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Erm... goal!

Title says it all. Had a dodgy week (up-down-up-down-BLOAT-up-down) and wasn't really expecting more than a STS... then did my Sunday morning weigh-in and reached my goal! :D

Tomorrow I celebrate with DOH and a 'Pamper Day' at Centerparcs spa
:) - booked a while ago, so did my body know when to time reaching goal for?...

And in an hour or so I will brave the bra department tape measure at our local department store because my swimwear is no longer an acceptable fit and I really don't want it dropping off or falling down whilst chilling at the spa tomorrow!
(I lost rather more around the bust than expected/desired, so I need a definate shape-enhancer).

AND thanks to you all, because the info, experiences and support from the amazing people on this forum have made a big difference to me! XXX
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Nearly a yummy Mummy

Well done for reaching goal, i bet you are so proud of yourself and i bet it feel good doesnt it? I cant wait to reach goal and be the slim confident girl i used to be. I know i'll get there really soon but just wish i was there now lol xx

Well done again
Huge congratulations! Enjoy your spa break a well earned reward.

Miss Pinky. welldone on reaching your goal, enjoy your day at spa


Nearly a yummy Mummy
well doen hun! Thats amazing!!!!! :D
Hi Liz,

Can i as what is your secret? I am 5ft 7 unofficially i weigh 10st 13 (havent been officially weighed yet) yeti am still a size 14:cry:
How have you got to a size 10? Are you going to the gym alo? sorry for all of the questions hun its just id love to be that size and im worried im doing something wrong xxxxx
Congrats! I can't wait to reach goal. Well done! :)
Miss Pinky has done a great shrink...y! Well done on reaching goal and have a wonderful time at the spa (wish I was coming along, guess there isn't any room for a not so little one)
Warmest wishes on this very special occasion x


Whoo well done!

Don't worry about the boob fitting either - they plump up a bit once you've added more carbs.


please try again
wow thats brilliant!
enjoy the spa day, i lurrrrrve centreparcs spa


can see the end in sight!
Well done honey!! X
Thanks all :)

Now it's sinking in I do feel rather pleased - although a bit surprised as I really didn't expect it today. Have just braved the bra fitting at Debenhams - and very good they were too. Psychic also - they picked the very bras, colours (black, and hot pink... of course!) and styles I'd have picked for myself. Weird, especially as I didn't go in looking 'obvious'.

Plus it's not as bad as I feared re: boob size - I was a 38-40DD and am now a 36D/DD. Having tried on half of Debenhams bras in those sizes I have to say the online sizers for major brands and stores are MAD! And wrong. Very wrong. The power of a trained eye and well worn tape measure should not be underestimated.

The only 'downer' so far has been the swimwear. I ended up buying a 16... yes, a 16! Why? Because the 12 and 14 were perfect fits for people who are size 8-10, and were damned uncomfortable to get on and off. The contortions I found myself undertaking simply to get the damn things on were unforgivable (although amusing to observe in the mirror), and left red marks and scratches. The 16 slips on easily, hugs the new figure like a glove, and doesn't flatten my boobs! Plus no bulging or leg-muffin-tops at the elasticated edges. Smooth silhouette far outweighs my need to reinforce my new size bracket to myself - lesson learned: sometimes a comfy fit isn't down to desirable numbers. Especially where swimwear is concerned it seems...
Miss Pinky has done a great shrink...y!...
Haha! I like that - it has a ring to it! :)

At work, they have apparently been calling me The Incredible Shrinking Woman... never to my face though, damn them!


One day at a time!
Congratulations!!!!! Hope you have a fab time at the spa - Aqua Sana is one of my fave places in the whole world! Bet the shopping for a new swimsuit is brilliant too:)

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