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Errr....bunged up.

It happens Rela, you need some flax meal if you can get it, that or some senna cots.

Are you having plenty of roughage? I find cabbage helps. Not that it's a problem any more.
I've just noticed you are a yam yam Jim!
LOL at your avatar Rela - took me a while and I had to say it out loud.

Constipation can be a bit of a side effect of low carb. Jim's advice is spot on; senna or dulcolax to deal with it as a one-off and then look to include some flax meal or fybogel, something to add some (ahem) bulk.

The naughty way to do it of course is to eat 6 or 7 sugar free boiled sweets. The effects can be quite shocking if you've a sensitive tummy though!


Wannabe Lean!!!
Urrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhh. I took some Senokot last night before bed (like it tells you to!!!!!!!!) and this morning I have crippling stomach cramps and a weird fizzing sensation in my lower back :( It hurrrrrrrrts :( Managed an hour at Uni then came home and have collapsed on bed.

Cue sympathetic 'ahhhhhhhh's.....


Alway see the love x
Oh you poor thing..... Have a lazy day, watch all the girl flick movies and hopefully things will start moving very soon


Mummy Woofy X


Wannabe Lean!!!
It says they work in 8-10 hours and its been like 15 now. Thank god hubby is off today and has the kids downstairs. I am tucked up nicely now with hot water bottle and laptop and I have a Big Bang Theory dvd to watch all afternoon. Now if the pain would go away it would be bliss!
You took some? how many did you take Rela, I've never had more than 1.


Wannabe Lean!!!
It said to take 2 tablets before bedtime and I did. I have thrown them in the bin now, evil things!!!! I have spent most of afternoon in bathroom. I know I'll feel better tomorrow and less bloated and stuff but no way was the pain worth it! I ain't kidding I thought I was having contractions at one point!
oh yes, same with the senna cots, I only ever took 1. You'll have to get some roughage into what your eating love.


Wannabe Lean!!!
Thats why I was so shocked, I'm eating a tonne of veg and drinking all my water. Going to get some flaxmeal today and have a go at some of the muffin type things see if that helps. This morning my tummy is all tender, I feel like I've been in a scrap!
I use it as a thickener for sauces and stuff as well Rela, or sometimes I just sprinkle it on top of a meal.


Wannabe Lean!!!
I got some yesterday and have made the muffins from the recipe thread and they're gorgeous. it was a bit pricey though! Oh well, cheaper than Lipo and a tummy tuck eh? ROFL.

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