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Energy levels.


One last chance
Has anyone felt a wierd change in their energy levels?

Last week and I think a few weeks back I had this insane energy bursting within me. I couldn't stop cleaning, cooking, I was moving so much.

But lately, I felt so sleepy now, my energy has gone much lower and I feel that I don't have that glow that I did.

Anyone else felt like this? why has this happened?
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yeah im the same, all of a sudden everything seems like a chore! maybe down to the weather, im also gettin bored of lipotrim, so think thats another reason, get weighed on saturday though so hoping that will give me anothe spurt! xx
Yep, I have these odd power surges where I clean the oven, sort out cupboards and stuff I wouldn't normally be bothered with. These periods are interspersed with periods of lethargy and I can't be bothered doing anything.
God knows what causes it :confused:
It happens, and it's to be expected. Basically, your body is constantly trying to adjust to the new you, but the new you keeps changing so quickly. :)

A week or two weeks where you get a massive energy burst can be compensated for by the body, by triggering the release of large amounts of ketones to use as fuel. This is good. But if this release continues while you're not active, it's like having a meal and feeling full and tired.

The best way to work through it, is to keep moderately active, preferably by having a fitness program. There will be days or even weeks where you're lethargic, but it's important to keep active. It's particularly important if you want to keep the muscles in your legs.

Your leg muscles will have been used to carrying around a much heavier load for quite some time (if you're anything like me) and now they're carrying a much lighter load. So without extra activity, the legs are not getting as much of a work-out as they used to. And thus it's possible to lose muscle mass. This is not a good thing as it lowers your overall metabolic rate and will result in slower weight loss, and increased difficulty in keeping the weight off.
i been ok apart from the first week but i been gym all time since then so maybe thats why


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Im full of energy at the minute... Im in such a better mood, get up easier.. although find it harder to get to sleep lol!!
My energy was always up and down, one moment dancing round the kitchen like an idiot, the next can't be bothered to do anything!!! Mind you, I'm finding it a lot easier to get around without the extra weight I was carrying! I can barely lift my little one up and I've lost nearly 2 of her!!!!!!!!! I can't imagine how I manage to move before let alone do all the keep-fit DVDs I did!


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