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Errgh! How did I do this?

Hi all,

So I have just started Cambridge (this is day 2). I did Lighter Life 3 years ago or so, and managed to put on ALL the weight I lost (bar 7lbs) due to a whole year of just not caring about what I ate/drank at all. Which is bad, but I did it, and have to pay the price.

Now I am getting married in June 08 and I figured I should really get all of this weight gone! I started weight watchers with a pal 6 weeks ago, but she only has 2 stone to lose compared with my 6/7 - and so every time we had been weighed she suggested we go out for tea and we did, and she lost 1/2lb per week and I lost like 1.5lb. This is ok, but I would just prefer to do a diet on my own, so that nobody can force me to eat to make them feel better!

So I am finding this hell again. I have had 3 litres of water so far, going to try for another 2 this afternoon (don't want to need to pee on the train!!) I am determined I am going to get a good loss! I drank 4.5 litres yesterday too.

I don't really want to eat, but knowing I am not meant to eat is making me want to eat, does that make sense? I am not technically hungry if you see what I mean!!!

Also, does anyone know if eating the a bar a day instead of a shake has any significant difference on weight loss? I mean, I was going to go shakes all the way, but if the bars don't make a difference I might go for some bars when I go back to get weighed next week. What do you think?
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Hiya Notsotrim

welcome to the forum and well done for giving CD another go, it works in the same way as LL so you know it can work for you and if you stick to it you'll get your weight off again.

The old chatterbox telling you're hungry can be so destructive and you just have to do everything you can to not give in. Just keep your focus on why you want this and get through this first, most difficult week, once you're in ketosis you'll find it so much easier.

The bars can make a small difference to weight loss, but for most people it doesn't. I had one every day and I think they helped me keep my sanity, I lost my stone per month and I may have got there a bit quicker without the bars, but they made the diet more do-able and so worth it. I think you'll be fine, perhaps just have a couple next week, I usually advise my clients to wait until week 3, when they're fully in ketosis before having them daily. Speak to your CDC who should be able to give you some more advice.

All the best, keep posting and let us know how you get on.

Hello there notsotrim!

Don't fret over putting on what you once lost. We've ALL done it or we wouldn't be on here getting support and encouragement not to do it again!

If I add up the weight I've lost over the years i reckon it'd be close to 500 stones! Unfortunately the calculation of weight gained would be arounf the same - hence my username!

I have maintained a healthy BMI for about 3 years now. I am still a serial binger but I have given myself a cut off point that I won't go over, and although I have gained and lost the same stone more times than I care to remember (am currently SS'ing to shift it AGAIN at the mo!:banghead: ) I do feel much more in control.

I wish you all the best with it :) xxx
P.S. Bars have never made any difference to me and I am very carb sensitve usually. Only have to look at bread and I've gained half a stone!

I have always stuck to the 'one a day' rule though - I know some CD-ers steer clear of bars altogether with them being so moreish! I read a post the other day where someone had eaten 4 in one go (which is much better than eating the crap I put away last weekend BTW!).Although I've been very tempted to have a bar binge at times, the thought of 4 times the windy side effects have stopped me!

Thanks to you all for the encouragement, I know I can do it (I did it for 25 weeks last time, and lost 6 stone). Want to lose a little bit more this time tho, so that I am at BMI 23 rather than BMI 25 like last time.

I shouldn't beat myself up about this, I am doing something about it now, and that is all the counts I guess.

I am only going to CD councillor once every 2 weeks (her house is far away from mine and I don't have a car so have to rely on a train then a bus - what a nightmare) so I reckon my 2 week weight loss will be something to spur me on. I may even weigh myself in Boots or something, but I am not convinced those scales are accurate.

I remember that the discovery health pages helped me SOOOOO much last time, so I hope that people are just as friendly here (I don't doubt they are for a minute!!!)

Thanks guys, I will keep with the water!

PS: how much are you guys all attempting to drink - I am aiming for around 5litres, is that too much do you think.