It's like a battle between skinny jeans or yummy fatty food. It's driving me mad already. Also im super worried about doing all the hard work and then it going straight back on again as thats what happened to my sis and 2 people i know. I don't want that to happen to me.

when i read this forum i am amazed at the amazing will power you people have....i have no idea how you can do it for months on end. You should be so proud. I only need to lose 1 and half stone but i'm predicting this may be hell.

Sorry to sound so negative already:cry:
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Hun we have ALL been there! We all have thought to ourselves "I can't do this". We have all gone crazy obsessing about food and dying inside when the cheesecake advert comes on. And we have all had the voice tell us we will never succeed. But we are all still here!!! You CAN get through it... We are proof that you can. You only have a small amount of weight to lose... You will be where you wanna be before you know it!!! And trust me, if u do things right and take the support offered to you, in 2 weeks time it will be so easy that you will sail through. You just have to find that strength to stick out the hard bit. And once your in ketosis it's just gonna get easier and easier. What got me through my first week was to force myself to put things into perspective. There are people starving to death in the world, and There was me moaning cuz I couldn't have a bloody sausage roll. A couple weeks on lipotrim is easy life comparatively, and by keeping things in perspective, staying focused on your goal and using every ounce of willpower you can summons to beat those voices in your head... U can fight to get through the first week. And as soon as you start seeing the results and the hunger disappears... It just gets easier.

Drink water til u can't drink no more, keep busy, when thoughts of
food come into your head take control and say NO!!! food is not part of my life at the moment!! And use this forum cuz the support on here will get you through all the tough times.

Your looking at about 5-6 weeks max to achieve your goal... Maybe less. And that is so so achievable!! You just have to believe in yourself. And having all the people on here believing in you will help you to realise how capable you are of doing it! Don't give in cuz in less than 2 months you will be the person you want to be. And a few weeks hard work is worth that.

Wish you all the luck with your journey and hope you find that strength girl!!!


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Oh and with regards to putting the weight back on... It's up to you to spend the time on LT to assess your relationship with food and change it. Forever. If you have ideas of going back to eating crap then yes you will put the weight back on. LT isn't a quick fix, it's a permanent lifestyle change and people who don't use their time on LT retraining their attitude about food unfortunately do just pile it back. So that bit is down to you!! Good luck hun x
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WOW thats so lovely of you to write such a supportive reply, thankyou it means a lot. You look like your doing really well...good on you. And you know what you are soooo right about the starving people in the world, when i look at it that was then this is nothing. Those poor people never know when they will eat again if atall. That really puts it into perspective. It sure is a crazy unfair world. Thankyou

juanita xx


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No worries, everyone on here will offer you constant support in the exact same way I have, and I wouldn't have done it without the girlies and guys on here!!

It just so happened that the japan disaster happened my first week and I just sat watching sky news constantly, in total disbelief of what was happening. And every time I started feeling sorry for myself cuz I was hungry I just realised how stupid and selfish I was being. Half them people are surviving on a handful of rice between two people a day! Even the doctors and rescue teams. And I just thought I bet they would love three tasty shakes of nutrients and filling protein a day!!! really sorted my perspective out.

But the point is, it's doable. And if you want it then you can do it. And we will all be behind you throughout your journey to support u through hard times and celebrate your good times. It's worth doing even just for the friendships you form lol! And losing weight so quick feels amazing trust me xx
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thankyou, i can't wait to watch that awful fat disappear. I haven't worn a lot of my old clothes in a very very long time. I keep them in hope that one day they will fit again. I have even put an old 'slim' photo of me on the side to remind me of what i could look like again. Summer is coming up and im not gunna have these bingo wings flapping ha ha

night night xx

I was like that too, but I am at the end of my first week now and I am thinking, where has the week gone? Keep yourself occupied and your mind distracted and you WILL get through it. In terms of thinking "how am I gonna get through weeks of it?", remember Ketosis kicks in properley on day 4 and your stomach shrinks considerably. Hunger very rarely raises its head after that, even a shake can make you feel full, the only troublesome times is when you are at a party, or in a pub, etc (as your family/friends still gotta eat), you'll find you are very proud of yourself coming through these times.

This is actually my second time of doing LT, I lost 1.9st the first time in 3 weeks, I didn't refeed properley and being a man, I ended up going on the weights and bulking up again. Now I am as heavy as I've ever been (thinking I wanted to be built this way) and realise this isn't how I want to be. I am preparing to refeed properley after this occassion, for me that will be a high protein/low carb diet of mainly meat/poultry/fish and healthy Veg, and by far less LAGER than usuall. I definately have re-assessed my attitude with Chocolate/sweets/crisps etc, also. I only craved them because I was such a sugar addict. The more calorie laden sugar foods you eat, the hungrier you actually get, so I'm not going back to them at all.

YOU CAN DO IT, YOU ARE STRONG, don't cheat, because you only cheat yourself.

Good Luck
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Hiya, thanks for on that. 1st 9lb in three weeks is great on your last go, so hopefully the same will happen as quickly this time for you. I know i shouldn't but went on scales this morning and 3lb gone already after one day and night. So chuft, that has really spurred me on already and made me more positive. For me, i know the evening are gunna be the worst as thats when i usually binge eat. Ive just got to keep focused and keep looking at my slim picture. I've also drawn a chart so that i can tick off each day and see how well im doing and today i'm going to write a list of reasons of why being slim is gunna make me feel amazing again and why eating rubbish is going to make me fat and unhappy. It's jut tempory iits like a drug, time after time and i just couldn't seem to get out of the cycle. Iv'e never looked at myself as an addict before (apart from to Cherry coke ha ha) but now i'm starting to see how food junk is a tempory high for me especially when i'm bored or down. I think if i can just lose this weight i will be so happy that i will motivate myself and want to keep it off.

Anyway goodluck!! and how much have you lost this week? or haven't you had weight in yet. How exciting!!!!!

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