End of my 100 days on Lighter Life


Loves VLCD's !
Good Morning !

I will update my diary thread properly later but thought I would post the good news here for all those thinking of maybe doing Lighter Life.

I had my week 14 / end of 100 day weigh in last night and my grand total lost is 4 stone, 2 pound!!!!!:) :) :)

Needless to say I am over the moon. It is so easy to stick to, I have not cheated once, I am never hungry although have emotional cravings sometimes but try to work them through and not eat.

So if you are thinking of doing it, give it a go ! If I can do it, anyone can, honestly !:D
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Great work Melissa!

Do you have any more to lose, or is that it now?


Loves VLCD's !
Yes I will be carrying on ! Want to lose about another 4 stone at least before I go into maintainance, so an Xmas of abstinence for me and by Xmas 2007 it will all be over !


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Well done Magickmel, that's absolutely brilliant. You deserve your success, you've obviously given it and will continue to give it 100%.

You go girl


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Well done to you Melissa!

I am starting on 28th Dec and can't wait. My personal target for end of first 100 days is 4 stone and you have proved it can be done.

Be proud of yourself - you've done brilliantly.

Helen xxx


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S: 25st13lb C: 19st13lb G: 15st10lb BMI: 38.9 Loss: 6st0lb(23.14%)
much respect to you Melissa

I just hope I am half as enthusiastic as you when I complete my 100 days next year.

Simpley motivational and exuding - yeah, in yer face, I did it so up yours-ness

God, if I can get through my 100 days as well as you then watch out forum!!

I am sure you will get through Xmas okay (I am sure there will be a few odd ones like me logging on, on the big day itself) and way to go for Xmas 2007

Its going to be a fine year all round

respectfully yours



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Well done :D

Hey Melissa

Well done on completing ur 100 days on LL.. you have done brilliantly, good luck with the rest of your weight loss... nevermind xmas 07...... u realise u will probably be all done by summer!!!! Imagine how good you will feel... congratulations :D :D


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Fantastic news Magikme!

I wonder if you can remember how you felt 100 days ago when you first embarked on this challenge. Did you feel confident that you would complete the whole programme?

It's great to look back and feel proud to have succeeded. I finished 100 days a couple of weeks ago and am still going strong because, like you, I need to lose more before going on Management.

I am glad that you are going to continue to stay abstinent over Christmas/New Year - you will be that much closer to your goal if you do!



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You have done so well. I'm sure you weight loss will make you're Xmas, who needs food?

You will be able to brag every year about the Xmas you stayed abstinent and how that was the last Xmas you were ever overweight!

Dizzy x


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A Huge and massive well done Melissa:D

With only 13 days to go unitl I begin LL I am hoping I will be just as pleased in 113 days time!!!

Have a fantastic Xmas, you soooooooo deserve it!!


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Congratulations! I've got 2 weeks to go and if I am lucky I will have lost just on the 3 stone, but 4 stone 2 is absolutely amazing well done!

I'll be putting in another couple of months I expect before I get my goal too.



Wow Melissa!, you should be so proud of yourself!
Enjoy your new-found control over Christmas and please carry on letting us know how you're getting on in Development.
On a personal note, you've given me some fantastic advice over my last eight weeks ... I really appreciate all of that ... but this news is probably the most motivational of all.
I am delighted for you. Well Done!


Loves VLCD's !
Thanks !

for all your lovely comments and congratulations ! I was really touched to read so many nice things and find I am an inspiration :D

I feel like a very ordinary, very overweight woman who was on the verge of giving up trying diets who decided to have one last go. No, I didn't think I would be able to do it. I can't believe that I took to it like a duck to water :)

As I said before, if I can do it, me with all my terrible habits (I could eat a whole packet of biccies with one cup of tea! :eek: ) then it really is achievable folks.

Good luck to all on LL (and CD and Lipotrim of course) or about to start. Can't wait to hear about your weight loss while I am carrying on with mine !

Best Wishes, Melissa xxx


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Well done to you Melissa!

I am starting on 28th Dec and can't wait. My personal target for end of first 100 days is 4 stone and you have proved it can be done.

Be proud of yourself - you've done brilliantly.

Helen xxx

Helen, it's totally achievable. I'm just about to start week 12 I think (whatever it is, I'm done with the initial 3 months a week on Tuesday) and as of today I've lost 4st 1lb, and should be at 4st 7lbs by the time its done.

There are other people in my group who will be reaching around 3st 2 or 3 just in time for the 3 months to be up.. and another who's just a couple pounds shy of 5st already! It varies so much.

If its any help, I'm definitely not the only one in my group to have gone past the 4st mark, just keep motivated even on the weeks where you only lose 1 or 2lbs (those weeks have happened to all of us).