End of Week One-and story about train


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I have finished week on and lost 8 lbs. Makes me happy but I am a little greedy and wanted more!:rolleyes:

Now the trials and tribulations of my weekend....
My boyfriend is on a 2 week course in Helsinborg and wanted me to join him over the weekend. I left Kalmar on Friday and was excited about the trip. The train makes its first stop and the conductor makes a long speak in Swedish. I have no idea what he says, but I am not concerned as more people get on the train. Close my eyes and relax. Train stops later and I am back in Kalmar. Apparently the line had problems and I was supposed to get off at the last station and take a bus. So I am two hours behind schedule and back in the town I started.

I had planned my meals around my travel and I was in a pickle. I had eaten at 9am and was going to eat lunch at 3 when I arrived. However, with all the delays I would not be able to eat again until 6pm! Home was too far away so I stopped at the grocery store and bought a low cal, low GI meal replacement bar.

Ok very bad mistake. It completely up set my stomach. Now Sweden may be flat, but there are so many lakes and marshes that trains go around creating lots of curves and bends. I struggle to the loo. This is where it gets interesting. I cant figure out how to lock the door!:eek: So I have to use the bathroom holding the door shut. Every corner and turn I almost fall off the loo while I strain to keep everything in the pot that needs to be there, me out of the pot and hold the door closed...not my best diet experience!

So word of warning-dont take a Swedish train when you have eaten a non cd replacement bar!!!!
OMG what a scary story! I'm positively phobic about train toilets at the best of times. I think you won't be trying that again in a hurry!

Well done on the weight loss, excellent amount. And I hope you had a great weekend after the alarming start.
That's a good weight loss ! Sounds like you did what you could over the weekend with all that travel !

Train loos - arrghh ! I was on a train in Scotland recently and an elderly chap went into the toilet and it had a press button and the door will automatically shut type mechanism. He obviously couldn't work this out so just had a pee in full view of everyone !

Good luck with your next weigh in !