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Enjoying the food


Will be slinky!
I know we often use the forum to gain motivation and rant, which hell, everyone needs to do at some point. :psiholog:

But i thought i'd add a positive post :character00100:

Is anyone enjoying eating such a variety or fresh and healthy foods? I know i am! I'm really loving eating all the vegetables and the fruit and the cooked from scratch meals.

For example, yesterday i had stirfry. So simple, yet seriously tasty and satisfying and packed with tonnes of different veg. And this evening i had pasta with Boursin light, but packed with mushrooms, onions, peppers and a salad full of cucumber, tomato, celery and pickled onions - a new favourite meal.

I have always liked veg, but it was something i associated with diets (and i've yo-yo dieted for years) not everyday meals. But now, thanks to SW i've discovered you can eat a veg packed, tasty meal and it doesn't need to be a pokey salad to lose weight. And the veg actually improves the meal. It's not just a mound of same-tasting pasta that i mindlessly bolt down.

I actually taste and enjoy my meals now! They're not completely covered in cheese or sauce or just one of something. There's such variety and flavours!

Also they are satisfying! I can eat my dinner and then not be in the fridge 30 mins later looking for something else. Previously, i'd have been stuffed but completely unsatisfied so i'd be reaching for something else. But now i don't!

I'm eating less because i actually enjoy what i eat, opposed to just eating for the sake of it and being left unsatisfied.

And as a benefit I also feel much better! So much more energy and spark, and my dark moods don't seem to last as long. And ofc i feel better because i'm actually beginning to see my loss (And feel it in my clothes)

I can see me eating like this for life! I really don't think i could go back to the way i used to eat. I love the vegetables and the pulses and the grains....
In fact, if we've run out before we next shop and have a meal (eg bolognase) where there's not added veg, then it's just not as good!
And i love having fruit for dessert, tbh cherries and strawberries taste better than a lot of sweets, and don't give that sugar rush followed by the comedown.

So all in all i just want to give SW a cheer for enabling me to realise you can eat healthily AND it can be far tastier and more satisfying than junk!

I hope there's others out there that have found the same as me!
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I agree with all that.

I'm loving it!:D
I'm totally with you there! There are very few meals that I will have without veggies,a salad, or fruit now. I always ate a fair bit of fruit and veg anyway, but like you I really enjoy it now and I feel like the meal is lacking if there isn't a decent amount of colour on the plate ;)

I grumble about SW from time to time (mainly when I see other people eating loads of biscuits or cake) but I really love this 'diet'. I don't even look at it like a diet tbh, it's just a great way of eating that is helping me lose weight.
LOVE Slimming World :D
It's fun finding out how satisfying some food can be in place of others you would normally eat. For example, today I've been craving sweet stuff all day and ate most of my Syns in sweets and sugary drinks so I had to find a Syn-free alternative so ended up having two nectarines. The funny thing is I enjoyed the fruit so much more than any of the other stuff I had with my Syns


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Totally agree with you all.
Today i did a red day and found myself calling in the supermarket on the way home because i really wanted spinach, roasted tomatoes and green beans with my fish.
Never before have i had an urge like this, its normally take away.

SW is great.


Will be slinky!
Haha, i get the healthy food cravings too :D And yes, i find it very odd!

Currently i'm sitting here lusting after the cherry tomatoes in the fridge. I tried them "fried" last week (thinking i didn't like cooked tomatoes (unless passata) i was doing them as a side, fully intending to pawn them off on the BF) and oh my goodness, they were heavenly! Can't wait to eat them with some pasta! /drool

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Yes, I'm really loving it! I've been 100% on plan this past couple of weeks and I love it, I love planning snacks, I love that in the month since I started I've lost just over a stone, I love that it's easier for my physically to get out of bed, my knees don't hurt as much, lots of things are so much better. I have still got 5 stones to lose on top of the stone that's already gone, but I feel really motivated and instead of looking in the mirror and telling myself that I'm 'fat for life', I can now honestly tell myself that one day I will be slim again, and that feels so good :)

You mentioned bolognese - if you finely grate some carrots and add them towards the end of cooking, you'll make the sauce go further, and you'll be adding veggies and flavour so there's something for you to try, it's a really tasty addition :)

Good luck everyone with SW, and thank you zombiecakes for posting this, it's great to read something so positive :D
You mentioned bolognese - if you finely grate some carrots and add them towards the end of cooking, you'll make the sauce go further, and you'll be adding veggies and flavour so there's something for you to try, it's a really tasty addition :)
That's another thing I love about SW - my food bill has gone down so much when I'm at uni. I used to spend an insane amount on very little but now I use a wider variety of non-processed food (lentils, beans, pulses, fresh veg etc) and less meat, I'm saving easily £10 a week. It's just nice to know for every lb I lose, I save a £ ;)
I used to 'crave' a kebab before I started SW, now I cant think of anything more disgusting and I make my own Chicken Tikka kebabs on scewers with onion, peppers and anything else I can fit on that stick. It's the nicest meal I've had in a long time and certainly doesnt feel like 'diet food' at all. In fact I cooked them for a girls night in and they all said 'ah ha! I thought you said you were dieting you little cheat??' I just smiled knowing I was having a syn fee meal so I could enjoy the wine with them.

Why would anyone choose any other 'diet' plan?? :)


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