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This is my first time on Atkins, and I'm loving all the yummy food that you can eat (tonight I had a lovely juicy fillet steak with salad, mmm....). But, I have found that I've been really tired and lacking in energy since I started.

I know that this is meant to be pretty normal at first, but it's now been 10 days - do you think that this is too long to be feeling like this and maybe i'm not suited to the Atkins way of eating (I really hope not! :mad:)

Also, i don't think that i'm in ketosis (as not noticed any smelly breath / wee or got any energy) - any tips on how to change this?

I have been careful about what i eat and logging my food on myfitnesspal. With the exception of yesterday (24g carbs because I was cooking for a vegetarian in the eve so had slightly more veg than usual) I have been just under 20g carbs a day. So I was expecting to be burning fat by now! I also lost 3lb in my 1st week but have since regained one of these (i know it's naughty to weigh mid-week but the scales were just too tempting) so now I'm getting a bit concerned it's not working!!!

Any advice would be very much appreciated....

Thanks for reading! (i know it's a bit long and rambly, sorry....)
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Hi Emm - not sure why you're feeling this way - what about posting your food here so we can take a look?
Yeah, that would be very helpful if anyone could comment on my food. It's really annoying because I love what I'm eating at the moment but just feeling way more tired than normal!

So today I had:

B/f: 2 scrambled eggs cooked with butter, 60g smoked salmon
L: 1 chicken breast with chilli, basil, and mayo. 1 cup salad leaves, 1/3 cucumber, 20g grated cheese, olive oil over salad
D: 1 fillet steak, 1/3 onion fried in butter / olive oil, 1 cup salad leaves.
Snack: 100g cooked king prawns, 1 slice serrano ham


B/f: same as yest
L: homemade cream of mushroom soup
D: Stuffed Aubergine - fried flesh with 1/6 onion and 1/2 clove of garlic (recipe served 6!) put back in shell and baked with mozzerella / chedder with basil leaves. Salad leaves with olive oil.
Snack - halloumi cheese, 5 olives


B/f: 2 scrambled eggs made with butter, 1 slice ham, 50g fried mushrooms
L: Chicken salad (same as today)
D: Roast pork belly, cabbage and broccoli sauted and then added 1TBSP cream
Snack: 25g jarlsberg cheese

Let me know of any improvements / suggestions.

Thanks again!


Clean green leafy machine
It all looks nice - the only things I can think of are that maybe you're one of the unlucky ones (like Jim and I) who get stalled by cheese and cream? I can only have them occasionally.

Why not try going without them for a couple of days and seeing how you get on?

And don't forget to measure yourself - you might not be losing weight but are losing inches.

Or maybe your "Atkins flu" is taking a bit longer to clear the carbs out of your system. Have you cut out coffee? Are you drinking 2 litres plus of water, and are you taking vitamins?


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Something like this happened to me back at the beginning. I dropped dairy and my energy shot up and the weight started falling off. As Susie said try that and just have your meat and leafy green veg for a few days to kick start you. Water is the magic key here so keep guzzling it down! If you are anything like me you will be very surprised!
Thanks Susie and Leanne for your advice. No, I'm not drinking any coffee (don't have a huge amount of caffeine anyhow so not really a problem for me) and think I am drinking enough water.

I will try cutting out the cheese and cream, although I hope that the cheese isn't the problem and I just have a slightly extended atkins flu because I love cheese.

Do you think I ought to take vitamin supplements? If so, could you recommend one pls, I haven't taken supplements before.


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I just do a fizzy multivit from Tesco


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I've been feeling a bit sluggish this week (my first week on atkins) but don't know whether thats due to a couple of 30 minute work-outs and a couple of late nights. Once I've got that early morning feeling out of my system i'm ok until about 3ish when I start to wane. If it is the exercise hopefully will get used to it a bit more and i'll start to feel energised.


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Hi all :) I'm on day 5, definitely in ketosis and getting bursts of energy, but real slumps too. In bed by 9 totally pooped. Really weird dreams too - about completely random things and very vivid! x


Clean green leafy machine
Hi Cat, I'm the same, flag a bit about 3pm so I have a little snack of something and that helps.

Lucy - I also have very strange dreams when in ketosis! No idea why that happens :D
Thanks for all your comments! I think I will buy some multivitamins next time I'm in the supermarket and give them a try.

Today I actually feel much better :) Still a bit more tired than usual, esp around mid-afternoon. Maybe it's because my diet was quite carb heavy before - I tried SW for a bit and got into the habit of lots of green days = lots of pasta. Then I sort of went completely off plan, but continued with the pasta (plus bread, pizza, crisps.....). So maybe that's why it's taking me longer than usual to get over the feeling rubbish phase.

Anyway, the good news is that I lost the pesky pound that sneaked on me yesterday, along with one of it's friends :D (I know, I know, weighing that frequently is bad, slap on the wrist. But I am weak willed - which is why I am fat!)


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Hehe, good riddance to that lb, and his mate! A snack does seem to help the energy levels.
Having said that, I'm nearly ready for bed now :eek:. Maybe the overactive dreaming is knackering me out?
My little lad's 6th birthday tomorrow, so an early morning - maybe an early night isn't such a bad idea.

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