end of foundation pics


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Well I had my last foundation weigh in tonight and I have lost 5 stone 5pounds in total. On to development for me, Im still a size 14 and want to lose a bit more. im starting to get the 'you dont need to do this anymore' comments but I dont care. The last pic isnt great quality because I got water on it but you get the general idea. I owe Lighter Life (and myself) for giving me my life back.

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:wow:You look fantastic!:happy096:

Congratulations and well done!

Love Mini xx


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Wow, you look amazing!

Was a fantastic weight loss, your weekly losses are great.

Louale x


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Wow! It's people like you who inspire me to keep going :) you look absolutely amazing!

Emma xXx


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Wow!!!! What a difference. You look wonderful, the glow in your face, the confidence!! Well done for sticking to it.


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wow what a difference


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Wow, wow wow! That's incredible in such a short space of time. You must feel fantastic. Well done!!


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Aww thanks you guys. I still feel in a kind of shock about it all really, it seems so quick. The thing is though I have been 100% abstinent so I have lost as much as I ever could have done in the 14 weeks. I felt like lapsing would only make my journey longer IYKWIM. I wish I had done it sooner, I look at that first photo and it actually makes me want to cry because I feel so sorry for that girl who was so miserable and insecure and unhealthily obese, Its just not me anymore.


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wow you absolutley fanstastic keep up the good work

xx sharron


nearly there!! :)
u look amazing hun, and deserve it, well done chic xx


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Fantasatic result

Well done Mollys mum no wonder you are so pleased. I also feel I've got my self esteem and life back due to LL. It's like getting another chance isn't it?
You must be so pleased and proud. :party0011::party0011::party0011::queen::party0011::party0011::party0011:


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Wow you look amazing well done you!! I remember you putting your 7 weeks ones on. What a huge difference. Well done and keep going. I am a size 14 now and am getting the comments about stopping now but I have a goal and I will GET TO IT!! Keep up the great work!