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End of week 9!

I've ranged from having a minimum of 4 pints a day to 8 pints a day, if that helps.

Thanks Ally - to be honest I just think as I have gone along I've just let the water slip a little. I'm off work today so I'm walking round with a bottle in my hand!
I drink between 4 and 7 litres, but to be truthful your losses are very good......Good Luck for tomorrow x
Thanks Gary - think I'm just feeling a bit down! I'll be ok in a couple of days x


Wants it Gone!
Ive noticed my losses have decreased slightly but I think thats the norm at this stage hun. I tend to drink about 3 litres, any more than that and Im struggling!!

Best of luck with the weigh in!
2 and a half stone in 2 months is amazing!!! What other diet would you see that kind of loss? I think you have done brilliantly. Keep it up, hun. x


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:rolleyes:Doh.........on your pa's life.......just got it....thought you had a personal assistant for the last 2 hours<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<dopey blonde bird! Only a couple of hours till a fab weigh in im sure. Youve done fab so far hun, no worries x
You've done really well so far.

I'm in the same boat as you (except I have a lot more to lose) and my losses have really slowed down the last 2 weeks. I have stuck to the diet religiously and haven't eaten or drunk anything that is not allowed. I drink about 3+litres a day so I'm at a loss to explain the slow-down.

You are halfway to your target already, just 2 months in, hang in there and I'm sure you'll be at target before you know it!

Well done.

chin up hun you have done fantastic so far xx


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A stone in the last month is brilliant, well done you. :)
I think sometimes with these diets you have to look at the bigger picture of all the losses, and yours are great. :)
Don't worry you'll soon be at target.

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