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epilepsy and cambridge


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hi all,
due to my success so far with CD my mother really wants to try and lose the 4 stone she needs to lose.
However, she has epilepsy. it is well controlled with her medications though. also she 'had' high blood pressure and is now on bp meds and her bp has been very stable for some months now.
will she be able to do CD and if so, will there be a limit to the plans she can do?
i know she wants to do ss but im sure she wouldnt mind doing ss+ if that was essential.
really hope she is able to do this.
ive even read that being in a mild ketonic state is very beneficial to epilepsy due to the change in brain patterns.
any advice would be greatly received everyone.
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Unfotunately your mum wouldn't be able to follow a very low calorie plan with cambridge due to her anti convulsants she takes for the epilepsy.

She could with doctors approval follow the 1200plan which you'll find in your yellow weight care with cambridge booklet.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news



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thank you tracy. i will let her know in the morning. hopefully she will decide to go ahead and do the 1200 plan. hope she still gets good losses.
hi, I don't know much about medications for epilepsy but maybe your Mum could have a word with her GP anyways about this? I take medication (I have a brain tumour) and was unsure if I could do this diet, however after talks with my GP we've switched some of my meds, I've stopped taking ones that might have affected the way the diet affected me, and changed the dose of things like my diuretics etc and am doing ok! The doc said he was more than happy to do this as long as my long term status by altering my meds wasn't going to be affected (ie my tumour wont get worse by the change of doses etc)... plus it's only for a short few months, so can go back on the meds then... there's more to it than this but hoping a simplified version would make more sense lol

It's a shame when people who really want to do this and have their head in the right space can't get to do it cos of medical reasons... hope there's part of the diet that's right for your Mum!
You're welcome:)

Her losses wont be as big as those following a vlcd but she'll be following something that will be healthy and shouldn't affect her condition.

I may be wrong in saying this and hopefully someone will read this and put me right if I am. But the anti convulsants are a slow release medication. When following a vlcd any medications are more quickly absorbed into your system and therefore may not keep the symptons (fits) under control as they should.

Best of luck to Mum and well done on your losses so far you're doing wonderfully:)



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ty both.
tink, firstly i wish u all the very best with the brain tumour.
i will speak to my mum tomorrow about speaking to her doctor. she has seen the losses in me already and constantly compliments me on it.
would be lovely if i could return the compliments as i watch her shrink before my eyes.
fingers crossed huh.

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