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Enough Fannying Around


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I am sooooo cross with myself. I have been fannying around with this plan for the last week after the xmas blip and have not yet managed to stay on plan for single day.

What is going on in my head? :confused:

I look like i have been inflated - puffy face, stomach, ribs etc, my clothes are tighter and i still fancy a nibble of something off plan. Had i managed to get to work today I would have been away from temptation, but stuck at home and bored and now wanting....well anything frankly i should not have.

I am supposed to have my WI tonight. Cant get there at the mo. Spoke with my SWC and she says everyone is struggling at the moment, even her. She has also gained over xmas.

OK. HEAD IN GEAR!!!!!!!!!! :cool:
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At least posting on here is keeping you out of the fridge, its a horrid time of year though and I think most people have found it a bit of a struggle to get back on plan. Stick with it and it will all fall into place. Good luck.


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Hun, I have been fannying around for 6 months trying to get back on plan properly :(


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You will do it!!! Why not have a wee look at the thread of before and after photos in the successstories bit - thats bound to get you motivated!!!!
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Me too, I've been fannying around since May! New year, new start though. First weigh in of the year is tomorrow I expect a gain which is fine, but the holidays are over and it's time to get back on track!!

We can do it!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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I gained 7lbs between 23rd and 30th Dec, and I suspect I've gained more in the week that followed. I have my WI again tomorrow and, as I've failed to stick to plan at all, so far, this week, I'm hoping that the C will give us a good talking to tomorrow and that I'll be back on plan on Thursday morning.
Currently I feel like I'm putting ALL the weight back on again.


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Stop and think before you eat anything thats not on plan - ask yourself is it really worth it! I know I managed to not eat some left over Stollen last night by doing that.

You know you can do this hun, you have the willpower. Back to basics is what a lot of us is doing, diary's, weighing etc. Rest assured youre not the only one who has been struggling but now you must get your focus back, maybe gain some inspiration from the before/after pics thread and hows about making a list of reasons to remind you why youre doing this - pin it to your fridge even?!

This is a journey, of which these last few weeks have been a part of, but remember its just a very SMALL part of the journey, youre not lost hun you have merely taken the wrong turn so double back on yourself and you will be back on track.

Please remember youre not alone, were all on a journey somewhere, so just set small mini goals and you will be back on plan 100% in no time. xxx
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Chin Up... Don't think about what has happened.. or what you have eaten.. Start a fresh.. stick to it! Otherwise another stone later you will be even more unhappy! No excuses.. get organised! Do a shop.. plan your meals and write it all down! =] Good Luck xx
try and think of something exciting to give you motivation. maybe spend a little more money for food choices or take up something to make u more happy about yourself, perhaps a new sport or hairdo or give in for the rest of the week and say that is it.. new start next week
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Not a good Idea to start next week... its like a smoker saying they will stop smoking monday.... they never do! Just DO IT! Tomorrow.. go shopping and spend the day planning your week... this time next week you will already be 1 week in and a LOT happier xx
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Wasn't having a go franbob.. just think this time next week they will be in the same boat if they have the week off... wheras if they start fresh tomorrow morning they will be well on there way :D:D xx


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S: 24st6lb C: 19st8lb BMI: 45.6 Loss: 4st12lb(19.88%)
It's having weeks off that's been the problem lol
I've given myself a starting time/date now (it was Monday 4th but that didn't happen) so now it's the morning after my weigh in..


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I got a call from my Consultant and she said to just bin all the Xmas sweets or give all the temptations I have lying around in the house to finally get back on the plan 100%. That may help...and keep drinking water :)
To all those who are struggling to get back on track..........

Don't try to be one week on plan. Don't even try to be one day on plan. Just achieve one meal on plan. Once you have done that, you will be so proud of yourselves. Then the next thing will be one more meal on plan, and so on....Soon you will have been one day and then one week on plan. Before you know it, another WI will have come around and then your losses will spur you on. ;)

Just think about what you have achieved so far!!!

DON'T START TOMORROW!!!!! Start with your next meal.

I have faith in you all that soon you will be back on track, boasting of your fab losses!!!!
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I struggled to get back on plan after nearly 2 weeks off at xmas and I found that writing my food diary on here really helped, so why not give that a go if you aren't already. Good luck to everyone x
S: 15st0lb C: 15st0lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 31.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I try and keep a food diary too... keeps it all organised! Good Luck with it x

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