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end of first week - i made it - just about!!

hi all, well here i am at day 7. cant quite believe ive made it. WI isnt until 8.30pm though which im a bit concerned about. i did weigh myself this morning on my scales and i know its going to vary later after drinking and having my packs today.

anyway this week has been up and down. i seemed to sail thru days 1-5 with no problems at all and didnt struggle with the packs and had no headaches or other symptoms, but then the weekend arrived. i stayed on plan and didnt fall off the wagon but my god i felt so miserable at certain times on sat and sun. i even found myself thinking that as much as i hate carrying this extra weight and it does make me fed up but nothing compared to how miserable i felt this weekend. i felt like i was being forced into doing this diet against my own will. once i had a word with myself and reminded myself why im doing it and that it is my choice to do it i felt a bit better.

plus im really struggling with the packs. i liked the porridge at first but now i really struggle to get it down, and i find the chilli and shepherds pie completely vile. i can manage the shakes fine and the soups are ok if i blend them. the bars are ok too i suppose.

anyway, ive been really thinking about switching to lite. i feel so excluded from my family at meal times and really dont think i can survive on the shakes and soups for another 6-8 weeks. i dont want to give in or fall off the wagon so im thinking the lite plan might be the answer as i really do feel deprived at the moment, but then i really want to lose weight.

but having said that im going to stick with this for at least another week or 2 and then decide.

i havnt got a great deal of weight to lose, about 2 1/2 stone in total and my start bmi was 29 so i know i could do light if i preferred. im hoping to have lost about 7ib this week taking me too 10st 7Ib. so im thinking of sticking with total until i at least get into the 9's then deciding what to do. at least then ive given myself a good boost at the start.

i am feeling alot more positive today and of course im going to speak with my LLC tonight about my concerns but i really want to shift this weight and wont give in. so many people say the first week is the hardest so i hope i can continue to do this and get where i want to do.
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It's a wonder you're not on Lite right now - you're only really supposed to be on LLT if you have a BMI of 30 or over and according to your stats you only have a BMI of 29.1. I know LL give you the choice, but they really shouldn't as the real reason LLT and LLL exist separately is due to government guidelines.

That said, the yearning for food and the problem you're having with feeling excluded at meal times is one of the psychological issues that LLT is designed to combat and, in my opinion, does so more effectively than LLL. The first week is hard and you'll likely feel similarly deprived at some other point in the diet, but if you're serious about losing weight it's something you have to work through.
Hi thanks for ur reply. The reason I was allowed to do LLT is cos I have raised waist line and that is also the criteria for LLT as well as BMI above 30. I carry all my extra weight around my stomach and waist.

I'm hoping I'll get some of my positively back after tonight's meeting/group and after I have been weighed. I'm hoping that my feelings are just down to it being my first week x
Hi Little MRs.

Well done for getting through the first - and hardest! - week. It gets much much easier from here, and no doubt your weigh in will motive you.

What you described was probably just you going in to ketosis. It can be really rough for a lot of people. I have little to no side effects but many people feel wuite ill = usually between the 3rd or 7th day. So that bad feeling you had at the weekend will pass.

Stick to it - you have not much to lose, that you will be done in no time.

Good luck!

Welcome and how did you get on in your WI? As BL says it's tough for a lot of people the first week, I did lite on my holiday 2 weeks ago for 2 weeks as I wanted to be social with my friends, it was quite tough, personally I would tough it out on total for a few weeks, then decide, as soon as you lose a stone or so your motivation and determination will be stronger.
Post often on here it helps and we will all support you.

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